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Warnings: Blindfold and long foreplay. This is also the longest chapter as of now.


'I expect you to be on your best behaviour tonight.'

Their footsteps echoed through the quiet hallway, it being eerily silent inside the brothel. It had been a quiet evening with barely any clients. Apparently some kind of party was going on. Neji had read about it in the paper, but hadn't paid too much mind to it. It was not like it had anything to do with him. He was not invited nor hired to accompany anyone at the party. Only Deidara was if he remembered correctly, but even that had passed by him. Neji tended to keep to himself and let all the other whores fight things out between them.

'This is a very special guest and a first timer. Make sure you give him a pleasant evening. It would be good for business if he returns.' An eye roll let Kakashi know what Neji thought of his request. As if he had ever not given a client a pleasant evening. Only if they would go too far would Neji stop them and that rarely happened. He was there to provide them with a lovely evening, because it was better to have regulars and if he could make this newcomer a regular, Neji would do good business and please Kakashi as well. 'I'm serious, Neji.' His boss had actually turned around and was now facing him, apparently wanting Neji to completely understand how important this was. 'You might even know the guy. He's very important and he could do a lot of damage if he leaves dissatisfied. He's not very responsive emotional, so you'll need to work him a little. This is very important.' Putting extra pressure on the last sentence Kakashi put the emphasize on that. Neji could not screw this up.

Passing by Kakashi and reaching the door Neji shot his boss one last look. 'I believe you chose me for a reason, Kakashi. Do I ever disappoint you when it comes to the important ones?' And with a sigh Kakashi admitted defeat and waved Neji off, letting the Hyuuga open the door and step inside.

The client was sitting on the bed, leaning back on his hands as his soft green eyes lazily glanced Neji's way. And there they stayed. It was almost a defensive move, making sure the attacker stayed a good distance away, but Neji knew it was just the client's lack of social skills. He did however instantly recognise the male and was quite surprised someone of his status would come in. His reputation was still rather fragile.

'I understand now even more why Kakashi chose me to be yours for the next hour,' he spoke softly, untying the waist band and letting the silky fabric of the robe slide down his shoulders and pool down at his feet. The other didn't seem to reply, eyes glued on Neji's form as he waited for him to continue speaking. 'Discretion is the key word. I won't boast about having you here or gossip about the things you like. Can't have the public know about your sexual desires. That would be rather unfortunate, wouldn't it, sir?' Stepping out of his robe Neji made his way towards the client and sat down on his lap.

Soft green eyes followed his every movement, but the man had not raised a finger so far. 'I assumed every whore in a brothel would understand discretion,' came the raspy reply and Neji felt himself being lured in by it. It just sounded so… hot. As if the man had coughed a lot after smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for a decade long, but still able to hold some kind of warmth in it.

'You are mistaken, sir,' Neji answered, letting his fingers slide through vibrant red hair, tugging at it a little in the back. Moving his head down he softly started placing soft kisses on the vampire's neck. 'Never trust a whore. If they can make more money by selling a certain story, a lot of them will.' Reaching a certain spot on his neck, Neji paid extra attention to it, hearing the vampire let out a soft sigh as his body leaned backwards a little more. 'When will the fifth stripe join the others?' Small talk could be crucial now. Kakashi had already mentioned the guy was closed off emotionally, so talking about these little things could actually get Neji somewhere.

'Tomorrow.' A short reply, but Neji stayed silent. Sometimes the other would feel the need to fill the silence and continue the conversation by themselves. And it worked perfectly this time. 'Tonight is the party before the official ceremony of tomorrow, but I really dislike parties. I thought this would be a good place to unwind. It was recommended by a friend.'

Nimble fingers had started working on the vampire's shirt, unbuttoning it slowly until it was completely undone and could be pushed of his shoulders. Neji wasn't wasting time between their talks. The guy was here for his service and that didn't include their small talk. 'Glad to hear one of our clients recommends us,' he murmured, lips moving down over a now bare collarbone and nibbling on it softly. 'But you are indeed in the right place,' he added, placing his hands against two bare shoulders, guiding the other towards the back of the bed. 'I will make sure you'll leave this place utterly relaxed and prepare you for the important event of tomorrow. Now if you could please lay down for me, sir.'

'No sir tonight. Call me Gaara,' the raspy voice spoke up, following Neji's guidance towards the end of the bed and slowly laying his head down in the soft cushions, getting comfortable in his new position.

With a nod Neji let Gaara know he understood. He was being polite, but it seemed the vampire wanted a different kind of experience tonight. 'Very well, Gaara. You may call me Neji.' Getting back in his position in Gaara's lap Neji took the opportunity to straddle the other's waist and lean forward to capture soft lips into a kiss.

Easily Gaara slipped into the kiss, letting his tongue slide over Neji's and then explore the other's mouth. For the first time that evening Gaara raised his hands and placed them on Neji's bare hips, showing that he was enjoying this close contact. Their little conversation was now done and Neji was already coming up with ideas to make this night amazing for Gaara. Letting his fingers graze over Gaara's naked torso he moved his way down, flicking a nipple along the way to make Gaara let out another pleased sigh, his tongue pushing back just that little bit more. His finger circled around Gaara's navel and then slowly slipped down until they reached the edge of the pair of dark jeans Gaara had been wearing.

With one hand Neji unbuttoned it and then agonizingly slow started pulling down the zipper, feeling how Gaara was already hardening under his touch. At least he had figured out what Gaara liked. Being pampered and letting the other be in complete control. Neji could definitely do something with that.

With a little help along the way, Gaara raising his hips to give Neji an easier task, the pants was pulled off together with the boxers, leaving both males bare. Neji was again straddling Gaara's waist, lavender eyes staring down into those soft green orbs. 'I have an idea, but this does mean you have to completely trust me. Do you think you can do that, Gaara?' he asked, rocking his hips back and forth to create some friction between their heated bodies.

Wordlessly Gaara agreed, slowly blinking his eyes as their lengths touched each other. And with that one blink Neji moved off of Gaara and walked over to the night stand on the side. The first drawer was pulled open and a long black scarf was taken out, made out of a soft silk, so it couldn't hurt the client or the whore in any way. Green eyes were following Neji's every movement and Gaara was about to say something, plump lips parting, but then all that left him was a soft sigh, deciding he would trust Neji. This was his job. The guy knew what he was doing.

Nimble fingers started folding the scarf a few times and then he held it up in front of his eyes, making sure it wasn't see-through. Carefully he then reached for Gaara's face, delicately laying the scarf on top of his eyes, obscuring his vision completely. With one hand he guided Gaara's head off the pillow, letting the vampire hold that posture for a moment. Quickly he tied it into a knot, pulling it lightly to make sure it wouldn't come undone if it would move too much. But it worked and now Neji could really start his plans.

Rummaging through the drawers he took out several other things, all of which were made to pleasure the client. Some had actually been his idea and some were brought in by others. They all had a say in this and they had gotten great reviews afterwards. And Neji thought Gaara would be the perfect person to use this technique on.

'I'm going to climb back on top of you now,' he warned, making the bed dip slightly under his weight as he got into his previous position. Gaara had stayed perfectly still the entire time and the rise and fall had started getting a little quicker. The vampire was either nervous or excited, but Neji would find out soon enough which of those two it was. 'This is all very simple for you,' Neji started explaining, reaching for something beside him already to start it all off with. 'You can't see a thing right now, so won't know what I will be doing nor will you know where before I touch you. The idea of this is that you focus on touch and not on what you see. It's scary and exciting at the same time. If anytime during this hour you feel uncomfortable, let me know and we'll stop. You can also decide for yourself if you want to pull the blindfold off, but I recommend not doing it.'

That should be enough information to start this off with, so Neji let the first object lower towards Gaara's body and placed it right against the bottom lip. It was a make-up brush, designed for eye shadow. Neji didn't know anything about applying make-up, but he did know that these brushes were incredibly soft and fun to play with. As soon as the little hairs touched Gaara's lip, the vampire bit it, trying to get the itching to stop. A smile formed on Neji's mouth, finding the movement rather endearing.

The brush was slowly dragged downwards, moving from his lips over his chin and down his neck, making Gaara cringe a little. The neck was a sensitive part of the body and when it was on this much of a high alert, it could tickle more than it usually would. But Neji ignored the movement and let it move further down, running over a collarbone and then down his chest until it reached the right nipple. There it brushed around the little nub until it had hardened, standing proudly on Gaara's chest. The vampire's breath had quickened even more, soft sounds mingling in with each breath intake.

And then as Gaara started pushing his chest up, begging the brush to touch more, Neji moved it away and laid it back with the other objects, choosing the next one. Another brush, a bigger one this time. Made for putting on foundation or blush or something like that. It was a nice fluffy one and Neji always loved how it felt against his skin.

This time he started on Gaara's stomach, circling around his navel first and then in the same circling motion moved it upwards over Gaara's chest, paying little attention to the nipples, and then it slid down again along Gaara's side. The circles got smaller and smaller as it reached Gaara's hip, following the line of the hipbone towards the centre of Gaara's abdomen. It was a teasing motion, running towards that one thing Gaara wanted to have touched badly. His hips were bucking up, trying to get the brush to move closer and closer. His length was now fully hard, twitching a little when the brush ran over the top of his cock and then moved away again.

Torture is what Gaara would call it, being teased by these soft touches. If he had seen Neji's movements, then he could've prepared for it, but now he had to try and figure out what Neji's next move would be. And all his mind was telling him right now was, let it touch my cock, let it slide further down and touch it more. He knew the whole body needed attention and that sex would be the best like that, but that was not what his mind was currently thinking.

A shiver ran down his body, groan stuck in his throat as he swallowed heavily. How was he ever going to survive this?

With another light flick against the head of Gaara's length the brush was placed aside with the rest again, a new object being picked up. The tip of it was immediately placed against Gaara's nipple, making him groan earnestly and reach up to grab a hold of Neji, but he was experienced enough to stay out of arm's length while doing this.

The feather was then tilted to the side, using its length completely instead of just the tip and he started running it up and down Gaara's body, making everything hyper sensitive. Every piece of skin received attention. His legs, his arms, stomach and then also his cock, receiving the lightest touch Gaara could imagine. When Neji was done he couldn't stop shivering, it all being a little too much now.

And that was when Neji got cruel. The feather was gone and now another object was placed against his skin, a little bigger and heavier than the things before. Gaara had no idea what to expect, but the shivering was slightly subduing as he waited on Neji to move. And when he did, a loud groan was pulled from his lips, be it out of pain or pleasure.

It was scrubbing away at his skin, taking away every bit of softness Neji had previously used. It was almost like sandpaper and it was moving all over his skin. It left behind a faint burn and Gaara's whole body was twitching to get away from it, but Neji was still straddling him and he didn't want to throw the human off.

'What the hell is that?' Gaara asked as the thing scrubbed against his sensitive stomach once more and almost touching his erection. Neji barely missed it and Gaara assumed it was on purpose.

Another smile formed on Neji's lips and he let the object graze over Gaara's hard nipples, gaining another groan from the man below. 'A dry luffa sponge,' he replied, an amused tone in his voice. 'It actually hurts less than it seems right now. You will feel amazing after all this though.' And now Neji thought he had touched enough skin with the scrub sponge, a slight red tinge now spreading all over Gaara's pale skin. Now it was time for something else…

Leaning forward Neji pressed a soft kiss against Gaara's lips, the other letting out a heavy sigh as he realised the first torture was over. Relief was clearly evident, but Gaara was still not complaining. Moving his lips down over Gaara's neck he reached behind him and untied his hair, it fanning out over his shoulders and below touching Gaara's sensitive skin. As soon as it slid down the pale flesh of the vampire, a groan was pulled from Gaara's lips and his hips bucked up. It had all happened unconsciously and that was the effect Neji's first treatment had. Every small touch would get a big reaction. Every bit of skin was on high alert.

Tongue slipping out Neji let it move over Gaara's neck, sliding over the four little stripes adorning it. A breathless moan then left the plump lips and the head was pushed back into the pillow a little. Gaara was relaxing again and all that would be broken in an instant. For example when Neji moved his lips quickly towards Gaara's left nipple and started sucking it, teeth latching on only lightly, but hard enough to make every muscle in Gaara's body to go rigid. Neji could practically hear Gaara's heartbeat rising with every move he made. This was what Neji loved about his job. That he could make men into mush between his very fingers.

Butterfly kisses were given to Gaara's stomach and abdomen and the lower Neji moved, the faster Gaara started breathing. Neji could feel Gaara's cock twitch against his chin and right as he was about to kiss it, he moved his lips to the side, moving it down over Gaara's thigh. Frustration was now boiling in the pit of the vampire's stomach and now that Neji wasn't straddling Gaara anymore, the vampire could clamp down his legs at any moment and forced Neji between his legs.

And as the muscles in Gaara's leg started to twitch, Neji knew it was time. Moving up without touching any skin Neji planted a kiss against the head of Gaara's length and with a shiver the vampire opened his legs, inviting Neji in to touch him more as he drew out a groan.

Lean fingers grabbed Gaara's length and then with having full access, Neji let his lips slide over Gaara's cock until he couldn't go any further. That was when a hand grabbed his hair and tugged on it slightly. It was a good movement though, it being accompanied by a moan. Tongue swirling around the length as Neji moved up he started to tease the head, dipping the tip into the slid and then moving it down to the bottom to press his tongue against the most sensitive part of the cock. Precum was already leaving a bitter taste in his mouth, but it only meant he was doing a good job.

Keeping an eye on Gaara while he slowly moved his lips back down, Neji saw that his hands were raised up and were about to reach for the blindfold, ready to pull it off already. But that was not what Neji wanted. He was not yet done. So with a harsh suck he slipped back up and then quickly started bobbing his head up and down, keeping his lips sealed around the thick organ between them. The hands immediately dropped to the bed again and stayed there, Gaara instantly becoming a shivering mess again.

When the moans got more frequent and with Gaara thrusting up into Neji's mouth, he knew it was time for a change and get to the last part of this plan. Time was going by fast and they only had an hour to begin with. With a plop Neji let Gaara's length drop from his lips and then moved back on top Gaara.

Grabbing the last object of the bed Neji squirted the lube onto his hand and started rubbing it over Gaara's length. 'I didn't have time to prepare myself, so we're going to do this slowly,' he murmured, seeing how Gaara's face instantly moved his way. At least he was listening. Now let's hope he would also follow Neji's instructions. 'This means I will decide the pace and you can't move your hips at all. Just stay laying still and let me do the work.' Sticking one lubed up finger inside of him, Neji tried to get himself as slick as possible. Thankfully he was used to this and did have sex quite often. It wouldn't hurt that much, but it was best to take things slow. It would make the whole experience even more mind-blowing.

Raising his hips Neji placed Gaara's length against his hole and then he slowly sank down on it. Immediately it stretched Neji further than he had expected and he kept in the pained groan that was about to escape him. At least the pleased moan coming from Gaara made things a little better. The vampire was not a man of many words, but he could make a lot of noise when he was being pleasured.

Comfortably sitting on Gaara's waist once more, Neji was completely filled up with Gaara's cock, feeling it twitch inside of him. His walls were tingling from the slight sting of pain, but other than that he was doing alright. So no time for whining, it was time for movement. Moving his ass up Gaara's length slipped out of Neji until only the head was inside and then achingly slow Neji slid back down.

Immediately Gaara grabbed a hold onto Neji's hips and with every bit of strength he possessed he stopped himself from slamming Neji down. His hold did leave deep bruises adorning his waist, but Neji ignored that fact for now. Kakashi would be pissed later though.

As soon as Neji was sitting down again, he shot back up, almost making Gaara's length fall from him. Frantically Gaara reached for him again, thinking he would slip out, but Neji was in control and it wouldn't happen anyway. The hyper alert was fully back in place though. Especially when Neji slowly dragged himself down again, letting out a soft moan of his own.

For a while Neji just kept doing this, sometimes doing it the other way around where he would slowly let Gaara's cock slip out of him and then force himself down fast. After that Gaara was just a twitching mess, hands now close to his face where his fingers kept moving. Incoherent sounds were slipping of his lips and he kept trashing his head back and forth. It was so fun to tease…

But now it was time to make the vampire come and end the bit of fun they had. Starting up a steady pace, Neji slammed himself down and slid back up right away, continuing this movement as Gaara kept on groaning with every move. The sounds were getting louder and louder, room filled with groans and skin slapping against skin.

'Now or never, Gaara,' Neji murmured between his own moans, leaning forward and offering his neck. Immediately teeth latched onto him, sinking through his flesh, breaking the skin easily. With a steady suck Gaara took his fill as he finally took control of the pace, grabbing Neji's hips once more and rocking his cock deeper and deeper inside of Neji.

And now Neji's whole skin was tingling. The effect of Gaara almost being an elder was getting to him. It was very rare Neji got this opportunity and feeling the hormones rush through his body he almost instantly came undone. He could truly come without even being touched if only someone would bite him like this. Broken moans slipped from his lips continuously and his hands grabbed for Gaara's shoulders, trying to steady himself as Gaara slammed into him over and over again.

Then without a real warning Neji came, spilling his seed between their bodies as he finally came down from his own very fast achieved high. A loud groan rumbled from Gaara as Neji's walls clamped down around his length and then as he took his final gulp of blood, he came deep inside of Neji, body shivering one last time as his body came back to its senses.

The whole power of everything slipped away quite quickly as Neji still laid on top of Gaara, both males breathing heavily. Lazily Gaara moved his tongue over the wound he had created, closing it instantly and lapping up the blood that had slipped out before. As Gaara did that Neji reached for the knot behind Gaara's head and untied the blindfold, throwing it to the side. Soft green eyes had to blink a few times to be able to see properly again and then a goofy smile formed on his lips.

'I feel like I run a marathon, but I haven't done a thing,' he mumbled, closing his eyes again as he relaxed into the mattress.

Pushing himself up again Neji stared down at the vampire, studying him for a moment. 'You'll feel amazingly calm tomorrow for your ritual, I promise,' Neji answered, letting a hand slide over Gaara's pale cheek. And then he moved away, not spending more time with the client. There was no room for cuddling. It was about the sex and not more. Feelings should not get involved, ever.

'Thank you,' Gaara said softly, feeling how Neji's weight left the bed and then heard him pad over to where he had dropped his robe. 'I'll be coming again and ask for you.'

Slowly Neji made his way to the door and as he opened it, they parted with his final words. 'I would like that.'


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