HI guys here is the first chapter of Once An Avatar it is a story that brings together four Avatar's, Roku, Aang, Alex and Korra review and enjoy.

The Crystal Of Power has awakened, it has fallen into the hands of humans, but our forces our Wraiths ready for battle, they will take it back and with the help of our ally they humans will fall….

Secret NEST facility 2012 AD

A helicopter landed as the personnel evacuated from the facility, Optimus Prime stood next the Helicopter and walked to William Lennox

"How bad is it?" he asked

"Right now sir?" Lennox asked and Optimus nodded "not good"

"I can see that" Optimus said noticing the evacuation

"The Crystal is unlike anything we've seen before" Lennox said as they walked into the building "Alec is examining every bit of it right now"

In a laboratory scientists were examining The Crystal it had strange energy glowing around it and a man dressed in a black cloak approached Optimus

"It's acting strange" he explained "the crystal is uh" he looked at the crystal which shot a beam of energy "misbehaving"

"How harmful will be?" Lennox asked

"Not sure right now" Alec explained "but the crystal is giving off small doses of lightning"

Lennox looked at Optimus but then back at Alec "that can be harmful" he looked around for someone "where's Lux?"

"Oh" Alec sighed "the boy?" he looked behind him as Lux was watching them "up in his room as usual"

"Sir" Lux said and they walked towards the Crystal "I've examined every inch of the crystal and it appears to be opening"

"Opening?" Optimus asked intrested "what like a door"

"Yes but not to your world sir" Lux explained "doors open from both sides don't they?" just then the crystal emitted huge crackles of electricity and a boy with black hair, dark robes and a spear came from the portal standing still and smiling evilly

"Sir" Lennox said "I'm gonna have to ask you to put down the spear"

The boy considered this for a moment but then he shot a beam of fire directly from the spear at Lennox which missed him by inches

"Fellow machines, humans" The boy chuckled "you needn't fear me, I am Sky of Corascuant" he walked down some steps and neared Lux "you have a heart" then tapped his spear on Lux's chest which began changing his mind he looked at Optimus and Lennox "I bring glad tidings of a world made free and freedom is the world's great lie"

"You talk about peace" Optimus said "but we think you mean the other piece" then Alec started to remember something about Sky

"Your Sky" Alec gasped "the brother of Avatar Alex" Sky walked forward to Alec and began to change his mind to "once you accept this in your heart there will be no place left for you"

Lennox went for the Crystal as Optimus exited the building, Lennox went for the crystal but Sky said

"I'm going to need that"

"Why, Earth has no quarrel with your people" Lennox told him "you couldn't possibly need" then Lux cut in

"Sky" Lux said "Major Lennox is stalling" Sky looked puzzled but then Alec said

"He's right, this whole building's about to collapse"

"Well" Sky chuckled "let's get out of here" then they started to walk out but Lux shot Lennox in the knee and then they walked out passing Epps

"Who's that?" Epps asked Lux noticing Sky

"They didn't tell me" Lux lied but then some static came from Epps's com

"Epps" Lennox said "Lux has been compromised" just then Sky fired some more shots at Epps who dodged them and began to chase after them while Lennox tried to get out of the building he did and entered the helicopter Epps's car crashed while the Copter was shot down. The whole building exploded

"Optimus?" Lennox asked over the comms wondering what to do

"Yes" Optimus replied "our worst fears have been confirmed, as of right now we are war"

"What do we do?" Lennox asked then Optimus smiled as he knew exactly what to do…..