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Authors Note: Felt like writing this in the aftermath of episode 1x19. Victory for humanity, I just started watching the show so my apologies if anything should be wrong.

Almost Lost

Samantha packed some things in her backpack, some books and clothing, what she thought she would need in addition to her valet and her old teddy bear. She took a last look at her room before she walked downstairs. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, some fruit from a bowl on the kitchen counter and some snacks from one of the kitchen closet. She quickly put on her jacket and shoes and left the house.

The sixteen year old girl had had it and now she was running away. She had no wish to return, surely no one would care enough to miss her, or even look for her. She didn't know where she was going, just that she had to get away.

Samantha had no doubt she would find some place to live if she could get a job as a waitress or something like that to earn some money. That would be a start. After all was better than nothing.

Her only sadness was that she would miss out on school; after all she did plan to have a degree and a good job someday. She however was feed up with arguing with her mother and the life she was living. Samantha wanted something better and she was willing to work hard to get it. She would do whatever it took to get a good job, maybe if she was lucky she could pay for evening school later on.

The young girl looked at the different buses, picked one and bought a ticket, as it drove away she looked out the window with sad eyes, sad about leaving her friends behind, she just felt she had to do this.

There was however one thing she didn't count on, that her mother would track her down. She never even figured she would look for her. She was however very wrong as she did and got her off the bus and drove her home.

That moment changed everything, she just learned what she needed to know that her mother really did care if she went missing. She knew she would not try to run again as she would have all she needed. A confirmation that someone really did care, even if they fought and things got hard.

When she many years later, looked at a picture of a girl that had run off, the old memories of that day came back to her. The day she could have ended up like so many of her current cases, gone without a trace.

Looking at the picture once more before walking to her desk she was glad she was found in time, so that she now could help others that had lost someone. She sighed wondering if they would find this girl before it was too late, glad that she was found before it was.

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