A/N: I wrote this for two reasons. Firstly, I could not bear to see Sam completely soulless and with absolutely no emotional connection with his brother whatsoever. And secondly, because I had to wonder – why in heck does Soulless! Sam stick around with Dean when he could be with the Campbells? Is it a residual feeling of "home"? He is no longer using Dean after the episode "Live Free or Twihard". Why stick around unless something else influenced him to stay?

"You know what? Go with Samuel. See how that goes."

Dean had given Sam the green light on ditching him. And Sam almost left . . .

. . . "You guys, you're the only family I've got now," Sam had said to his grandfather, and he believed it. No, he wasn't angry at Dean, he felt no remorse at the truth of the fact – he would need a soul for that. Dean was right, after all. No one was forcing Sam to work with him. He shouldn't feel obligated.

Then why did he? . . .

. . . "You didn't think I would come back."

"I figured sixty forty."

Dean hadn't thought Sam was coming back. Sam hadn't thought so either. He was really ready to leave Dean and just do his thing, work with the Campbells, be free to be his own person – or lack thereof. Just hunting, no pretense, no lies, no big brother "driving the bus", so to speak.

So again, why in hell wasn't Sam sharpening axe blades with Christian right now? Why was he back in the sweaty leather passenger seat of the musty-smelling Impala?

Stowing these thoughts, he pulled up his laptop and began giving Dean the lowdown on their plan B . . .

. . . Sam could see everything from the Cage. That was one of the tortures devised by Lucifer and Michael to make the agony even less bearable. He saw the djinn poison Dean with a touch in that bar, saw himself and the Campbells invade his brother's home and ransack it with sardonic criticism. He saw himself throw Dean to the vampire in that alley, saw the grin of anticipation and satisfaction on his own face, and knew that Dean saw it as well.

And every once in a while, Sam could influence his body. There was a connection there that was stronger than physical proximity, a bond that he didn't think even Michael or Lucifer knew about. Or maybe they did, and that taste of freedom was just another way of them laughing at his plight.

Either way, Sam found that if he concentrated hard enough, he could make his body say what he wanted, do what he wanted. Sometimes.

When the vampire was turning Dean, it was Sam's body that had smiled, but it was Sam's soul that had shouted: "No!"

When the Goddess of Truth had spilled his secret, Sam was able to make himself speak: "I think I need help."

And when Dean said he could go with the Campbells, and everything in Sam's body was urging him to fall in with where he was most comfortable, where he was accepted as the soulless freak he was, it was Sam's soul that steered him right back to the Impala . . .