„I'm bored." I said, closing my eyes and rubbing them.

"Stop being such an ass. Mike put in so much effort to get us here. Just act like you're interested." Clara murmured, giving me the bad eye.

Yeah, like I'm good in acting either lying. I hate football, soccer, whatever you name it. It's just not my favourite type of sport. It's something boy-like. And now, here I sit along with my best friend Clara, watching some professional Portuguese football stars practice for their upcoming match against Greece. The match takes place in Croydon, England. You'd have to see Clara, as we entered the field. She literally freaked out – luckily, no familiar person was around to notice. Just some people kicking and running after some ball. Ridiculous. And I landed here, cause I'm practically Clara's only best friend – not that's she gets bullied or is unpopular. Her statement is – 'As long as your secrets are small enough for a person to share, you don't need anyone else.' Yeah, hard to understand. Anyways, Mike – her brother-in-law – is working as a cleaner in the men and women locker rooms. And yes, I'm still wondering how the hell did he manage to get us to watch the team practicing. Clara and I are very different. She's more the sports, heavy metal type. I'm more the reading, dancing, being by myself type. Now, we're sitting on a bench, the coaches and team mates during the match are sitting on. Me, literally falling asleep, having my arms crossed, not paying attention on anything except the bright shining sun above our heads. While Clara tapes every move the football people make. She squealed, giggled like a 8-year-old, and waved to get some attention from this overrated people. Urgh.

"Oh my God, look, Pepe is coming over. Oh my God, Holy Mother Of God. Amanda, catch me before I embarrass myself with fainting." She turned to face me, grinning like an idiot. "Get up, he'll think you're not even interested to meet him."

"Which I'm not?' I uttered, not even making an effort to look her way. "Plus, it's way too early for me to pay attention to anything except dreaming of going back to bed."

Clara squatted in front of me, snipping with her fingers. "Am, I beg you to just act nicely. This is very important for me. What if I get invited to the match. Don't you know how cool this is?" She whispered, forcing me to look at her. Pepe was just 5 feet away from us, smiling politely. "Please, just smile and act politely. Do it for me." With these words, she stood back up, turned around and approached Pepe. I didn't even know who that was. Pepe wasn't that tall, bald headed, with full lips. His smile seemed very genuine. I raised up, rolling my eyes and following Clara, who was trembling in excitement.

"Good Morning." Pepe said in broken English, offering his hand to shake. Clara looked like a statue, grinning and staring at him like I don't know who. I nudged her, pointing to him. She gripped his hand and it took a while until she let go.

"I'm Pepe. Nice to meet you both. It's nice to have fans not screaming or shouting our names." He said, smiling at me and offering his hand. I raised both of my eyebrows. Clara noticed and poked me, giving me the bad eye. With a fake smile and a rather strong hand shake, I eyed the other teammates, who were also coming closer. Awesome. Really.

"It's nice to meet you too, Pepe. You don't know how happy we both are, to watch you practice. We both are such huge fans." Clara squealed out, bobbing. I rolled my eyes again, hoped to be unseen. Literally standing in the shadow of Clara's excitement.

"Oh, obrigada. Are you both playing football as well?" Pepe asked, and glanced over his shoulder, to welcome his mates. There were about 5. Not the whole team, I see. And I still didn't know who they were. Like, yeah, football stars. But neither their name nor anything worthy knowing. Clara squealed again, nudging me and pointing to a tall, dark-haired boy, man, I don't know. The main fact is, he definitely looked younger than he actually is, I guess. A huge number 7 coined on his shirt. To be honest, he was very good looking. Though, I would rather die than confess it, since I neither like football nor the players. Firstly he approached Clara, smiling, asking how she was doing. And Clara, not only embarrassing herself but me also, asked for a hug. I shut my eyes tight. Not wanting to watching her humiliating.

"Bom Dia. Thanks for being here. I'm Cristiano." A male voice suddenly said, right in front of me. I shut my eyes open again, faking a smile and shaking his warm hand.

"Yeah, hi. I'm Amanda. Nice shoes." I uttered down, pointing to his shoes.

He flashes a big smile, stifling a laugh. "They're called cleats. These are not the normal shoes you're wearing everyday, you know?" I was impressed by his broken but well used English. Not that many international football stars speak our language that fluently. His hazel brown eyes, looked amused, and his laughing wrinkles just fit perfectly to his tanned face. I had the urge to roll my eyes again, but Clara, glancing at me, shook her head lightly.

"Oh, yeah, right, cleats." I fake smiled again, glancing at the other footballers, who were smirking. Guess, they saw right through me. Oh, well, fine, I don't know a single thing about football. Clearly, Clara did.

"What color are your jersey going to be?" She asked, looking into the crowd for an answer."

"Yellow. For the first time ever." He murmured, giving Clara a polite look. His eyes wandered back to me. "Will you both come to the match?"

I shook my head, raising my hands, as in a I-pass gesture. "No, thank you. I'm not a huge fan of people having those weird shoes on and running after a single ball. Y'all are hurting yourself more than getting tramped by an elephant." Wow, clearly, that was too much. This Cristiano guy and the bald-headed started to laugh, among the others. Only Clara managed to pull up a not convinced smile and a death glare at the same time. She will kill me, for sure.

"Oh, I get it, I get it." The bald-headed uttered, smirking. "That's why you didn't freak out just like your friend did, as we came closer? Not a football lover, ah? I see."

I nodded. Nothing more to explain.

"Well, I think, we all would still love to see you around the match. A bit sarcasm won't harm." Cristiano-guy said, pulling up the right side of his shorts, revealing a muscle-bounded thigh. I acted untouched. But, oh, well, what does he do? Running from Portugal to Ghana?

"Oh my God, is this an official invitation?" Clara squealed again, trying not to jump up and down. This time I just had to roll my eyes while tugging some strands of my middle brown hair behind my ear. Trying to look anywhere except on the players, as I kept having some mental hatred issues against them. Why can't we just leave? Or why can't I just leave? It was getting a bit weird, to be honest. My very comfy jumper and some ol' leggings were absolutely unsuitable right now. While Clara had her jersey on, and those cleats shoots and anything a boy would actually wear.

"Yes, it is. Of course, if you want to go. Otherwise, we can just give the free tickets to other fans, craving for them since years, ah?" Cristiano-guy answered, raising his brows questioningly. His hair was pretty styled but a bit too much, in my opinion. I shrugged, opening my mouth to let out another bad comment about the current situation, but Clara was smart enough to interrupt me.

"Are you kidding? We would love to go. I can't believe you're actually offering us the tickets. They're pretty expensive."

"Well, just come over to the men's room, as soon as we're done with practicing." Pepe smiled politely, nodding at us and running back to the field, scoring some goals by himself. The others followed his sample, just Cristiano-guy still stood there, in front of us, with his hands on his hips.

"So, how did you both get here?" He asked, switching his look between me and Clara. Just his eyes lasted 2 seconds more on me that her.

"My brother-in-law is a cleaner, uh, in the locker rooms and, uh.." Apparently Clara was unable to form real sentences in front of him.

"And the poor guy has to clean after your stinky trash, you leave behind." I ended Clara's saying, smiling rather satisfied. Cristiano-guy turned serious, then bursted out of laughter.

"You don't like football at all, don't you?"

Damn, I set my hopes up way too high, thinking he would get upset. My mood has been ruined now, for sure.

"Do I look like a super-duper-I-will-marry-all-of-you-someday-fan? I don't think so." Fake smiling. Yes. Just one more. Clara turned red. Oops, looked like that was, what she had been dreaming off. Ridiculous. As if. Cristiano-guy raised his hands up, still grinning.

"First girl I meet, saying it straight into my face. Wow, respect." He clapped into his hands, watching me amused.

"Oi, Ron, você está vindo?" Someone called from far behind. Cristiano-guy turned around. "Coming." With these words, he left, giving me an amused glance over the shoulder. No idea, what it meant.

Clara turned to face me, looking as furious as I had ever seen her in our entire friendship. Uh-oh. I sat back down on the famous-bench, leaning back, acting like nothing happened. Clara's shadow casted on me, while I didn't dare to look into her eyes again.

"Am, seriously, what the hell was that? Not nice at all, you know? I'm completely speechless, seriously. Seriously, I thought you were my friend and-"

"I am your friend, Clara. Your best friend but-"

"-would support me in any possible way, instead you're embarrass both of us. Don't you know what hard work Mike had to put in effort, just to get us to see them." She continued, not responding to my interrupting. "I've told you everything about this team, looks like it all ran past your ear. I bet they won't even invite us to the match anymore. Thanks to you." Clara ended, looking very disappointed.

Great. I sighed, looking at her now teary eyes.

"Look, I'm sorry, Clara, but I can't just sit here and watch them doing boring things like scoring goals. That's not my thing and you surely know that, I'd rather…" Suddenly, a round shadow appeared right above Clara's head. Coming closer and closer. I dared to take a look behind her, seeing a ball, coming closer with it's full speed. Oh, no, we didn't need that at all. Before, my brain could react, my feet brought me up, pushing Clara aside and…

So, here is the first chapter of my new story. Got inspired by the current UEFA. hope you like it xo