i. choice
he's already chosen her


"You're always like this Fuku-chan! Look at Oreki! He always lets Chi-chan take him everywhere!"

At Mayaka's outburst, Houtarou completely lost interest in whatever he was reading, "Oi Ibara! What's that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly as you've heard!" Mayaka hissed.

"And how is that related to what you're ranting just now?"

"How is it not? Face the fact, Oreki!"

"I do not have a choice." Houtarou stated, his eyes narrowed.

Mayaka crossed her arms over her chest as she turned to face Houtarou, fully acknowledging him as her new target, "Oh, really? Why don't you refuse her then? Seeing that you're so capable of arguing with someone right now."

"Hey, hey." Satoshi said, waving his hand in an attempt to stop a sarcastic war that was about to begin, "Mayaka, you're mad at me right?"

At that, Satoshi got a glare from Mayaka in return.

Houtarou suddenly stood up, "I'm going home—"

The door of the Geology Room was slid open and Eru burst in excitedly, "Oreki-san, please come with me!"

Houtarou gulped, "I'm—"

"Please!" Eru insisted with that same look in her sparking eyes.

It was like watching a movie with the same scene being repeated over and over again. Even before the sentence was finished, Houtarou was dragged out of Satoshi and Mayaka's sights and out of the room.

"Not having a choice, yeah right, he hasn't even tried." Mayaka sighed, resting her chin on her palm, "He totally likes her."

Satoshi laughed whole-heartedly as a reply.

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