Sometimes It's a Wonder

because this pairing makes me the happiest person in the whole world

"Takao, go out with me." Midorima said as he stood in front of the art room and Takao was just on his way to stand by his side. The school had just ended for the day and no basketball practice was scheduled for them. Shuutoku High was eerily quiet.

Takao looked at him quizzically and grinned, patting his shoulder. "Sure! Where do you want to go?"

Realising that Takao had not taken his words the right way, Midorima added, staying still in place even as his teammate walked past him. "I mean, I love you."

Takao stopped, too, and now they were back-to-back. "Say it again."

Midorima pushed his glasses up, wincing at the sunlight from the window right beside him. "I love you."

Takao (He could not see his face. Should he try to look?) hummed, leaning against his back. "Since when, Shin-chan?"

Midorima thought that it was a related question, but he was unsure if he wanted to answer. "I can't specify."

"Ah, same!" Takao chuckled, dropping his head on Midorima's shoulder. "I can't remember when I first started to fall for you, too."

Midorima had to pause. What?

"Right, Shin-chan, why did you decide to confess today?" Takao asked, snuggling against Midorima's green hair, with a tone that suggested as though they were speaking about homework.

He still had no idea what was happening, but he replied, anyway, "My horoscope said that it's a good day to get together with my partner."

Takao laughed, and he finally turned his body around, pressing his chest against Midorima's back. Midorima could hear the smaller man's heartbeat, and he was relieved to know that it beat as fast as his did. "Let's go on our first date tomorrow. What do you think?"

"Ah...not tomorrow." Midorima said, pushing his feet and resting his head next to Takao's.

"Why? Does Cancer have the worst luck tomorrow?" Takao teased, ruffling his hair in such a gentle motion.

Midorima closed his eyes, letting himself drown in pleasure. "The weather forecast said the possibility of rain tomorrow is more than 60%."

He could not see Takao's expression all that well from where he was standing, but he knew, from the characterised voice that was Takao's laughter, that wearing a different pair of glasses that the horoscope deemed his lucky item of the day was a correct move.