A far too annoying buzzing sound awoke me from my much needed sleep. Just like every morning I swung my hand to the left to hit the off button on my alarm.
I didnt really hate mornings like every one else I know does, I enjoy them actually but only if there is something worth getting up for. Sadly it wasnt one of those mornings, It was one of the five days a week which I have to work as a secretary in a boring little office. Sliding out of bed I dragged myself over to my closet. Of course I couldnt dress the way I normally do which consists of skinny jeans, combat boots and a band T-shirt. I highly doubt my boss would approve of that, and with employee bonuses coming up soon I needed to get on his good side. I settled for a floral shirt, with a little brown sweater that matched, and my one of two pairs of jeans that dont have ripps on them. After getting dressed, being my lazy self I just stood in front of the mirror being to tired to put on my make up. Not wearing make up was always an option for me since I had clear pale skin, there wasnt much to cover. However I loved to wear eye make up, I love my eyes, they are the perfect shade of green. So I always wore heavy amounts of eye liner to draw peoples attention to my eyes. But today I just put on a light line of eye liner with natural colored eye shadow. A lot of people have told me that they wish they had my face, since my features are so defined. I of course disagree with them and only envy how they look so I use my side bangs and long hair to cover my face somewhat. Today, my hair decided to hate me. My bright red hair didnt want to straighten and my many layers would not stay in place. It took my twice as long as normal to make sure my long hair would stay in place. I prefer to tease my hair but I had to leave it flat down on my head for work. I was forced to skip breakfast in order to make sure I wasnt late. Slipping on my red tom shoes, I started off toward the small building where the office is located. I live in the middle of town so basically everything is in walking distance. Even my college, which I will soon be attending for my first classes in only four months. My town was filled with college students so most of the stores and restraunts were made expesually for people my age. To me this was the best possible place to live, at least for now. As I walked in the door, the sercurity gaurd said is daily hello to me with his scratchy smokers voice. I waved in reply and headed up the two flights of stairs. Only John, my boss had arrived so far so I took my seat at my desk. "Good Morning Amber," He said without ever looking away from the sales reports he was reading.
"Good morning," I said trying to sound ethusiastic and not like I was about to pass out from lack of coffee. I waited for him to go into his office before making my way toward the small break room. He hated it if I ever left the desk for even just five minutes. We never got any calls this early anyway. I knew he wouldnt be leaving his office for quite awhile, any time he is stressed over work he doesnt come out until lunch time and still doesnt talk much. I could tell already today was going to be an easy day of work. After I poured my cup of coffee I walked back toward my desk to see Lisa just walking in.
"Doesn't look like your going to have to do much today," I said to her.
"How stressed is he?" She asked.
"The locked in a room all day kinda stressed,"
"Finnally!" She exclaimed, "I can take a break from being such a suck up."
"Same here," Lisa was really the only person I would talk to here. I wouldnt really call her a friend though, I guess just someone your nice to when theres no one else around.
I didnt really have any friends here at all, since I'm only nineteen I'm the youngest. Im pretty sure the second youngest person here is in their thirties. The day wasnt very bad and seemed to go by quickly. There were only maybe half a dozen calls wich came around lunch time. No one came up to my desk to talk, suprisenly garret didnt even say hello. Garret always hung around my desk to talk since Lisa was only a few feet away. It was pretty easy to see that he liked her but was just to shy to ever say anything. Around three my boss came out of his office, holding his breif case.
"I need to leave early so Jeffrey you are in charge," He said while pointing to the chubby acountant in the back. Jeffrey nodded in reply and we watched as our boss made his way out the about a minute, Lisa and I both got up and looked out the window to see our boss driving out of the parking lot. "Hes gone," I said to jeffrey.
"See you guys on monday!" Every started grabbing their purses and breif cases and closed their computers. We never worked when the boss wasnt there, it wasnt that big of a problem since he only left early maybe once a month. I set the phone to automaticlly go to voice mail and left with everyone else. On the way out, I slipped my nose ring back in along with my eye brow peircing. Due to it still being rather early, I stopped by a small organic cafe on my way home. They always had the best coffee and were so much cheaper than starbucks. My wonderful day immediantly took a torn for the worst when I saw one of the barbie twins sitting at a table. It was brittney stars,
her and her sister tormented me all through high school to the point that I was home schooled my senior year. Her father owns a clothing store a couple blocks away so I frequently see her and her sister around. I tried to look away, hoping not to attract her attention. I just wanted to order my coffee and leave as fast as possible.
Sadly my red hair is rather noticable, just as I got up to the counter I heard her start talking to her friend about me. As soon as I looked over they stopped talking.
I ordered my Iced vanilla latte and as I waited for it to be made. Brittney and her freind quietly walked by only to start laughing as soon as they did. They just stood outside the door to the cafe as if they were waiting for me. I got my coffee and stopped by the small table that had the creamer and sugar. Puting a packet of sugar in my coffee I left without stirring it, I just wanted to get home. I was still trying to get the lid onto the coffee cup as I walked out the door. As soon as I passed Brittney her hand flew up and hit the bottom of my coffee cup. The entire cup of coffee poured down the front of my shirt as I just stood there in shock of what happened.
"Oh my bad," Brittney said with a smile, "Freak!" She bumped into me on purpose as she walked back into the cafe. I calmy walked down the street, trying to ignore how much the hot coffee burned. I turned a corner so if she left the cafe she wouldnt see me. I took the back way to get to my apartment, so I wouldnt run into anyone.
The last thing I wanted was someone to see me crying and covered in coffee.
"Why are you home so early?" My room mate Alice asked as I walked in. She was sitting on the couch, facing away from me so she didnt see my shirt. I didnt reply but instead ran straight to my room. I pulled off my shirt and jeans and changed into my ripped red skinny jeans and a band shirt. A couple minutes later I heard Alice knocking on my door.
"Come in," I was sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall with my stained clothes next to me. She just quietly sat in front of me and waited for me explain what happened.
"I got coffee on myself," I said quietly while slightly holding up my shirt.
"Which plastic barbie did it?" She asked.
"Ew! Gross, I hate that whore!" She said with an overally expressive facial expression which brought small smile to face.
"Can you hand me my laptop?" I asked. She just glared at me, looked over at my laptop and then back at me. I was rather confused to why she wouldnt just hand it to me. It wasnt like I was asking her to do anything big, and she was the closest to it anyway.
"Why?" She asked.
"To check facebook..." I replied.
"Don't, just don't." At this comment, I immediantly got up and grabbed my laptop. I opened up to facebook to see that Becky posted on my wall. After reading what she had written, I stood back and started to cry.
"Look Alice! Look" I said while pointing at the screen, "Did you know I'm a whore, I apparently sleep with every guy I can!"
"You know thats not true..." Alice said trying to calm me down.
"Oh really?" I said between sobs."Because Becky sure thinks it is! She also said I'm a freak." I was now partly screaming and crying.
"You're not! They are the fake barbies!" "Maybe I should become a barbie because its easier than being a freak. Maybe then I can be normal and be treated like a normal person. In stead of hated by so many people!" I fell down in my chair and covered my face with my hands.
"Amber..." She started.
"Get out," She was starting to say something but I stood up and yelled "Get out!" She just stared at me, glaring. Obviously she had no intention of leaving my room. I making her leave because I didnt want her near me, I just wanted to be alone. Being so emotional at the moment was making everything I said sound harsher than it was suppose to be.
"Leave!" I yelled while pointing at the door. She finally left, slamming the door behind her. I didnt mean to hurt her feelings, she is my best friend so I never want to hurt her. Hopefully she would forgive me, but I would talk to her in the morning. For now I just laid down in bed, not careing that it was still early and cried myself to sleep.