On It Did I Write

The last thing Kuroko expected to see when he entered the class that Monday morning was Kagami writing on the blackboard with everyone else watching him just as curiously. He slithered and stopped by Kagami's side, but as expected, no one noticed him at all. So he stood there and stared as Kagami scratched the blackboard with a...pink-coloured chalk?

Kuroko trailed the path the chalk left, and his eyes widened ever so slightly.

"I'm done!" Kagami huffed, his smile full of pride, and everyone else 'ooooh'ed as they looked at him in newfound respect. He clapped his hands to get rid of the chalk powders as he looked up and down at his masterpiece.

"Kagami-kun," Kuroko called out, surprised that Kagami hummed in reply, seemingly not to notice that it was him who spoke. "Who is this for?"

Kagami laughed with a blush (which was a scary sight on its own), rubbing the back of his head. "To this person I love, of course."

Kuroko could almost feel his eyes roll. "Who?" he pressed, feeling ludicrous that Kagami had yet made any acknowledgement to the fact that he was there.

Kagami stopped laughing and blushing altogether. He put his hands behind his head and leant against it. Everyone else scooted closer in hope to hear his answer as well, but Kuroko could almost growl in impatience. Unexpectedly, Kagami turned to where he stood and their eyes met. Kagami's eyebrows did not unite in the middle; they were dropping to the side of his face. His stance was comfortable, and the way he bowed down then was smooth. Kuroko looked upwards, trying to predict what he would do after.

Kagami moved his hands from the back of his head to his mouth, and groaned. By this time, everyone was practically pressed against him, demanding answer. As a blush crawled on his face again, he looked into his little partner's eyes, and said, "You, Kuroko."

Their classmates finally noticed him and some even shrieked in shock. But the two subjects only stood there, frozen.

Kuroko wanted to laugh. Kagami-kun had really gotten used to his lack of presence, didn't he?

He snatched a chalk and a blackboard rubber, erased Kagami's handwritten GO OUT WITH ME slowly, and picked up the chalk. The noise it made as it scratched the blackboard was music to his ears, and when he was done, he triple-checked it, even though there was no need. He turned around, and smiled at how Kagami's ears had turned even redder and his eyes drifted away to avoid much embarrassment.

Kuroko's handwritten OK was everything Kagami would ever need to make himself so jubilant.