Her unit would be arriving later than most. Because of this, the jobs they'd have to do would have already been decided. She would need to be prepared to do whatever needed doing. In addition, all troops would be expected to report for training exercises as usual.

Dunya ran over the briefing in her head. Things were going to be completely different from this point on. The enemies they'd fought for so long were now their allies. She doubted that either side would be quick to adjust to this. She certainly hadn't been. Even now, the whole situation didn't quite seem real.

She wasn't sure what to expect when she got there. She'd never been to Anatoray before. Hardly anyone traveled between the two nations unless they were waging war. She had been in a few battles, but she'd never been close enough to the ground to see what it looked like. Even if she had, she would've been too busy staying alive to notice.

She'd heard a few things from those who had seen it. It was dry there, and it never snowed. The people had little trouble growing food, but it was heard to get clean water. It was usually warm, so you didn't need to put on a coat when you went outside. It sounded like the exact opposite of Disith – as if someone had created a perfect world and split it into two extremes.

It was difficult for her to imagine a place without snow. She was used to its constant presence – on the ground, on the rooftops, or blowing down from the sky. There were times when it melted in the summer, but that didn't last long where she'd grown up. For this reason, water wasn't usually a problem. If you couldn't find running water, you melted snow by a fire. Food, on the other hand, wasn't so plentiful. In most places, it was almost impossible to grow crops, so most people ate a lot of meat and dairy. People lived different ways in different places, but most of them shared the same concerns and similar experiences.

Dunya didn't have a clear idea of what daily life was like outside of Disith. Maybe she could ask someone when she got there. She wasn't sure if any of the Anatoray soldiers would be willing to talk to her, but it was worth a try. After all, regardless of the past, they were on the same side now. It was in their best interest to maintain this fragile peace.

She wasn't used to the idea either. There was a part of her that insisted it would end in disaster. Still, the alliance was doomed to fail if they didn't try. For now, anyway, that was what she would do.

I'm not going to lie - this was hard to write. I can't decide what I think of how it turned out. I wasn't sure how to write Dunya, since there's so little to go off of. I also apologize for any possible inaccuracies - it's been a while since I watched Last Exile, and I may have remembered some of the details wrong. Still, I hope someone likes this.