And now for something completely different: Stories based on DC Nation's 'Super Best Friends Forever' mini-episodes, with each tale written (hopefully) in the same spirit as the show by weighing in at 1,000 words or less. Enjoy, if you wish.

Super BFFs: Microfics

By Legendary Legacy

Standard Disclaimer: Super Best Friends Forever was created and written by Lauren Faust. The characters are the property of DC.



Caffeine Kick

Barbara Gordan turned her weary eyes to her alarm clock. 1:48 AM. The young heroine groaned and stood up from her desk, heading toward the kitchen. If she was going to finish this term paper by morning, she was going to need some help.

Entering the kitchen, she opened the fridge and her face fell. She'd forgotten to restock her supply of sodas and energy drinks!

"Crud," she muttered, slamming the door. She was already falling asleep on her feet and she still had two more pages to write. What was she supposed to do now?

As she pondered, her eyes drifted across the countertop, landing on her father's coffee maker and the can of Columbia's finest sitting beside it. She frowned; normally she wouldn't touch the stuff, since even the smell of it could make her gag. On the other hand, desperate times called for desperate measures, and it sure did wonders for perking her Pop up in the morning.

One agonizingly slow brewing later, she held a cup of the black-as-night liquid in her hands. Tentatively, she took her first sip.

"Bleh!" How could her dad drink this bitter junk every morning? Sadly, it was her only hope of defeating her evil homework. She'd just have to sweeten it up.

Eight teaspoons of sugar later, she took her second drink. Still gross, but at least she could stomach it now. Not wanting to draw out the experience, she chugged the whole thing as quick as possible.

She waited expectantly for a few moments. "Huh, still sleepy. Maybe I should drink another cu-"

The cup fell from her hands. Her eyes widened. Her pupils shrank. And the world around her slowed down.

She was up the stairs in a flash, and before you could say "Holy words-per-minute, Batman!", her report was written, checked for errors, and edited.

It was a bit of a shame that it took so little time, because now she had nothing to do, and being as wired as she was, sleeping was clearly out of the question. She was going to have to burn off this energy, but how?


Kara Zor El was awoken by her phone. Without even bothering to roll over, she reached out and fumbled across her bedside desk until she found it.

"H'llo," she mumbled.

"Hey Kara it's me Barb just calling to see what's up I'm pretty good but I can't sleep not tired at all and was trying to think of something to do so I thought we could hang out we could see a movie or try out this new Mexican restaurant I know of or fly to Malibu and hit the beach-"

Being half asleep was making it hard enough to listen on its own, but the fact that Barbara wasn't stopping for breath between words was making it nearly impossible for Kara to decipher what was being said. "Wha?"

"-and that's when I realized that most of those things would be closed because it's nighttime so then I thought of course we can go fight crime and then I thought we could have a contest to see who can catch the most bad guys before morning call Wonder Girl let her know it's on ready set go!"

The line disconnected, and Kara slowly lowered the phone away from her ear. She stared up at the ceiling for a moment, and then promptly fell back to sleep.


Commissioner Gordan couldn't believe his ears. He had barely gotten out of bed when he'd received a call from the station. Apparently, three jewel thieves, two mafia bosses, an arsonist and a reckless driver had all been deposited on their front steps at some point during the night, all of them brought in by Batgirl.

He'd barely ended that call when he got another; this time from Arkham Asylum, where Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, Scarecrow and Bane had been brought in, also by Batgirl. And according to statements by said rogues, most of them hadn't even been causing trouble. They'd all been sleeping in their homes/lairs when the young heroine kicked down their doors, hog-tied them and carried (literally carried) them all the way to Arkham.

Jim had no idea what sort of training Batman must be putting the girl through, but it was sure getting the job done. He just hoped this wouldn't result in a lot of extra paperwork.

In her room, Barbara, still clad in her Batgirl uniform, was passed out face-down on the floor, having not been able to make it to the bed before the sugar crash hit. A knock on the other side of the door did little to rouse her.

"Sweetie," her father called. "I'm headed to work early today, and I might be home late. Just wanted to make sure you were up and getting ready for class."

"Guh... five more min..." she mumbled, not moving an inch.

Jim frowned. "Well, just make sure you're not late." When all he got for a response was a loud snore, he shook his head and turned to leave. "What am I going to do with that lazy girl?"