Bad Girls


Batgirl sensed danger before she even walked in the door. What she found inside were her two best friends standing toe-to-toe (well, technically Supergirl was floating a few inches off the ground so that she was eye-level with the taller Wonder Girl). Wonder Girl's fists were on her hips while Supergirl's arms were crossed firmly across her chest, and both were glaring hard enough to form steam between them.

Batgirl wasn't sure what had brought her two powerhouse pals to near-blows, but she felt it wise to lay low until the heat was off. Maybe if she just backed away real slowly, they wouldn't even notice-

"Batgirl, just in time."


"Perhaps you can help me talk some sense into our friend," Wonder Girl continued, never taking her eyes away from the blonde.

Supergirl snorted dismissively. "Oh yeah, like she's gonna side with you on this."

Batgirl cautiously approached them, smiling nervously. "Uh...what's up, girls?"

Wonder Girl finally ended her glaring match with Supergirl, turning to address the redhead. "You see, we were having a discussion about TV shows that we enjoyed, when Supergirl," Batgirl flinched at the venom contained in the name. "made mention that Shego from Kim Possible was the... how exactly did you phrase it?"

"The best, butt-kickingest bad girl in all of animation," Supergirl supplied.

"Yes, that."

Batgirl blinked, not sure what to say. "So, I guess you... disagreed?"

"Of course! After all, it's quite obvious that Princess Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender is a far superior female antagonist," the Amazon stated with great conviction.

"Obvious if you've spent half your life on an isolated island, maybe," Supergirl countered. "Need I remind you that Shego is an expert fighter and thief who shoots plasma from her hands and is on the Most Wanted lists of a dozen different countries? Not even Catwoman is that infamous."

"Well Azula is a royal prodigy of impeccable skill in the fields of hand-to-hand combat, leadership, strategy and hunting. She is also the youngest Lightning Bender on the show and is relentless in achieving her goals. She would have made an exemplary Amazon... if she were not evil, of course. Shego, on the other hand, has proven to be lazy with little to no ambition at all."

"She had enough ambition to take over the world in the future episode, didn't she?" Supergirl countered. "Which she succeeded in, by the way. Azula never conquered anything bigger than a city. Not to mention Shego walked away after getting kicked into an electrical tower; you really think she's gonna sweat some little girl shooting lightning from her fingers?" She smirked, then reached up and gently poked Donna on the forehead. "Doy."

Wonder Girl slapped the hand away. "Azula conquered that city when she was fourteen years old. How old was Shego before she got around to conquering anything?"

"So she started later. Doesn't change the fact that she achieved more. And besides, at least Shego didn't go insane at the end of her show."

"Clearly she did," Wonder Girl retorted. "Why else would she start a relationship with Dr. Drakken?"

Supergirl sputtered. "Th-that doesn't... she probably broke up with him like, a week later! And that doesn't matter anyway, she's still badder than Azula!"

"No, she is not!"

"Power and experience!"

"Intelligence and technique!"





The two were once again nose-to-nose with one another, glaring and growling and generally filling the room with tension. And just when Batgirl thought she'd been forgotten about and could try again to escape, they turned to face her again.

"So who's better?" Supergirl demanded. "Shego?"

"Or Azula?" Wonder Girl finished.

The pressure was making Batgirl uncomfortable. "Um..."

"Well?" they both prompted.

She shrunk down. "Um..."

"Well?" they repeated, more forcefully this time.

Batgirl now felt about two feet tall, staring up at two colossal titans. "Um..."

"WELL?" they practically shouted.

She panicked. "I like Ember Mclain!" She then dropped a smoke bomb and dashed from the room before either of her friends could stop her.

As the smoke cleared, a slightly stunned Wonder Girl turned back to Supergirl. "Ember Mclain?"

"From Danny Phantom?" Supergirl tsk'ed. "What did she ever conquer?"

"She's not even a true warrior," Wonder Girl added.

"What could Batgirl possibly like about her?"

"Truly a poor choice on her part."

The two nodded as an uncomfortable silence fell over them. A silence that was eventually broken when Wonder Girl started humming. A few seconds later Supergirl reluctantly joined in. Humming gave way to mumbled words, and then to whispered singing and shared grins.

From the hallway, Batgirl snuck back toward the room, nervous at having not been chased and a lack of anymore shouting. She cracked the door open to peek in, and nearly fell over.

"~Ember, So warm and tender! You will remember my naaame~!"

Batgirl shut the door, turned away and giggled. Crisis averted.



It is a surprisingly catchy tune, ya know?