Every Picture Has to Have a Caption

I'm sorry. I love you, though, Koganei. I love you more when you are miserable, too. I'm sorry.

The first time Koganei ran into the gym flailing his arms and grumbling about seeing their freshman ace and his self-claimed shadow make out, no one believed him. The second time, everyone started saying that he should make a better lie. Koganei said that even though it was April's Fools, what he had ended up seeing was not a lie. Hyuuga mockingly suggested the possibility that both Kagami and Kuroko did that to fool him, and then the rest of the team laughed. Mitobe was the only one patting his back sympathetically.

"Y - you believe me?" Koganei had asked him tearfully, and howled in self-pity when Mitobe had shaken his head in reply.

The third time it happened, everyone ignored him altogether. Koganei kept screaming that Kagami was doing this and that and Kuroko did these and those but no one actually reacted like he was even there. Mitobe had decidedly told him that it was a useless attempt through his expressions.

Riko was laughing at him like he was the biggest idiot in the whole world even though it was obvious that Kagami was. "Why don't you try to give us an evidence, Koganei?"

That gave him a minute thinking of what a good idea it was and what kind of media he should use to do exactly that. He resorted to camera, and kept his phone ready with him all the time when Kagami and Kuroko as far as stood side by side.

The next time he caught the two ravishing each other in the storage room whose window he happened to be passing by in attempt to find them (which he succeeded), he whipped out his phone from his pocket and took pictures with speeds of lightning and hugged himself in congratulation of a job well done.

When he showed off the pictures to his other team-mates immediately after, he puffed out proudly.

"Whoa, Koganei, you have really good photoshopping skills." Kiyoshi said, smiling really wide and it was as clear as the sun that he was being totally serious.


"Did you actually use a part of a gay AV to edit these, Koganei?" Riko looked at him like she would almost respect him and in that regard, she was being honest.


"Did you really edit Kuroko and Kagami's faces into these snapshots from an AV?" one of the freshmen asked as Mitobe (out of all people, HIS EYES WERE GLITTERING IN FASCINATION) looked at one picture to another.

Hyuuga was laughing and almost rolling on the floor, and Koganei could almost predict how many lame puns Izuki would use regarding those photos.

Kagami and Kuroko appeared after a moment and looked at the subjects everyone was laughing (and for some, fanning) at and Kagami nearly suffocated. Kuroko remained composed and made up excuses about 'Koganei being mean by using him in such a vulgar attitude'.

Koganei put his face on his palm and groaned. And this time, no one patted him.