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Me; *Walks into Punks Room* Hey Dad

Punk; *Looks up from what he was doing* Yes my dear old daughter?

Me; *Raise eyebrow* I'm not old…anyway Ted Stu Adam and I have a surprise for you down in the living room *leaves room*

Punk; *Jumps off his bed* Ooo A surprise! *runs to the living room* ….Where the hell is my surprise?

Wade, Ted, Edge, and I; *Comes from behind the couch with a present* Happy Fathers Day!

Punk; *Folds arms across chest*

Ted; What? Aren't you happy? I mean if you don't like it then I turned down my own kids for nothing

Wade; Yeah we went through a lot just to save you from Jericho, the least you could do is thank us and be happy with your fathers day gift.

Edge; Stu's right dad

Me; Come on!

Punk; *Shakes head* I can't believe you guys forgot that last year I've changed Fathers day to Punk's The Daddy Day! MY OWN KIDS FORGOT THE NAME OF THE HOLIDAY FOR THEIR DEAR OLD DYING DAD!

Me; Um…Adam's older than you….he's dying 1st

Edge; HEY!...wait I am older than you…shouldn't I be the dad?

Punk; Nope, I've adopted 3 of you and I'm not giving you guys up….*Narrows eyes* EVER!

Ted; ….so everybody but Keyaira is adopted?

Punk; Yes why do you think Stu's British and Adam's Canadian? And you….you're country *Shakes head* Ok enough with this conversation Gimmie the present!

*Edge gives Punk the present*

Punk; *Unwraps the present and pulls out a 'I Dig Crazy Chicks' shirt and a picture of all of us together* Aaaw I love it! *Throws picture over shoulder and puts on shirt*

Me; *Eye twitches* Really?

Wade; Really?

Edge and Ted; REALLY?

Punk; You guys should stop that you're starting to sound like Mike, now bring it in of a hug

*We all hug Punk*

Punk; *Tugs at shirt* Best Punk's The Daddy Day in the world!

Nothing special...Jus' a little fathers day thing for Punk.