3013 Prologue

Its the year 3013 and The World is now called Pacifica and the population is just under 44 million. Earth went through a major change during the 25century and it all started with World War 3 in 2443.

WW3 was by far the biggest war in history and nuclear bombs almost blew the world to bits. Every country in the world went to war and only 47 countries were able to rise from the ashes. Meanwhile, a secret government were in hiding in The Kotenly Island, just off Russia, whilst the remaining countries attempted to recover. The secret government called themselves 'The Kotenly Angels' and dreamed of a perfect world, where everyone was equal to their neighbours and divergence was shameful. This organization were powerful and resourceful whilst the rest of the world were struggling and dying off.

To kick somone when they're down is exactly what The Kotenly Angels did, but they did it to a group of 100 millon people. The Kotenly Angels consisted of only about 1,000 people but they had colossal control and wealth. With immense machinery and plans which had been developed for over 100 years, nothing could go wrong and Pacifica was under development.

One by one, the remaining countries were forced into their large compounds, based in the country previously called Russia. It was the last time they would ever have contact with other (Or so they thought). Placed into giant areas and separated by walls and barriers 100m thick and a mile into the air, malfunction. It took 50 years to fully complete the project. The Kotenly Angels had developed into one big family by then, with children and elderly and the organization had grown to about 1,500 members. Their wishes had been fulfilled. One World, separated into independent countries, or Terris, as they are now called. 44 Terris survived and were successfully moved into their compounds. At first they felt they were being moved into safe arms, but at that point they didnt now what The Kotenly Angels were planning…