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...voice it...

The easiest way to put it would be... he was ashamed. But that was the easiest way, he personally was sure something like mortified would be more...fitting. Yes, he was mortified. It was beyond those moments when you want to pull your own hair out because you're so damn embarrassed... way beyond.

When your older brother catches you sucking on your best friends cock...it's way beyond embarrassing.

his body refused to cooperate, moments ago he was moving his head, his tongue, his-...well parts of him was moving, but as soon as he heard that choked "Sa-Sasuke?" all his body was able to do was turn the head, with a sick 'pop' the heavy erection left his mouth and from the moment when his black eyes met those of his older brothers Itachi's, his body froze.

On his knees with a half naked, stuttering Naruto before him, he was staring at his brother like a deer caught in headlights.

His older brother seemed pretty much the same...standing in the doorway the black eyes sliding from his wet swollen and parted lips to the impressive man meat he was just trying to swallow down his throat.

He wished Naruto would do something since apparently Uchiha blood was made to freeze in these kind of situations.

"I-Itachi! Hahahaa, Sasuke...Sasuke said you wouldn't be home for an hour at least..."

He cursed the dobe's stupid way of scratching behind the head when nervous, seriously to him it seemed it would be more reasonable if Naruto would have hidden that...gorgeous...tasty...big...hard...flesh. Or the blonde actually though he's going to finish what he started?

Still on his knees, with his cheeks blazing hot, he tried to swallow the lump in his throat, cursing inwardly when his nervous throat made a choking sound at the process, the half naked body before him apparently liked the noise, Naruto's hips snapped forward and he was poked in his cheek by the hard but satin soft cock-head.

He would have found it arousing...if his older brother's black eyes wouldn't be sliding over him, Sasuke was pretty damn certain he had never seen Itachi's alluring eyes quite that big. He also was sure he had never seen Itachi gawking, unable to find words.

"I'm..." there was a cough as Itachi cleared the throat. "Seriously Sasuke...in the living room?"

It was really strange how Itachi's brain decided to scold him for the fact that he was giving a blow job to his best friend in the living room and not the fact that he was in fact giving a blow job to his best friend...

Or the fact that he was obviously loving it, obviously because his jeans were open at the front and his own stiffy was outside, or maybe Itachi wasn't aware of it since he was stroking himself as they got interrupted, at the shock he had squeezed himself maniacally and from then...his body froze...yeah, he was still gripping his manhood in a tighter grip than any vice or ass for that matter could..

It was only a question of time till he would pass out either from embarrassment either from pain.

Despite that...his stiffy remained stiff.

Naruto however was going soft before him and it took another heartbeat till the blonde gave out another lame chuckle and then tucked the half hard and still wet from his spit cock in the jeans zipping them rashly.

"Right... Itachi, there's nothing to freak out about!"

Hearing that his jaw fell lower if that was possible, Naruto...the voice of reason?

Itachi's black eyebrows twitched as the blonde crossed the living room reaching out for Itachi's arm. "Were not fucking for fun...and I didn't make him suck my co-..."

"Shut up dobe!" his senses returned all at the same time, on shaky legs he stood up managing to push his still somewhat hard cock back into his jeans, hoping they won't make a protruding tent.

He straightened up also making his way closer to his brother, he however kept a safe distance between himself and Itachi...and the couch too, that way when Itachi would finally snap out of it and try to kill him, he would have two extra seconds to run for his life.

It was then he noticed that Itachi failed to react to Naruto's tanned hand wrapped around the arm, Itachi's eyes were still on him, sliding over him as if seeing him for the first time ever. The black eyes stayed on him even when Naruto jerked Itachi's arm to get the older Uchiha's attention.

Naruto shouldn't have done it...

Obviously Itachi's senses returned all at the same time just like his had done, there was a brief moment as Itachi looked at Naruto taking in the blondes exposed tanned chest and then Itachi lunged, a pale fist connecting with a tanned cheek.

"How dare you? He's sixteen!" Itachi growled as Sasuke was jumping over the couch before musing to himself should he run for it and let the blonde receive the damage...it was really tempting, no one would want to deal with enraged Itachi just like no one would want to deal with hungry enraged grizzly bear.

But he had to, it wasn't like he could let his brother murder Naruto and it looked like it was about to happen, Naruto was on the ground with Itachi sitting on the hips, pale fingers wrapped around Naruto's neck.

"Itachi...stop...Itachi! Itachi!" there was no way...Itachi didn't hear him or didn't want to hear him, he didn't know.

He realised it was like pulling the aforementioned bear by the whiskers or something, but still he had no choice, Naruto was turning blue... he grabbed Itachi's long black ponytail, yanking hard.

"He wasn't raping me, for fucks sake..." he shouted and then jumped back, Itachi was standing up and turning to him...this was bad.

With his heart in his throat he dashed for the stairs with the bear (meaning Itachi) at his heels.

"You little cock-sucking—you—you slut! Don't dare to lock the door!" Itachi yelled from the other side of the door.

Oh he did lock the door and he hoped Naruto wasn't dumb enough to stay at the Uchiha residence, he really hoped Naruto had the sanity to clear off as soon as he divided Itachi's attention. A glance out of the window confirmed that yes, Naruto really wasn't dumb enough t stay, the blonde was making it down the road in a rushed jog.

He knew Itachi would calm down eventually, his older brother was just...shocked and probably...disturbed by his earlier show, but he knew his brother would calm down.

That's why he sat on the bed while Itachi was banging on the door growling something about 'sick perverted baby brothers and their retarded advantage taking best friends'...really the earlier events weren't even Naruto's fault. There was no advantage being taken of him.

If anything he was the one taking the advantage...

"Sasuke open the door, right now!"

He wasn't going to... he definitely wasn't dumb.

'An angry older brother' gained a whole new meaning as seemingly the whole house shook with the force Itachi collided with the door, unfortunately the door caved.

It was like time travelling, he once more found himself staring at Itachi's now flushed and angry face and said Itachi was looking back at him, the dark eyes narrowed and the nostrils flaring.

Itachi was crossing the room and he knew he's in for it... he just wasn't that sure what that 'it' was exactly, judging from Itachi's flushed face and rapid breathing... 'it' could be anything.


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