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...Voice It...

Itachi tried to calm his heart as he was crossing the room and grabbed unto Sasuke's upper arm jerking the delicate body towards himself, judging from Sasuke's face his younger brother was fighting the urge to scream out.

It was a good thing, he liked to know that he has some sort of respect from the younger. He guessed his younger brother was going through the crazy teens, and really Sasuke was dumb if he thought Itachi hadn't noticed the strange things happening lately. He didn't really mind Naruto... he didn't mind Sasuke fooling around with guys, he did too, but seeing his baby brother turned into a cock glutton had...blown his mind.

That's why he wasn't completely himself, he kind of heard Sasuke make a surprised yelp and he felt his arms moving as he moved fast and forcefully, sitting on the bed and pulling his baby brother over his lap...face down, the little round butt up.

The younger of them was spluttering and choking it seemed but Itachi couldn't care less, something had snapped within him and he didn't know anymore what kind of emotions Sasuke had just wakened up with the little spectacle.

There was something green about it though...some kind of green monster maybe. He wasn't sure but he knew it was raging in his chest...or lower.

"Seriously Sasuke? Naruto? So the noises coming from your room was when you were taking his cock, huh?" he growled out ignoring the way Sasuke's slender legs were trying to kick him, which was quite impossible while the younger was bent over his knee and kept there by Itachi's strong hand in the raven hair.

"Itachi..." Sasuke choked, sounding half pained half worried, but it was too late, Itachi's palm connected with the delicate round ass cheek hard, creating a loud smacking noise, Itachi keeping his hand on the abused spot felt his breathing getting harsher hearing Sasuke whimper and feeling his little brothers body go rigid.

"What the fuck are you doing, Itachi?"

Sasuke was screaming now, angry, furious...and honestly Itachi didn't know if Sasuke really deserved the spanking, he wasn't doing it because his baby brother liked cocks, he wasn't doing it because his baby brother was underage...he honestly didn't know why he was doing it, but he didn't stop, his hand went down rather hard stopping Sasuke's angry shouts, replacing them with a yelp, the little butt wriggled under his palm.

"Itachi stop!"

At the demand Itachi felt better, he didn't feel guilty anymore, if Sasuke dared to use such a demanding tone it was clear as the day that the punishment is well deserved.

"Little slut..." he breathed out feeling through Sasuke's jeans that the flesh was hot from the treatment, Sasuke never stopped squirming over his lap and after the sixth slap his brain started to function again, not the way he liked though.

his brain choose to notice the curve of his little brothers backside, the arch of the back, the little droplets of sweat on Sasuke's pale neck under the spiky black hair as the face was probably flushed but pressed into the sheets...or the way the muscles tensed under his palm whenever he brought it down earning himself a mouth watering groan.

Try as he might he couldn't deny that Sasuke wasn't making the right noises. They were too low...too...

Oh crap...

His heart stopped along with his hand...no, but he must be wrong...

Itachi shifted his leg slightly under Sasuke, his lips parting when a low groan was heard and if that wasn't enough then there was the hard length he could feel...it seemed his baby brother took his punishment the wr-...or was it the right way...

"Let go..." came Sasuke's voice, ashamed and barely audible, but once more the older brother wasn't listening, Itachi was staring at the back of Sasuke's head, swallowing hard when his eyes travelled for the clothed little ass he was just abusing.

It took another three short and too fast heartbeats till a grin split Itachi's face.

"What's that Sasuke...aroused by your big brother?" he husked out his hand landing on the round globe under it and squeezing.

"I-it's not because of you!"

Hearing the stubborn and still awfully ashamed voice Itachi's grin turned bigger and somewhat naughtier...this was arousing him in return and soon there would be no hiding.

"No?" he asked playfully pulling Sasuke upwards and shifting till his baby brother was facing him, straddling him, their eyes didn't meet though, Sasuke was holding the hands over the red face and when Itachi tried to remove them he received a frantic shake of the head, the raven locks bouncing around before settling down.

"So it's just your body reacting, hm? Nothing to do with me, right?" he continued sliding his hands firmly up Sasuke's sides feeling the shiver rocking the lithe body and hearing his younger brothers gasp, he could bet anything Sasuke was beetroot-red in the face, he wanted to see, so he forced Sasuke's hands away keeping the thin wrists with one of his hands behind Sasuke's back.

He wanted to tease further, oh yes he did...but his own body demanded strange things right now, like his mouth on the pale swan-like neck, so he obeyed and before he knew it he was sucking on the pale skin like some sort of sexy leech, except leeches didn't growl and didn't bite...and..and Sasuke's skin was soft and...tasty.

"Itachi..." he supposed Sasuke meant it as a warning but it didn't sound much like it, if anything it sounded like a sluttish way of asking him more. And if Sasuke wouldn't like it the little tease surely wouldn't arch so deliciously giving him more space and definitely wouldn't rock the slim hips into his, that action was pretty much Itachi's undoing.

When he was pulling off Sasuke's shirt the squirming started anew, he could hear his brothers breathing getting heavy, Sasuke's hands were trying to stop him and push him away, so he had to move fast since he already had a damn good plan on what to do next.

To his utter enjoyment it was rather easy to overpower his younger brother, Sasuke of course was screaming at him as he used the same shirt to tie the fragile wrists on the headboard but in Itachi's head it only made the picture prettier.

"Let me go...what the f—have you lost it completely! What are you doing!" it was all crazy and shocked and angry blabbing from Sasuke, Itachi knew but the anger kind of lost its edge when he crawled over the lean body, licking his lips before he leaned over the younger and caught a soft lip between his teeth pulling it away from the white teeth.

"I'll give you what you wanted so desperately, trying to swallow down the blonde."

It seemed that it was only then that it actually sunk in to Sasuke what he's about to do, the slender legs started kicking him and there was a tearing sound above their heads but the shirt-rope still managed to keep the younger's hands immobile. Sasuke's legs he managed to keep harmless simply by getting between them as he started to rip open the dark blue jeans.


His younger brother was beautiful...there was no other words he could come up with at the moment he revealed the pretty pink manhood seated into raven black short curls, all and all he felt like devouring his blood brother.

Sasuke was turning the head to the side biting on the pillow in frustration as Itachi roamed his dark eyes over the pale planes of flawless skin, they went through another struggling fit when he pulled the denim along with the skimpy black briefs off of Sasuke, leaving the delicate body naked on the bed, bound and in his mercy.

When Itachi pulled his own t-shirt off and started undoing his belt Sasuke's big black eyes finally settled on him, maybe it was Itachi's smirk that made the younger one's eyes go wide, Itachi's smirk only grew wider as the lovely big eyes slid down his muscled chest settling on his crotch.

His hard throbbing cock bounced free and he groaned from the feeling and from Sasuke's expression.

"Let's see if you can handle something...bigger..." the lewd words might have been a bit too much though, Sasuke gasped turning close to a purple, the rosy lips parted with no sound coming out. He knew what the expression on his brother's face meant.

"Yes, I'm serious." He confirmed nodding his head slightly, getting the jeans off of himself and scooting to his bound brother's side on his knees, his hand fisted the raven locks firmly, his swollen need standing proudly at attention before a pretty flushed and shocked face.

"I won't!" Sasuke struggled at the same time licking the luscious lips and closing the black eyes in what seemed to be a denying gesture but still it seemed to Itachi that Sasuke was loving this, the lean body trembled and Itachi's keen eyes didn't fail to notice that his dear brother was starting to produce shiny pearls of pre-cum.

"Yes, you will..." was all he said pulling on the black hair hard at the same time pushing his hips forward till his hot cock connected with the soft lips pushing on them to part them. The pretty mouth did part taking the tip of his cock inside, he would have felt like a bastard for forcing his baby brother to suck him off but it was quite impossible when a hot tongue swirled around the tip and suction was applied.

"Fuck...Sasuke!" he mumbled, not really controlling his voice or his hips, the hot tight mouth around him felt way too good to use his brain, all that remained were the instincts to move his body closer to get more, his hips bucking forward his eyes watching the sin as it happened.

Watching the lips stretching around his length as it was pushed deeper, watching his younger brothers closed eyes with the black long eyelashes fluttering and watching the cheeks flaring up with colour as he pulled his brothers face on himself with force feeling his cock being squeezed.

Buried half way he lost it completely his hips now snapping forwards in fast jerky moves, humping the lovely face, sweat collecting on his forehead as he tried to keep his breathing somewhat steady, failing miserably.

"Suck harder..." he managed to growl out, a shiver rocking his body when the younger complied seemingly forgetting that he was being forced.

He was probably pulling Sasuke's hair out, but there was no sounds of displeasure, Sasuke was groaning yes, but it was more like a plea for oxygen than anything else, wanting to prolong the heaven he was being granted, he rocked forward a strange sound escaping him as he looked down at his cock buried to the hilt, his brothers nose brushing his black pubic hair.

"Fuck!" he knew he's going to cum if he doesn't stop right then, Sasuke was too damn good even when being forced the little tongue pushing into his slit and roaming on his cock was too good of a feeling, so he did stop, but he wasn't happy about it, he pulled Sasuke away, his eyes going half lidded watching his baby brother gasp for ear hungrily.

Leaning down he licked on Sasuke's lower lip not minding the taste. "Mmm baby brother...but that wasn't what you wanted right? You wanted something else didn't you?" he teased getting on Sasuke's side his fingers sneaking down the pale body avoiding the leaking erection, his fingers tips connected with a wrinkled patch of skin even though Sasuke was trying to close the legs and deny him.

"Oh no Sasuke, don't be shy, I make sure you feel good too..."

"Itachi..." Sasuke all but squeaked out and he felt the slender legs part wider letting his hand to roam free. Taking that as a major encouragement he moved to the side on a lucky guess opening the bedside drawer, though there wasn't anything he could use as a lubricant.

"Where?" Itachi demanded, annoyed when the younger was seemingly trying to give him the cold shoulder or something.

"Not gonna tell me?" his index finger breached the wrinkled skin pushing in dry and to his knuckle, it was a matter to teach his brother but damn, the heat and tightness attacked his brains producing images of his cock seated into that tender flesh, he shivered, his cock twitching at Sasuke's yelp.

"S-second drawer, damn you...the second one!"

"Thought you'd see it my way!" he smirked extracting the tube using his teeth to clip it open. "Lift and spread your legs."

His brother apparently was hornier than he though, Sasuke's legs jerked as if to comply before the reddish lips formed a pout. "Fuck you... I don't want this!"

"Sure you don't, your slutty body does. It's your choice Sasuke..." he added his second finger holding the tube of lubricant in clear view for his baby brother, Sasuke growled most probably because of the dry friction, the white teeth gritted together and the beautiful eyes looked at him defiantly..Itachi kind of liked it. But when he tried to add the third finger the younger caved, squirming Sasuke spread the lean legs lifting them higher in a bent position.

Giving Itachi a sight to die for...

The reddened ass cheeks looked simply delicious, so did the little pink pucker with his two fingers stretching it apart.

Spreading his fingers apart and moving close so his knees supported the little ass in the air he applied the lubricant right between his stretching fingers enjoying the hiss that followed.

His baby brother was so red in the face and so...adorably fuckable.

He worked the lube inside and maybe his moves weren't all gentle, no they were more like rough as he added the third finger pushing them in hard and wriggling them in the thigh heat, to his disappointment it could be seen that this was not Sasuke's first time, Sasuke's expression wasn't as pained as it should have been. Itachi's face scrunched up thinking about the blonde fucking his baby brother for the first time, because really...who else.

He was always possessive about his baby brother so he really didn't like the thought of the blonde having Sasuke, no that thought made him ram his fingers in the already abused twitching hole hard and rough, his anger paid off when Sasuke arched, mewling at the ceiling and trying to push the delicate backside on his fingers.

"Ngh! Ah!"

"Oh what's that Sasuke...like my fingers? Hm?" teasing was crucial, because Sasuke was growling desperately like a horny animal when he pulled his fingers half way out not moving them back despite the fact that he really wanted to.

"Itachi...gh... don't... tease, bastard."

Having his baby brother howl in pleasure seemed like a damn good idea, so grabbing good hold of a frail hip he rammed his fingers in the previously found spot fast and hard, to see Sasuke's face while that one was getting finger-fucked was a sight Itachi would have prefer to any porn.

The noises of his fingers working the tender flesh and the noises of his brother's pleasure... it was quite overbearing for him, till this he thought he was a patient lover...right now he had doubts of his self control he felt his body shaking with anticipation, his needy cock twitch at every whimper, his heart racing fast and hard feeling his digits being squeezed in the heat.

He had to have Sasuke right then and there, pulling his hand away he couldn't even smirk about the disappointed grunt Sasuke let out, he could only groan himself as he stroked his leaking cock to get the remains of the lube to cover it all through.

His now shiny and big cock bouncing as he let it go, he made himself comfortable between Sasuke's spread legs kneeling between them, grabbing under Sasuke's knees spreading the sexy limbs as far they could go and pressed them upwards aligning himself.

His good control came handy when he thought it was a good idea to look at his baby brother's face...it wasn't a good idea. Sasuke was watching him with the black big eyes half lidded, watching him hungrily...

With a groan he pressed his hips forward averting his eyes downwards, watching the wide tip of his cock breach the pink skinned opening, spreading it apart. He bit his lower lip hard trying to fight himself, but there was no way, with a snap of his hips he found himself with his head thrown back groaning and trying to keep still, listening to his baby brothers choked breaths.

When he felt Sasuke clench around him he looked down, crazed when the sexy minx impaled on his cock was smirking at him.

Not worrying about hurting his brother anymore he moved, loosing himself in the wet friction around his cock and the sheer perverted sight of his heavy girth being swallowed by the wet clenching tightness, it drove him mad with lust and pleasure, it made him drill himself in hard and rough spreading Sasuke's legs widely apart holding them by the ankles.

Driving deeper and deeper he switched from looking to their joining point to Sasuke's sweaty red face, at first his dear baby brother looked a bit pained, but that changed fast...changed to a somewhat pleased expression even though Sasuke was trying to keep the sounds in. seeing that only made Itachi pound in harder till loud slapping sounds were born arousing him further.

"Mh fuck, Sasuke... I knew you'd be a good fuck."

"Itachi!" Sasuke all but screamed out, the hands trying to break free as Sasuke's ass wriggled on the hard pole buried inside, Itachi knowing from before rolled his hips surely brushing his cock on the sweetest of the points into Sasuke's body, the soft inner walls squeezing around him deliciously.

"Look at me Sasuke..." Itachi half moaned half growled as he let go of the ankles laying over the lithe body supporting himself on his arms, his lips brushed on Sasuke's parted ones, even though the moment would seem gentle it really wasn't, he was rocking into Sasuke with force, now biting on the plump lips. "Tell me I'm better, tell me I'm fucking better than him, Sasuke!"

"Itachi..." Sasuke moaned a string of drool making its way from the corner of the delicious mouth, Sasuke's eyes hazed over loud moans coming from the parted mouth, Itachi took that as an answer, he was fucking better! Case closed no questions asked.

Pushing up on his muscled arms, he took a moment to imprint the picture of a pleasured Sasuke into his brain, what a nice picture it was...

Itachi had a fetish... he loved to fuck people from behind, he really did but seeing Sasuke's face, seeing the black eyes on him as he fucked, he couldn't even think of changing the position, and when Sasuke's legs wrapped around him pulling him deeper with every time he slammed forward... it was the best sex he had ever had.

Hot, sweaty and half into heaven he wrapped his fingers around the pink cock bouncing between their slick bellies, getting a good grip on it he stroked, loving to see his baby brother come undone under him.

Sasuke's body jerked the legs around Itachi's hips tensing not letting him to move anymore, he could only rock into Sasuke's body, it seemed they both lost it at the same time and even though this was planned as a punishment of sorts it was nothing like it in the end, Itachi was growling with his release, his mouth pressing against Sasuke's in a somewhat sloppy and loud kiss.

Sasuke wasn't kissing back, Sasuke was screaming, jerking and spurting hot ribbons of cum between them, Itachi kept pumping the erection in his hand till there was nothing coming out and he himself was empty as well...

Okay so... he just fucked his brother...

Swallowing he pulled away, unable to resist looking down where his somewhat softened cock slid out of the abused and now reddish pucker, his seed sliding down and staining the sheets.

Shivering he sat on the bed, he bit his lip, there was no going back... and Sasuke looked...well, it was hard to tell, the beautiful eyes were closed and Sasuke was just breathing there still tied to the bed.

Standing up he untied his brother...the fact that Sasuke refused to open the eyes and look at him could mean anything, he didn't know, but Itachi always got what he wanted.

He leaned down, his lips brushing sweaty raven locks before he found the ear and whispered into it.

"I don't want to see you with Naruto ever again Sasuke..."

Thinking he passed the message Itachi walked for the door not seeing the grin forming on the younger's lips.


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