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As the days passed, Itachi observed Sasuke closely. It seemed the younger was avoiding him but didn't seem angry with him...Itachi couldn't get smart.

He wouldn't fool himself, Sasuke hadn't hated the sex at the time...but maybe his younger brother was being eaten by guilt and shame... they were brothers after all.

But still there was something off with Sasuke...he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Like the fact that Sasuke didn't seem happy, yet there was no Naruto around to soothe it, usually Sasuke would resort to the bright ray of sun immediately.

He had seen the blonde on the street the other day and he would have given Naruto a piece of his mind regardless people would hear or not but he didn't have the chance, Naruto had disappeared right after their eyes met.

Obviously the blonde was scared of him...well he should be.

Having parked his car in the garage, Itachi went in the apartment knowing Sasuke was home because the door wasn't locked.

Itachi always took a shower after work, that was his ritual of sorts and Sasuke living in the same space was well aware of it so when Itachi came back from work and walked straight for the bathroom it was always free...

But not this time...

It was like the past was repeating itself...just not really.

With his hand on the silver-coloured door knob Itachi was frozen once more, the scene revealing itself before his eyes as he opened the door... he didn't know how to react to it.

There was Naruto and there sure was his younger brother, naked as naked one could be...and wet.

Itachi swallowed, ignoring the equally naked blonde, his dark eyes were set on his brother.

On the wet planes of skin and the frail looking wrists, pulled above Sasuke's head, tied with what seemed to be a makeshift rope from one of his suit ties. Maybe it was a good thing Sasuke wasn't facing him, because Itachi heard sobbing and whimpering...or maybe it wasn't a good thing since Itachi could clearly see the reason for those sobs and whimpers.

Sasuke's slender pale legs were spread out and trembling as Sasuke tried to keep the weight somewhat on his feet and not the bound hands. The water streaming down the soft skin seemed rather hot judging by the steam in the spacious bathroom but... the thing that got Itachi's heart hammering in his chest and his blood disappearing from his system just to appear in his cock all at once was the vibrator impaled in his younger brothers little ass.

He could see it vibrating and he could see how widely it stretched Sasuke apart and just for good measure he dared to lean to the side to get a glance at his brother's front a bit, wondering that maybe he should get his body to move and kill Naruto for this, rescue his brother but that apparently wasn't the case.

Sasuke was hard, the pretty cock angry red, drooling down on the little smooth balls, his brother seemed to enjoy the vibrator torture to the core.

Itachi had told Sasuke he didn't want to see Naruto again... he had fucked his younger brother because he witnessed that luscious pink mouth wrapped around Naruto's cock and now...this.

Itachi was dying...but it was a funny sort of death, he was painfully hard and he was sure Sasuke didn't even realise he was there, the blonde was staring at him pretty much like a deer in headlights, frozen in place and probably going through a heart attack.

It wasn't easy for Itachi to look away from his brother given the circumstances, the lively toy buzzing strong enough for him to imagine what it did with ones insides, no wonder Sasuke's sobbing and whimpering got louder and more desperate with each moment. But Itachi did pray his eyes off just to look at the blonde still watching him as if waiting for his judgement.

Heh, the judgement...

He looked Naruto up and down slowly noticing that the golden skin was wet as well, so Itachi gathered that Naruto had been in the shower together with his brother, noticed the blondes lightly flushed cheeks and the mop of mussed, damp golden hair freshly styled by passionate fingers belonging to his sibling.

This was the second time Itachi had the unwanted chance to gaze upon Naruto's wet and hard erection... Itachi didn't really like Naruto but he couldn't deny that there was something that made it just as hard for him to look elsewhere.

"Naruto..." Sasuke groaned lowly, squirming and gasping for air, the toy digging deeper inside, Itachi clenched his jaw to stay silent, his brain frantically working all the options.

Of course he had to stop this, the sooner the better, he had to deliver few hard punches on Naruto and then discipline his brother but there was still the fact that Sasuke knew he would come to shower at this time.

Numbly stepping forward he turned to face Naruto hearing another low whimper from his brother...Sasuke would have to endure.

Itachi's hands went to undo the buttons of his shirt, a light smirk adorning his pale face when Naruto fidgeted, the blue eyes following the movements of his fingers and stealing a glance at his bulging crotch.

Itachi wasn't sure what exactly kept Naruto rooted to the floor, wet, naked aroused and obviously worried for his own safety, but as Itachi threw the shirt on the floor and started to undo his pants keeping his tie around his neck loosely, he thought that maybe this all was his little brothers cunning plan.

And he already knew from experience that no matter how he tried he couldn't really resist Sasuke. Giving in was way more pleasurable.

Talking about pleasure...

Itachi didn't have to use force, not really because it seemed that Naruto was shocked into a state where the blonde would numbly obey him, for once he didn't really mind and Naruto gasping as he pushed the tanned body under the hot spray next to his whimpering brother, it was all a bit too much for Itachi.

Naruto and Sasuke together in the shower, it was such a pleasing sight, no wonder he was getting such sick pleasure out of just pressing Naruto against Sasuke's back, Itachi closed his eyes for a while just to feel Naruto's firm body, the lean muscles...

The sights, sounds and feelings were arousing him, his erection hard, pressing against Naruto's naked and wet skin.

He didn't care that he was still in his pants and they were soaking wet now, didn't care that Sasuke was still repeating Naruto's name and moaning wriggling against Naruto and if Itachi heard right Sasuke just asked Naruto to fuck him... how lovely.

Itachi wouldn't admit it to Sasuke or Naruto and he hoped it could never be seen but he really was jealous, had always been, the main reason why he never approved of Naruto being so close to his brother.

His hand moved on its own accord, it gripped Sasuke's raven locks pulling Sasuke's head back with Naruto sandwiched between them, that's when Sasuke obviously realised there were more than just two in the bathroom now.


"You sound needy, Sasuke... can I help you somehow?" Itachi's words were almost too quiet and the sound of the shower almost dimmed it out completely, but Sasuke's and Naruto's ears were right there next to his mouth, they sure heard him.

Naruto fidgeted and pushed back at him as if to get away all of a sudden, but maybe that wasn't what the blonde really wanted. When Itachi led his hand between his brother and Naruto, gripping the end of the toy impaled in his brother, he pushed it deeper starting to move it in and out gently.

Sasuke it seemed was already too far tortured by Naruto before him, that's why he got so tempting and expressive reactions, Sasuke's whole lithe body was trembling, the sounds of the pained pleasure demanded for Itachi to give Sasuke all he could ever need, want or ask for. His question was never answered with words but those animalistic sounds were quite enough.

But all the things Sasuke did before, it apparently meant that this was how his younger brother wanted things to be...with Naruto in between.

Itachi didn't see how that might ever work out in the future but he was willing to try. What he wanted was never his priority, it was what Sasuke wanted.

And Itachi didn't even know what exactly he wanted when it came to Sasuke, because when he would look at it all with his head clear and his blood actually helping the brain work he might understand that the only way it could work would be with Naruto in between them. Not talking of sex.

But his hot blood was working to spur his body not brain, so he kind of let it go, his chest moving with the hungry breaths he took as he moved his mouth for Naruto's ear, the golden hair tickling his face, Itachi's other hand found two firm ass cheeks and he liked the feel of them so he grabbed and squeezed, pulling a strangled startled sound from Naruto.

"No..." Naruto realised where Itachi was going with this.

Itachi's face blossomed in a grin, he wasn't about to stop. These two deserved everything he was able to give.

"W-what is he doing, Naruto?"

It was almost funny because Sasuke sounded annoyed that he couldn't see anything, turning the head as far as the raven could Itachi saw the red pretty face and the dark lidded eyes trying to see what Itachi was up to.

Mentally shrugging Itachi took a good hold of Naruto's arm, this time Naruto wouldn't get away, this time Itachi wanted Naruto to stay.

He took out the still buzzing toy, pretty much loving the hissing sound Sasuke offered him for it, the toy turned off landed on the floor and Itachi turned Sasuke around with the back against the wall so his dear brother could see every little bit of his poorly hidden jealousy. In Itachi's head it worked as a punishment enough.

He made sure Sasuke's eyes were on him and Naruto and then he took off his tie throwing it like rope over a metal water tube above their heads. He wasn't stupid, he was expecting Naruto to fight him but he was slightly bigger and thankfully stronger too, he managed to secure Naruto's wrists tightly just like the loud-mouth had done with his brother, hands above the head, helpless and defenceless.

And with two such bodies at Itachi's mercy he was having a really hard time to calm down enough to actually enjoy this properly.

"You see Naruto, I asked Sasuke to stop seeing you... but you knew it already, didn't you?" it was also hard to make his voice sound steady and firm, no matter how Itachi had wanted to dislike Naruto it wasn't quite possible, in all honesty the blonde had an unnatural charm...besides that, Naruto was just hot.

"Stop!" after Naruto's demand Itachi showed all his human fangs to his little brother over Naruto's shoulder, his grin stretching wider when his fingers found the firm juicy ass once again, he teased the little opening after kicking the strong and tanned legs to the sides, Naruto growled but Itachi realised that it was just the courtesy of a silly pride, his fingers were digging inside, the tight heat swallowing them not so willingly with water as lube, it was how Itachi wanted it, with little pain.

But Sasuke's face as Itachi abused the little hole was priceless.

Itachi suddenly felt better than ever because there on Sasuke's face he could very well see that this was just one of his younger brothers sick fantasies and he was making it real... he was making his brother happy.

Twisted and sick happiness was better than...unhappiness.

"Why don't we show Sasuke how it feels to watch, you seemed to support the idea before."

Naruto shook his head 'no' as if that would stop Itachi now, right now Itachi wanted this more than both the younger ones taken together.

Before Sasuke started playing these games with him Itachi didn't know he might have a sadistic streak in him, but maybe he did. He didn't really prepare good enough and he knew it, he also knew that water was the shittiest lubricant one could have but he still took his fingers out, fighting off his wet pants, his body refusing to wait any longer.

But it was all worth it and his sadistic streak seemed to be appreciated by both Sasuke and Naruto, Itachi squeezing tanned hips pressed his cock in the poorly prepared entrance feeling naughty enough to look down, watching the sinful sight of him being connected with the blonde, the tightness and heat, the way Naruto squirmed and produced those low sexy sounds... it was all so hot and wet.

Sasuke's breathing sharp and uneven, Itachi loved doing this when his little brother was watching him with his cock hard and weeping for attention.

It wasn't long till Itachi was moving in and out with force, he pushed the perfect body forwards till the both of them moved enough for Naruto to actually face Sasuke as Itachi worked at the lovely behind.

Naruto long since didn't try to form coherent words, all they got from the blonde were grunting sounds and short cusses, that till Itachi fisted the golden coloured hair loving the way they felt between his wet fingers, he pulled back while watching his brother and never stopping to move his hips rough and fast.

Naruto made a shameful sound having to look at Sasuke while being rather roughly fucked by Itachi, but Naruto couldn't help but see how ecstatic Sasuke looked.

Itachi realised that both he and Naruto were just lovesick fools for Sasuke. They both were ready to crawl out of their skin just to make the younger Uchiha happy.

"Itachi... I can't wait."

Of course Sasuke couldn't wait and Itachi himself wanted to somehow get his brother closer, he knew he would come soon and then it would be over and all the guilt and shame would kick in.

Sasuke was leaning forward as far as he could the rosy lips almost touching Naruto's shoulder and the blonde must have felt it because the next moment the two teens were kissing noisily, wet tongues sliding together again and again, interrupted by shaky moans and pleading sounds.

Itachi helped Naruto to straighten even if he himself enjoyed the blonde bending down, this was good too and it didn't take acrobatic skills from him to reach around Naruto and grab Sasuke's slender legs.

Naruto and Sasuke got the idea soon enough and Itachi was sure that this was the moment when Naruto stopped caring about the technical side of things, about who was doing who and how that affected ones pride or manliness, which was all bullshit anyway.

So Itachi reached up, releasing the blonde from the bonds, Naruto's hands grabbed the prize instantly, the prize being Sasuke of course.

The smallest of them was lifted on Naruto's hips as efficiently as it was possible with Itachi relentlessly chasing his pleasure, impaling himself over and over loving all the wet sounds the sex and water was producing.

And then Sasuke was screaming out of pleasure as Naruto was intruding the lithe body with one strong move and Itachi was sure all three of them lost all reason then, they turned into three needy animals fucking, scraping and gnawing at sensitive skin.

He didn't even notice when or how Naruto managed to undo Sasuke's bindings and he didn't know why the blonde did because he rather enjoyed his brother tied up but Sasuke's hands found his neck and then his hair and then they were everywhere and on Naruto's skin as well... it was better.

Face to face with his younger brother they breathed hot breaths and then kissed, messily and all tongue and moans, the water was turning cold and at first it made them moan because it brought new sensations on their overheated skin but it soon turned icy and their moans turned into hisses.

Itachi, with his hands shaking and his throat refusing to stay silent turned the water off, biting into perfectly tanned shoulder afterwards, he sucked the soft skin with his eyes closed, all his attention focused on the feelings in his lower regions.

The sex was amazing, there was so much to enjoy it made him crazy. He kind of wanted to see Naruto's face too, not only Sasuke's pleasured one.

Naruto was doing a good job judging from the sounds Sasuke let out shamelessly, short phrases that drove both Itachi and Naruto insane.

Itachi wanted Sasuke in between, he wanted Sasuke on the knees, he wanted Naruto behind his brother and he wanted himself behind Sasuke, he wanted so much and in so many ways that a lifetime wouldn't be enough.

He couldn't see, so he chose to 'see' with his hands and fingers, they touched Sasuke's bottom, shaping it with swift moves till his fingers met with hard flesh sliding into his brother just to slide out and repeat the cycle over and over, harder and harder...same what Itachi was doing with Naruto and Itachi could only be amazed by the blondes stamina, he felt like losing it for a while already.

"Fuck..." groaning he didn't even know who's name to shout out, he ended up hissing in Naruto's ear licking it as Sasuke licked his neck. He was coming and he could feel it in so many ways that he wasn't the only one coming undone. Naruto's body was shaking and squeezing him, shuddering and moaning against him, desperately thrusting into Sasuke for the last drop of pleasure.

And Sasuke being the loudest of them when it came to such animalistic mating screamed out the climax towards the ceiling leaving red marks over Naruto's back with the nails, it was the sexiest thing Itachi had seen.

As suspected before Itachi felt bad it was over... he wanted more, he was crazed by the possibilities and by how good he had just felt, his orgasm had shaken him to his core, his legs numb and barely holding his weight but still all he could think of was more.

"Damn." This time it was Naruto, swallowing hard, trying to get the breath back to normal the blonde retreated from Sasuke slightly but didn't let go since it seemed that the raven would collapse to the floor as soon as that would happen.

Itachi noticed Naruto's legs trembling so he took a deep breath picking his dumbly smiling brother up on his arms, he was starting to think that the younger was some kind of nymphomaniac. The thought was sexy enough.

"To the bed." Sasuke murmured and like the love-sick fools they were they obeyed, Itachi carrying Sasuke and Naruto trailing behind.

They would regret not cleaning and drying themselves later but for now it didn't matter, the sheets soaked up the water and other wet matters. Sasuke pretty much still smiling, the black eyes opened regaining their sharpness, mischievousness.

Itachi could only narrow his own eyes at his brother seeing the sly glint in those charming eyes. "Sasuke, you could have just asked, never play such games with could go very wrong." Yes, Itachi realised that this wasn't a time for a lecture but it had to be said because there were times when he was feeling hurt too and Naruto probably went through the same thing.

Sasuke didn't say anything just patted the bed at both sides for them to join.

They did. Love was silly like that.

"Does this mean I can keep seeing Sasuke?" Naruto wasn't really asking, Itachi heard the almost mocking tone the blonde had, it wasn't meant badly either it just sounded like Naruto was quite amused by the Uchiha antics.

"Yeah, just keep in mind that you're a dead guy as soon as you hurt him."

Sasuke beside him chuckled and found the strength to kiss him shortly, apparently Itachi's threats were being translated as a sign of deep affection by Sasuke and judging by Naruto's grin the blonde saw it the same way. Itachi felt his cheeks turn hotter...of course there was affection, of course.

And to Itachi's surprise the guilt and shame never kicked in.


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