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They've been married for about five months now and attended many of their friends' ministry-enforced weddings. Hermione couldn't be happier.

Today, though, she wants to finally catch Fred Weasley off guard. In all the time that she's known and been married to him, she's never been able to truly surprise him. It's time to put her plan into action.

Hermione taps her wand against her chin, a thoughtful expression on her face as she determines how to trick Fred. This is going to be fun...

Fred thunders up the stairs after a long day in the shop, excited as usual to see his beautiful wife.

But, when he opens the door to their apartment, it's completely silent (George has long-since married Angelina and moved out). The silence is almost eerie and he stops in mid-step, wondering where Hermione is.

Fred wanders into the kitchen, but she isn't there. He strolls into the living room, but he doesn't see Hermione reading on the couch or by the fireplace. He peeks into the bathroom on the way, but she's not taking a bath or changing (too bad for him). Finally, he makes his way to the bedroom door, which is closed.

Fred opens it, thinking maybe she's taking a nap, because she had the day off due to being sick, but the room is dark. He lights the candles and catches a glimpse of something hanging in midair.

It's a note.

He strides forward and reaches for it, reading it quickly.

Dear Fred,

On the bed, there's a present. It's for you.

Love, Hermione

He shrugs and turns toward the bed to find a small, wrapped gift lying there innocently. Unsuspectingly, Fred pulls open the ribbon and finds a box underneath. He tears open the box and his eyebrows rise.

"What the-?"

Inside the box, there are three items:

An Ice pack


A weird stick-like thing

Hermione steps out from behind the closet door, "The ice pack is for you, after your mother hugs you to death. The galleons are so that you can buy butterbeer on us. The last thing is a muggle test. If it's pink, it means I'm pregnant."

Fred's eyes get comically wide and he fumbles to take out the pregnancy test. It's pink.

"You're pregnant? God! I'm going to be a father? We're going to be parents! Blimey!"

Fred sweeps his beautiful wife into a loving embrace and kisses her thoroughly.

"So, you're happy?"

"Happy! Bloody hell, Hermione, I'm thrilled!" He hugs her again. "And we beat George, so he owes me money!"

"Wait. WHAT?" She moves away from, hands on her hips.

"Er...is there any way you possibly didn't hear that?"

"Fred Weasley! You didn't! Please tell me that you didn't place bets on whether Angelina or I would get pregnant first!"


"Is that why you were so eager to have sex lately?"

"NO! No, no, no! Of course not, love. You know me. I'll have sex with you anytime. Anyplace...well, except for maybe in the Burrow's living room. That would be kind of awkward."

She rolls her eyes. "You will put all of that money towards our baby's college fund."


"Yes, college! Our son or daughter is going to be very smart and will have every opportunity available to him or her."

"Yes ma'am!" Fred slatues her and the corners of her mouth quirk upward. "I might need another ice pack, though."


"Because I have to deal with your hormones for the next nine months, love."

She socks him on the arm and he winces before bouncing up and down. "Let's go tell everybody!"

"Right now? But, Fred, it's dinner at the Burr-"

"Don't care! This takes priority over food." He grabs her arms and throws powder into the fireplace. He pretends that he doesn't hear her murmur, "I never thought I'd hear a Weasley say that."

"Ready, Hermione?" Fred, with his arm around her waist, looks down at her fondly.

She nods. "Always. I'm so glad that it's you that I'm having the baby with, Fred."

He grins. "Yeah. This whole marriage thing isn't so bad after all, is it?"

She hits him on the shoulder again and laughs.

They step into the fire and disappear, leaving only the softly-glowing green embers behind. The walls whisper among themselves of the news, looking forward to the voice of a child once again in their midst.


"Shite, it never stops..." Fred moans and covers his head with the pillow as darling, six-month old Rose Nymphadora Weasley wails from her bedroom.

Hermione turns over with a groan. "Your turn."


"Is too..."

"It's not...Just go make the beast stop...OW!"

"Fred Weasley! Your daughter should not be referred to as a beast!" Hermione glares at him, sitting up and still threateningly holding her pillow, ready to whack him again.

He mumbles into the sheets but she doesn't hear him. "What?"

"You're kind of cranky, Mione. Should really get more sleep."

"Oh, har har! And it's your turn."

Fred sighs and gets up, scratching his messy, red hair. "M'up, crazy woman."

"I heard that."

"Of course you did."

"I heard that too!" He's nearly down the hall now, so she must have amazing ears. He rolls his eyes and opens the door to their baby's room, which was George's old room.

He steps in and peers down at Rose. "What's wrong, little crying machine?"

The baby, upon seeing him, stops crying.

"Figures." Fred begins to walk away, but as soon as he does, Rose begins to cry again. He sighs.

He sniffs her diaper. Not the problem. Deciding that she's just lonely, he picks her up and rocks her for a while in the rocking chair that Molly gave them as a present.

He softly starts to sing, "Hush little baby, don't say a word. Daddy's going to buy you an owly-bird. And if that owly-bird doesn't fly, Daddy's going to buy you an apple pie. And if pie is made by my twin (who can't cook), Daddy's going to buy you a wand-to-fight Slytherins-and-win. And if that wand just doesn't work, Daddy's going to go beserk."

Hermione snorts from the doorway. She'd just taught him the muggle version of that song a few weeks ago. "Interesting, Fred."

He winks at her. "What can I say? I'm a man of many talents. Maybe I should've gone into a singing career."

She smiles and walks toward him, placing her hands on his shoulder and leaning over to kiss him gently. "I'm sorry I was so rude. I'm just quite tired."

He winks. "I understand, love. I don't blame you. Sorry I tried to get out of it."


"And called our daughter a beast."



"Just wanted to see if you had anything else on your conscience."

He laughs, "I've corrupted you this last year, haven't I?"

She smiles. "You've made me happy, Fred."

"You've made me happy too. I love you." He glances down. "And I love this new one too."

Tears spring to Hermione's eyes. "I love you t-too," she manages to squeeze out as she starts to cry.

Fred laughs. "Hormones, already?"

"Apparently, but I wouldn't change this for the world," she says as she puts her hand on her gently swelling stomach.

Fred puts his hands over hers and whispers, "Hey there you two. I can't wait to meet you."

He wipes away his wife's tears and kisses her gently.

Life doesn't get better than this.