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L stared down the corridor, in horror. At that moment he knew what kind of game the god of death had set up for him; a game of death.

It was so painfully obvious he wanted to hit himself for not realizing earlier.

At the other end of the corridor stood BB, one hand was still resting on a doorknob, and L guessed that that was where Light was.

L saw in through the corner of his eye that Dave was to terrified to even move, and BB's hand was already rising slowly into the air, a huge silver revolver in his hand.

It felt as if the world was moving in slow motion, and L had to make a choice.

He had to choose; his sanity or his life.

L knew he was a dead man from the moment he rounded that corner, but he hoped that he would be able to hold on for just long enough to see his Light again, so he decided.

He moved on reflex. His hand seemed to know exactly where it was supposed to go without L looking. L drew Dave's gun from the holster, aimed it at BB and pulled the trigger.

The bulled hit right between BB's crimson red eyes, and BB fell dead.

L looked as BB fell to the floor.


Then he ran.

He didn't even notice the Dave falling dead beside him.

BB had shot Dave first, thinking that he was the armed one.

He ran over to the door, and opened it.

"Light!" L yelled, running over to the shivering boy.

"L…?" Light asked in confusion.

L helped Light sit up, hugging him carefully.

"L you're alive." Light whispered.

"You too." L said, his voice was low and shaky. Light could clearly hear that the detective was struggling to form words.

"You're burning up…" Light said in horror.

L didn't answer, he just sat down against the wall, his eyes gliding shut. Light knew what was happening, and he knew what he had to do.

"Oh no you don't, not now." Light said, then he crawled over to where his shirt was lying, and pulled out the crystal vial from underneath the dirty fabric.

He crawled over to L and tried to make the detective drink the clear liquid, but the detective wasn't reacting to his word, so Light put the liquid in his mouth and kissed L, making sure the liquid went into L's mouth and down his throat.

"Don't you die on me." Light begged, panic clear in his voice.

Light hugged L close and waited. He refused to cry, because L wasn't dead. He couldn't be. Light had given him the cure.

It felt like weeks before L opened his eyes again.

"Thank god…" Light whispered gratefully.

"Light, have I ever told you why I don't sleep very much?" L asked out of the blue.

"I believe you have mentioned that you don't like wasting your life by spending a third of it sleeping…" Light said, wondering what the detective was getting at.

"That is true indeed, however the real reason is nightmares. It's been so long now that I had nearly forgotten…" L said thoughtfully, chewing his thumb, his earlier exhaustion seemed nearly gone.

"I am sorry to hear that…?" Light said uncertainly. He wasn't entirely sure where L was going with the conversation; however a nagging feeling in the pits of his stomach told him that he wouldn't like it.

"I used to dream about my life before I came to Whammy's… I-" L suddenly froze, his eyes widening a fraction.

"Wha-" Light began, but L clasped a hand over his mouth.

"Shh" He said quietly.

Light wasn't sure, but it looked like L was actually shivering.

Why? Is he cold? Light wondered.

"L~! I'm going to fix you~!" A voice echoed down the corridors. L snapped his head around, towards the door so fast Light wondered how his head managed to stay attached to his neck.

When L turned back to look at Light, he saw something he had never thought he would ever see; L's face betrayed en expression of fear. His eyes were wide and watery, and his lip was trembling.

Light wasn't sure what to do, so he slowly wrapped his arms around the detective in a protective manner.

"L! Where are you!" A voice called. This time it was a lot closer than before, and Light easily recognized Watari's voice. This time he sounded legitimately concerned for L, whereas his previous yells had been spoken as if by a mad-man.

L relaxed as he heard Watari's concerned voice, and something clicked in Light's head.

"Don't trust him." Light whispered as quietly as he could.

L didn't react at all to Light's words, and Light frowned.

"L?" He whispered, leaning slightly back to get a look at the detective's face. L didn't look scared anymore; his face was just… empty. His eyes were still wide, but he was no longer on the verge of tears, nor was his lip trembling anymore.

Shit, he's losing it!

Light looked at the door apprehensively, waiting for Watari to find them, and sure enough, only a few minutes later he showed up.

Watari barged into the room, his gun directed straight at Light, a wicked grin on his face.

"Found you~" He said, his voice sickeningly sweet, reminding Light of BB.

Light was unable to speak. This time for sure it was over.

Watari studied Light for a few seconds, his grin still plastered on his face until his eyes fell upon L.

"What have you done with him?" Watari asked, his expression changing drastically.

"I saved his life no thanks to you!" Light said bravely.

"No thanks to me…? No thanks to me?!" Watari said in disbelief, laughing wickedly. "I'm the main reason he's even alive today. I made him. I made L. Without me he'd been nothing. He'd be normal. I found him. I saw his potential. I rid him of his overprotective parents, and I made him what he is today; the greatest detective on this planet. I helped him get rid of his weakness, his emotions, everything that could ever make him vulnerable, and then, out of the blue, you appeared. You disgusting little piece of shit, you, the vermin that thought you could change the world on your own… you destroyed him!"

"He's not dead!" Light said desperately, trying to make Watari understand, realize, that L was still alive.

"He is broken! Don't you get it? Everything I've worked for is ruined." Watari said, waving his gun around while he spoke.

"Watari-" Light began, but Watari cut him short.

"SHUT UP… don't you dare talk back to me… Kira."


A loud gunshot was fired from right behind Watari, and the mad-man froze. It seemed as if some sort of invisible force made him stand up long enough to realize what had happened, then he fell to the floor.


Behind Watari stood Mello holding a revolver in the air, right behind where Watari's head had been only seconds before, with Near and Matt behind him.

Mello seemed just as shocked and scared as Light felt, and then he did something Light had not expected; he turned his gun towards Light.

"Let L go." Mello said, despite the fact that he was shivering his voice was steady, and left little room for discussion.

"Mello, you don't understand-" Light tried to explain, but again he was cut short.

"Now." Mello said coolly, taking one step closer, his gun still directed straight at Light.


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