I'm well aware that its been absolutely ages since I last updated, I'm so sorry I've been busy going on holiday etc... Hopefully I can get this story moving again now that I'm back :) I know my chapters are always short, I'm working on getting more longer ones up more often but I felt you shouldn't wait for this one any longer! Reviews always appreciated of course :D

I heard the footfalls as my father and my visitor neared my door. I could already tell that he was a man from his step, but my father and him didn't talk, they seemed to be walking in silence.

I looked through the window, perhaps this was a new specialist, come to see me following my lack of progress.


My breath caught in my throat at that voice, and yet I dared not turn and look him in the eye for fear that this was another trick of my imagination. Was it possible?

But it had to be. From the steady rhythm of his breaths to the woody scent of his cologne, everything about this person in my room was just like Jack Bauer.

I felt my breath hitch in my throat at the sudden realization, mirrored by the person I presumed to be Jack who I heard sit down behind me. I could even imagine his ice blue eyes tracing over my straw-like hair and my skeletal figure in amazement and shock at what had become of me.

That was when I felt him gently tuck the stray hairs covering my face behind my ear. The sensation was so tender and familiar, and it triggered so many of my emotions that I felt a spark from the very core of my body resonate within me.

Betrayal. Hurt. Despair. Love.

I battled with the heaviness of my lids, hoping to get a glimpse of his rugged features and begin to understand how he was feeling. Slowly, as if the air around me was thick like glue or treacle, I felt my eyes open, and his face, lined with concern, came into my field of vision, although not for long. His expression, unlike the surprise I had expected, betrayed no astonishment at my state if he felt any, and it dawned on me that it was more than likely that in his own way, he had been keeping an eye on me.

He saw me open my eyes, and I felt a small drop of water land on my arm as this man who was capable of killing someone should it be necessary, let his strong façade slip for just a fraction of a second.

"Oh Audrey…" I heard him say, and I imagined his face, full of desperation look down on me.

I barely noticed the sound of my father's heavier footfalls as he made his way out of the room, so absorbed was I with the idea of Jack being here to see me, but I was alone with him once again, for the first time in months.

"Please… Forgive me…"

I opened my eyes once again, in an attempt to acknowledge what he had said, before exhausted, I allowed myself to slip back into the quiet darkness that I had become so accustomed to. Yet this time the silence that enveloped me didn't seem so hostile as I knew Jack was there beside me.