Here it is. The Grand Finale.. I had thought about making this story the same Epic Inbetween was, but this story is supposed to be a fluffy light hearted tale, not something I would never finish. I thought you guys would rather a happy ending rather than a bunch of awkward plot and heart wrenching sob stories. I have a couple other "Thor" fics in the works, but for now i'll rest my tired finger's and let you have at it.

M Content, Content that will make you cry, yell, laugh and possibly imagine Chris Hemsworth like you NEVER should (not ;P)

When the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case

I could offer you a warm embrace

To make you feel my love

When the evening shadows and the stars appear

And there is no - one there to dry your tears

I could hold you for a million years

To make you feel my love

I know you haven't made

Your mind up yet but I would never

Do you wrong I've known it

From the moment that we met

No doubt in my mind where you belong

I'd go hungry I'd go black and blue

I'd go crawling down the avenue

Know there's nothing that I wouldn't do

To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on the rolling sea

And on the highway of regret the winds of change

Are blowing wild and free you ain't seen nothing like me yet

I could make you happy make your dreams come true

Nothing that I wouldn't do go to the ends of the Earth for you

To make you feel my love, To make you feel my love

He had wanted to spend each and every day in the library seeking the plans to the Bifrost, but there was still a war on. His arms rested on the table as he looked across the table, his eyes easily picking out the patterns and strategies. Fandral and Hogun spoke quietly with Vlostagg as Sif watched their great leader. She could see he was preoccupied and not concentrating on defeating the trolls from beneath the city.

They had quickly realised who had attacked Asgard and Sif had been eager for another great and glorious battle, but once more, Thor was hesitant. "I do not see issue Thor." She finally spoke up, "We raid their weak dwelling and drive them back so they remember why they fear us."

Thor was silent for many minutes "No." He finally said and went back to staring. He didn't want to rush in blindly and take the glory of battle ever again. Jane hated war, she hated bloodshed. The few times he had returned to her scarred and bloody she would tear up and tend to his injuries, kissing him as if it were his last moments. When he finally asked about her queer behaviour she had merely said that she had watched him die once; her hand had traced the invisible lines the Destroyer had made on his mortal face before he had proved himself. He had immediately felt the waves upon waves of guilt and remorse, swearing to always return to her was not something she took lightly. But this time, it had been her that had left, and his mind was far from the trolls of the underground, but light years away on Midgard where Jane would be.

His heart ached as he shook his head and attempted to see a resolution that would end in the least amount of bloodshed, minimal amounts of war. "Summon Lord Seth."

Fandral and Vlostagg gasped, "Thor-.. The elves?"

He nodded and smiled slightly. "Their wit will help Ulrik see reason. This vacuum must not end by force, but by acceptance. Jane won Seth, maybe Seth can win Ulrik." He glanced up and saw Loki who motioned to the door way and Thor strode out, his mind whirling away. "What is it Brother?"

"Heimdall." Loki said, and said no more, for Thor was dashing to the stable to his already impatient stallion to race to the edge of Asgard for news of Jane.


She worked furiously at trying to synthesize the crystal. She was not a chemist, and so was relying heavily on Banner and Stark to help her. What she did know was the sky, and with all the resources of SHIELD they scoured the earth for every meteorite that had hit the earth from the quadrant she had deemed Asgard with the possibly of containing the strange unnamed crystal that she had lovingly called Bifrostium. Stark and Banner were sensitive enough not to laugh when she mentioned it, nor did they comment when pictures of Thor began littering her once purely professional desk.

For so long she had taken for granted that Thor and she would never be apart again. Her heartache was exacerbating her pregnancy to the point where Banner was telling that she needed to calm herself or she's run the risk of miscarriage. She wanted nothing more than to word tirelessly on the project, but when he reminded her of all the complication she had with Hal she stopped arguing and cut back. But her problem was that by cutting back, that meant she spent more time at home, in the house, by herself. She tried to avoid Steve for the following few months, but it seemed wherever she was, he would appear. And it broke her heart to have to ignore her once good friend, but things were just too awkward for her and her heart too tender from missing Thor.

She didn't tell Darcy, or Pepper what had happened, and so neither understood her sudden formality whenever the Captain entered the room. She didn't want to tell anyone what had happened, and she asked Heimdall to let her explain to Thor, to let her beg his forgiveness.

Darcy had elected to stay and do most of her work through correspondence and had Jane teach her the work. She was a bright girl and kept up with the brilliance of Jane where few others could before her. Stark and Banner occasionally stared at her when she went off into her tirades of physic's 'mumbo jumbo' as Pepper called it. She glanced down at the formula taped behind the computer. It had been the hardest thing she had ever done, and now that it was done, she realised it had been far too simple to have take four years.

She was sitting in her office in the house, her one sanctuary smiling at the rain. It was a very earthily rain this time and while she longed for another thunderstorm like the one that had made her heart wrench that first week, she knew it must have been very difficult to project over such distance.

Her mind expanded and she looked at the silent monitor by her hand that occasionally let out a sigh, the sounds of Hal sleeping comforted her to let her fingers fly across the keyboard, once more in a string of complex equations. She had missed so much while Gretel had been caring for Hal. It had been necessary, and probably would have happened on earth, no matter what she had said. Eventually, she would have needed a babysitter, or a nanny; a glance at the healthy bank account told her she could easily afford one.

She sighed and found herself distracted by all the pictures on her desk. Her office desk had once been an austere comparison to her home desk. Now they were both littered of pictures of her family. While the desk at Stark held a wedding picture, and a picture of them and Hal, her home desk was littered with all of her family.

Once upon a time, the only family she considered herself to have was Erik, and even then she had attempted to try and make it on her own ;only to find out that Erik had been pulling strings behind the scene to ensure she was happy and healthy , but now pictures of her and Pepper before a run was beside a picture of her, Tony and Banner with the Őrlög. Her heart leap as she finally allowed herself to look at her once favourite picture. It had been a candid that Pepper had taken and she had once treasured. It was at her birthday party, the beautiful white dress was a glowing comparison to the black suit of her husband; whose lap she was sitting on, The Captain smiling at her as she opened the small box that held the necklace with Mjölnir on it. "Stupid Foster, Stupid." She muttered as she saw it now. Every picture of her and Steve she could see the glimmer in his eyes, a wisp of something that shouldn't be there.

She quickly looked away and smiled at the final picture. It was of Thor and Hal. He had fallen asleep in the wide chair with his son on his chest, he held the boy in his strong arms with the gentle care only a parent would know. Tears flooded her eyes as she grabbed it and looked at it closer. She could see the fatigue that lined his face but beneath that she could see the joy. Thor loved his family more than anything in the nine realms. Even though he slept, she could see the happiness and love as he slept with a smile. In that very moment, she want nothing more than to go back to that moment, where there was nothing but their love and their son and under this roof nothing else in the very nine realms he now ruled mattered.

As tears streamed down her face she smiled and traced the lines of his arms, his legs encased in the beaten and worn sweatpants, his smiling face. "I love you." She whispered, "I love you so much Thor." She placed the picture in front of the one that made her feel only shame. "I've made so many mistakes in my life, I've screwed up so many times, but loving you, marrying you, could never be one of them." She looked up to the ceiling and smiled, "You and Hal and this little one are the very best of me Thor. You will see him born, I swear it." Her resolve hardened and she looked down to her computer.


On the other side of the galaxy, tears ran down his face as Heimdall spoke her words. "She searches once more." Thor nodded and his hands fisted as in that moment he wanted nothing more than to hold her close and tell her he loved her. He remained for only a minute more, asking the Valkryies to watch her as he walked back to the library. Avoiding the war room once more. He and Thrym cantered back into the city as Thor's mind raced over her words. He too had made so many mistakes, he had hurt her in more ways that possibly imaginable, and yet she still loved him, still searched for him, still wept for him. And most importantly, she refused to carry any name but his.

He nodded to the custodian of the library as he marched up the steps, starting from where he had left off and continued his search for the plans. Once more his eyes had grown blurry as he stared at scroll upon scroll. Searching for something that resembled the great machine that had sat on for century after century. Surely his ancestors had not thought it indestructible.

He had been only slightly surprised when; after a week of searching, Loki and Sif had appeared and attempted to help. Loki was a learner, a thinker, like Jane. Sif was not. She grew restless like he. After hours and hours of reading and searching she stood and threw a scroll in the pile and huffed in frustration, "This is useless Thor, you are needed elsewhere. Assign some underling for this monotony for there must be thousands of scroll that haven't been looked at in centuries."

"Fifteen." He mumbled and continued to peruse.

"Beg pardon?"

"There are fifteen thousand scrolls." He said plainly, his eyes never leaving the page, "and one of them will hold the Bifrost manuscripts. I would trust none but my own eyes for this task Sif." She glared at him and he glanced to his brother who was looking curiously at a ancient and fragile scroll, "Anything Loki?"

"Maybe.." Thor face brightened minutely as his brother was squinting at the document, "It's not the plans, but it's the science." He looked up and scanned the shelves, "That red one there." He pointed to a dusty ancient tube that Thor grabbed in one leap. Sif rolled her eyes and grunted as Thor and Loki poured over the plans. The scroll Loki had been pouring over had been the very symbols which Thor recognized that Jane used to get them from Midgard to Asgard. The dusty roll held the building, the crafting for the housing. That they could do, he could do.

Thor and Loki stared at each other and smiled, feeling like the mischievous boys they had once been, except now, they had a purpose worthy of a true hero. Thor's wife would return to them. "Loki, you take the science to the temple, have them look at it and start right away, I want every single mind and muscle working on this."

"Thor-" Sif said, "The war," she said and he shook his head.

"Seth will sit with Ulrik and come to an understanding. For the time, this is our purpose."

She frowned, "This is massive." She bit her lips and sighed, "Are you sure she even wants to come home?"

Thor levelled her with a look, "If that is your opinion, leave. Go seek Seth and accompany him." He said coldly, staring at her.

She gasped, "Thor, you would really put her above me?" Sif looked hurt, "I'm your oldest friend."

"She's the Queen, Sif." Loki said, "You are one Warrior among many." Sif snarled and her spear and Loki's staff clashed until Thor grabbed them both by the collars.

"Enough." He bellowed, "There isn't time for this nonsense. Yes Sif, I do put her above you. She has my son and heir with her on earth, as well carries my child in her womb. That alone makes her worthy, and that is excluding the fact that she is the other half of my soul. I love her." Sif paled and cast her eyes down after being given a tongue lashing from not her friend, but the King of Asgard. Too often she took liberties, her words flowed as freely as they had when he had been a Prince. So often she forgot that he had grown up. "I pray someday you'll understand this kind of love Sif, but for now," his eyes cast away and he swallowed thickly, clasping the scrolls in his fist, "I want every man, woman and child that is free and willing to go to where they are most capable." Thor said, his voice that of the commanding King he was.

It took no time at all for the word to spread that the Bifrost was to be rebuilt, to retrieve the Queen from her wayward path far from Asgard.

His people came in droves to help. The old and feeble went to the lower city to help the scientists and the young and brawny went to the bridge to help with the build. They all praised their queen with a reverence he had never seen before. The murmur among the men was that his once mortal wife was now the Goddess of Wisdom, that her wit and cunning had immortalised her in their eyes as a true deity. But they didn't know her like he did. Thor scowled as he heard yet another man praise Jane as the Goddess of knowledge, for she would know how to rebuild the machine, rather than have to search for weeks in the library for the manuscripts.

He smiled inwardly as he imagined these men seeing Jane at four o'clock in the morning feeding Hal, half asleep, with her hair in disarray, her eyes bleary and her words sharp. Those were the mornings when he won arguments and disagreements. He glanced at Heimdall, who was still watching, ever seeing.


She laid back in their bed and sighed. Of all the places in their house, their room was the hardest to be in. So many good memories were made there, and yet she still found herself missing the impossible golden city. Her hand grazed her blossoming stomach and she smiled, keenly recalling the only moment that could have possibly been their child's conception.

She was on her side, only just falling asleep when his hands on her legs pulled her from the edges of the dream she had just barely started, "Jane..." he whispered in her ear and she smiled.

"Oh... Please be Johnny Depp.." she moaned and giggled softly.

His husky chuckle reverberated against the walls of her heart, "You'll pay for that."

He rolled her over and her hands moved to his shoulders and ran down his chest "Ooo.. Definitely better than Johnny Depp." She smiled coyly, "Husband.."

"Wife." He caught her lips in a tender kiss as her hands threaded through his hair. He had been busy attending to his people, those he would soon rule. All day he had been gone and for weeks she had only caught glimpses of her husband as he met with this official or that dignitary. She respected his devotion and the level of commitment he exuded, but she wanted more from the love of her life above the warm arms that encircled her waist late at night and the cold sheets she found in the morning.

He tugged her close and nuzzled the soft skin under her jaw as he rubbed his beard against her shoulder, "I've missed you Jane."

"Me too Thor." She said huskily. He looked at her and smirked as he saw her normal warm hazel eyes had grown dark and dripping with lust. He kissed her lips chastely and moved to the side of her mouth. She whimpered and let out a keening wail as her need had grown dripping wet and uncomfortable. She felt his own need and gyrated her hips towards him, only to have him dart away. He continued to kiss his way around her face and down her chest, as he nosed her erect nipples. They were already stiffened to nubs when he kissed them softly, the moan he pulled from her causing him to pause to regain his control.

Continuing down he kissed her hip and its twin his hands encircling her thighs, his mouth trailed a wet line from her bellybutton to her warm moist core, "I love you."

"Mm.." Was all she could manage as his lips and tongue lashed upon her with the hunger of a man stranded in a desert. Her hands were fisting the sheets as her back arched and she cried out in a pain so pleasurable she could no longer comprehend time. "Please!" she cried out and she gave his hair a solid tug and he rose to meet her eye once more, his face the very arrogant smirk she fell in love with years prior in that dusty desert.

Her legs wrapped around him and they coupled with the ease of a pair that knew everything about the other, and yet still had so much to learn. He knew to kiss the apex of her neck to elicit that sound that drove him crazy, she knew to tangle her fingers in his hair to pull his head from one aching spot to another. He whispered his utter devotion against her skin and she sighed words of adoration to the air as they moved together. The flickering candles painted shadows on their skin and his hands slid up her ribs and arms to hold her hands still above her head. "Jane." he whispered and swallowed the gasp that poured from her mouth as he shifted minutely and grazed against something so primal, so golden, she couldn't help but tighten the grip of her legs and raise her hips to meet his every thrust.

The bed shook and shuddered, but neither of them paid it any heed as he held her in place and continued to torture her with his lips, his words, and the slicks sliding in and out brushing against her very soul. He felt the quiver start and the husky keening grew to moans of need. "Thor-" Her voice shattered and broke as she cried out his name, over and over, "Oh god.. THOR!" He let a feral smile cross his face as he watched her cross past the edge of her famous reason and rationality as she became a creature of nothing but the senses. She could feel the shuddering and clenching, she could hear his guttural roar in her ear as she quivered and shook in his arms.

He fell against her and shifted to his side as he collapsed into the warm sheets, "Jane." he panted, burying his head against her shoulder, "My Queen."

"King Thor." She wheezed, "My Thor."

"Only yours." He said and she sighed, her hands threading through his hair as she held his head against her chest, both of them gasping for their next breath. They laid like that for while with nothing but their racing hearts and the staccato of their breathing to impale the silence.

Thor smiled as he heard her heart settle under his ear, "Am I forgiven?" he said cautiously, rubbing his chin back and forth against her breast, causing her to shift and giggle.

"Whatever for my darling husband." She crooned and stroked his cheek. He looked up at her and the warmth in her eyes mad him shudder with need once more. He felt burn creep up his feet and down his back, the sensation that he felt that first time above her lab in Virgina, in her observatory, putting the ring on her finger, each and every time they made love he felt his soul, their soul as it floated around them, pleased that the two pieces had once more become whole.

He grinned at her like beast he was and she smiled back, pulling his face up to hers for another kiss as she rolled him over on to his back and smiled down at him, "My turn."

Thor sat up gasping, the memory so potent he could still taste her lips on his, her scent in his nose. Glancing beside him he could still see her face as they brought each other to the brink over and over and over again until they were stated and exhausted. He had lazed with his family that day, refusing to emerge from their suite until her heart was once more sure of him and his heart once more full of her love and their son's smiles. The knock at the door made his smiling memories vanish and he bellowed to them to leave him be.

Loki strode in confidently and sighed, "Brother, it is nearly midday." Thor shot him a look and scowled.

"I will rise when I see fit and appear as I deem necessary."

"The Bifrost nears completion. The scientists believe it to be ready by nightfall." Loki said, causing Thor to scramble from the warm sheets. "I figured as much." Loki chuckled as he rolled his when Thor clamoured to dress in his armour and underclothes all at once. "I'll leave you be Brother."


They had found a meteor. Her heart a sung with such relief as she typed furiously, her mind crunching numbers as her fingers flew over the keys begging for more money from SHIELD and their corporate sponsors. Her research had ground to a standstill when attempt after attempt to cut away a meteor that had landed within the area of the Bifrost site. She had only been able to scrap the surface ice layer and determine the quadrant it had come from.

She had tried every method to cut it open, but every effort failed. So she sat down with Tony and designed a machine that would carefully cut it open like a walnut. Only she hadn't realised how expensive it was. Tony had said that if she found someone to commission it, he would have it built. But what Tony didn't realise was how political she had become in her year of being a monarch on Asgard and she sweet talked and charmed various mining guilds until her machine was financed. She was positive that this rock held her ticket home.

She glanced at the large clock on the wall and sighed. It was late, but she was working away at her computer in the warm kitchen; the baby monitor beside her wrist, the cup of tea long since cold as she waited up for Darcy to return. Her new hearing alerted her to the movement at the moments before the doorbell rang and she swore as she looked up from her work, "Coming!" she said and ambled to the door. Curious as to who would be calling her heart prayed that Tony was coming to tell her that her Bifrost was open, that the machine had core the rock and revealed a sliver of crystal. The doorbell rang again insistently and she smiled, anxious and impatient Tony..

She unbolted the two locks and sighed, "I'm sorry; I'm six months pregnant you know, moving has become rather..." she opened the door wide and gasped, "THOR!"

His once golden face was withered and aged, his eyes brittle and cold, "Jane." He whispered and she threw her arms around him, causing him wobbled as she hugged him fiercely. "I-.."

"You came for me." She said, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I couldn't.. I didn't know how to.." she wept as he held her close. Reveling in the feeling of holding her once more. His arms were tight around her and his head buried in her neck as he inhaled the faint smell of lilacs and vanilla that made his heart implode with joy. She was real, and she was in arms again.

"Jane." He said her name in reverence, in prayer. The rapture of holding her again was more than he could bare. "I love you."

"I love you too Thor." She whispered, and he could feel the hot tears land on his neck, "Oh god, I've missed you so much." She started to cry and he held her close as she wept against his chest. Murmuring quietly in her ear she settled eventually and looked up at him. "Come on, there's someone else whose missed you." She tugged his hand and they smiled in unison as she guided him to the nursery. He had forgotten how homey their house was, how welcoming it was. He had forgotten about the brilliant yellow entryway, warm mocha stairway, the pale green of the nursery.

She stepped ahead of him and walked up to the side of the crib, "Hal," she cooed, and her hands dropped down and came back up with his dozy son, "look who's here."

Thor's mouth went dry as he saw his son. Hal's white blonde hair had grown out and curled across his brow, he was rubbing his cornflower blue eyes with his cubby fists and his toothy smile stretched as he finally focused on his armour encased weeping father, "Dadda." Hal held out his arms and Thor ran and scooped his son up, holding him close.

"Hal." He said softly, "my son." Jane smiled warmly as Hal clawed at the armour to get closer to his father, his cubby arms wrapping around Thor's neck as he started to cry. Jane's heart leapt as Hal's tears caused Thor's to fall in greater number and the two men in her life reunited. Her heart clenched as her thoughts glanced over another man, but she pushed those aside, later..

They sat in the nursery for hours and talked. He told her of the attack, of Lord Seth's attempts to calm the beings below the city to no avail. She told him of her time on earth, but managed to avoid the most important topic of all.

Hal had long since fallen asleep against his shoulder and Thor sighed as he looked down at his son, "as much as I hate to separate you two, you know how cranky he'll be if he wakes up anywhere but his crib." Thor nodded and sighed in defeat as he stood and placed his son back, removing his scarlet cape to replace the pale yellow blanket that had become a poor replacement for the thick cream one that awaited him in Asgard.

"Sleep well my son." Thor said as he rested his hand on Hal's back, the boy cuddling into the heavy scarlet cape and cooing with contentment, his thumb planted in his mouth.

Thor took Jane's hand and walked to their room, he in joyous calm, she in nervous terror. She let him remove his armour, and dress in another pair of his favoured sweats before summoning the courage to speak."Thor," she said, the dark of the night encompassing them completely. "Thor.. There's something.." She sat up and gulped back her fear and her anguish and looked at him. "I kissed Steve." The pale moon cast a thin crest of light across his face as he stared at her, and shook his head, positive that he had misheard, or that it was a dream, or that what he heard couldn't possibly be true. "I guess it was more of a 'at the same time' sort of thing, but it doesn't matter now." She hung her head in shame, "I'm sorry."

"You-" he stared at her, still unbelieving. Unbelieving that this creature of such integrity could do what she had said she had done.

"It was just a kiss. I mean, it happened so fast, and then my brain tricked me it was you and I was missing you so much, and I think of that time that darkness and it still hurts." Tears welled up in her eyes but she sniffed them back, if she showed pain, he would instantly forgive her, and she didn't want his forgiveness. She wanted him to be angry, to rage at her. She wanted her shame acknowledged. She had done something wrong, he should be angry.

"Why did you-.." he couldn't say it, "Why would you then?" He was shocked, he was fighting back the pain that was threatening to overwhelm him, overcome him with agony.

"I was lonely." She said, "You sent me that storm, full of love, and sorrow and pain and I had all these feelings, all these memories, and no one understood... No one but Steve." She crawled away and began to pace, "I had all these emotions and hormones and everyone just patted my head and told me to be the patient little wife, that you would come for me. And I didn't like that Thor." She snarled and paced furiously, "I never wanted to be the 'little wife' and you have never treated me like I was just some woman.."

Something inside him snapped, the beast roared as he too stood and stalked to her, "You're not just some woman." He snarled as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her against him, "You're MY woman."


"No Jane, you listen to me." He roared, "I trusted you, after Loki, after all that time you spent with them, after telling me to trust you, to have faith in you.. And this is how you repay me?" She stood still and let him rage, let him gush. Her eyes were cast downwards and she let the tears fall as he paced. He said mean things, angry things, and she stood and let the tears fall.

His anger was dying and another emotion was surfacing, guilt. In the end, it was still all his fault. Had he been the husband she had deserved, protected her as he had promised, they would be dancing gaily in the great hall, the old hens nattering off that the Queen shouldn't be dancing as pregnant as she was. He looked at her, his heart leaping up as he saw her face in such anguish, her eyes were a unbearable mixture of guilt, shame and heartbreak. She had suffered so much because of him, she deserved so much, and in a moment of weakness she had kissed his best friend. Or he had kissed her, which was more likely, and her guilt had driven her to confess. He stopped pacing and their eyes met as he truly saw.

A lesser woman would have said nothing, a woman of earth would have brushed a kiss off as a moment of weakness and would haven't thought twice about it, but Indun didn't bless the lesser, the weaker. Jane was a woman of honor, and above all, she was the embodiment of love. "I forgive you." He said finally, and looked at her.

She had become small and shrunk into herself under his tongue lashing. Stupid.. after all he had done to her, he had deemed himself above her because of one fault. He stepped towards her and she flinched, like she had been bit by the snake that had been circling her. "Jane.." he whispered and pulled her into his arms. She was stiff as a board for a few moments and then sunk into the wall of muscle. "Do you-.." She had never heard him so hesitant, so lack of confidence, "Do you want to return..With me?" she leaned back and saw the ache in his eyes, the fear, the loss that he expected her to deliver him with.

"To Asgard? Of course I want to go home." She said it, hoping it would quell something inside him, but she could see the flicker in his eyes. He still didn't believe her. She moved to him and he pulled back, wary. She could see his mind going over every touch, every kiss, looking for hesitation, looking for distraction. He wanted confirmation that she still loved him. And he would find nothing but her utter devotion, "I love you Thor."

She didn't think of the fact that it was long past midnight, or that her pregnant stomach made the hug awkward, or that she had just confessed to the deepest kind of sin she could ever imagine. She only felt his arms around her, his whiskery cheek rubbing against her neck as he pressed soft kisses to her shoulder. "Husband.. I'm-..." she opened her mouth to apologise again, repeatedly, in any manner he would allow, but a single finger stilled her lips.

"It's in the past Jane. Leave it there. Consider this one blemish versus the many on my own record."

"Two. I left."

He leaned back only enough to look her in the eye," You were protecting yourself our son, and this little one," his hand rested on her swelling stomach, "that's all I could ask for." Her eyes watered and she bowed her head in shame once more and his heart wrenched. He placed a finger under her chin and pulled her face back up so her eyes once again met his, "That and Loki lied about getting you back."

"So we're going to blame Loki?" He nodded and she gave a tentative giggle, "And what does he think of this?"

"Jane, as long as you come home with me, I could tell him almost anything and he'd only see you."

She smiled warmly and leaned her head against his shoulder, "I have missed him. He tells the most wonderful stories.."

"Perhaps I should quell that," she gave him a worried look and he chuckled, "The two of you against me? Hardly fair."

"I'm surrounded by Men.." she said exasperatedly, "I need something to keep me all girlish and soft."

He smiled and pulled her tighter against him, his hands tracing the bare lines of her back. "Soft? My love?"

"Husband," She said, "That there is dangerous territory."

"Wife," he said back, "I haven't had you in my arms in three months. I believe I'm entitled to explore.." She gasped as he scooped her up and placed her gently on the bed with all the care one would take with a Fabergé egg. He loomed over her menacingly and she smiled up and lace her arms around his neck. "Swear to me I'm the only one." He said gruffly, staring down at her.

"I swear." She said, "You're my partner, the father of my children Thor, the love of my life. Many things in our life may change, but that never will."

He nodded crisply "Good." And their lips crashed together, their tongue embracing like estranged halves once again made whole.

"Thor." She moaned and his lips left hers as they trailed down her throat.

"I became King for you." He whispered against her skin. "I became King so you could be Queen, Jane." She shivered, despite being toasty warm, his voice rough and deep. "You deserve the night sky to blanket you as you close your eyes, and the glowing sun to greet you personally. You should have the entire sky beckon you like the Goddess you are. "

"Thor-" She looked up at him and scowled, "I am NOT a goddess." She said firmly. "I'm a human that's now immortal." He sat back and looked at her glaring eye and felt his world quake inside him. She was not the goddess that his people thought her. And this made him all the more glad for her indiscretion. There was a saying on Earth that he had always found amusing, 'we're only human' was a sentence she had used often whenever he had complained about the mortals and idiots he was surrounded by, but she would look at him lovingly and smile and say, 'We're only human Thor..' ..

"The term 'we're only human'.." he said looking down at her, "What does it mean."

"It means that humans have an expiry date, so we must be as reckless as possible in the century we're provided." She smiled and looked up at him, "Why?"

"Nothing my love." He said, and rolled to his side, pulling her against him. He spooned her from behind and kissed the soft skin under her ear, "My life is meaningless without you." He said softly, thankful that the dark hid the emotions that flooded his face.

"You're my light Thor." She said, stroking his hand as it rested on her belly, "You're my other half." She sighed and relaxed into the solid wall of his chest, "We should go home soon." She said softly, his arm tightening around her.

"Two days," he said, "There are matters I must attend to here," he kissed her shoulder as he felt her falling into sleep. He watched her eyes fall and her breathing even out as she sighed contentedly, pushing herself further into the steely cage of his arms. Beauty once again had her beast, and all in the jungle was quiet for a time.

. . .

He been startled away by what he perceived to be a nightmare. He had returned and she hadn't been in their house, but at Rogers, plating a meal for him, their son smiling at Steve. He had been outside the window watching his son call Steve 'Dadda' and Jane kiss Roger's cheek like she did to him. But now, in the rosy hue of dawn, he smiled as he saw her still sleeping soundly, a faint smile pulling at her cheeks. Sliding away he crept from their room to the nursery.

He looked down into the crib and smiled, stroking Hal's downy head and watched the boy sleep. He remembered fondly the days of aching fatigue, and silent cups of coffee made as they tended to him in his infancy. Thor wouldn't give those days up for all of Asgard, for his Kingdom, his parents, his friends. His love for his son, his wife, and the child they had created. "THOR!" She screamed and he raced back to their room where he found her thrashing in the bed, "THOR!"

"Jane." He murmured, he pulled her into his lap as he simultaneously sat back on their bed, "Jane wake up." Her eyes opened and he smiled as he watched the sudden peace fall across the hazel depths.

"You're really here." He nodded and she started to cry, shuddering in his arms, "I thought it had been a dream, that you were gone."

"I was looking in on Hal." He said, stroking her cheek, "I'm sorry."

She sniffled and wiped her nose with the back of her shirt, "No, I'm sorry."

He stroked her cheek as she settled and he smiled down at her. "I have some things to attend to," he said softly, "go back to sleep Jane." he bent down and kissed her, his ardour fanning the flame in his soul. He wanted to leave her as much as he wanted to rip his heart from his own chest, but there was something that he had to do.

She nodded and he placed her back on the bed and moved to go, but her hand clenched his tightly, "wait until I fall asleep." She whispered and he nodded, sitting back down, his hand clenched in hers.

Thor waited until her grip softened and her breathing was even once more before flying down the stairs and out the door. He wanted to be as quick as possible before she awoke again. He felt his heart speeding up, his own fist's clenching as he thought of his task before him that morning.

He stood outside the Captain's house, his anger held only just. The door opened and Darcy stepped out, "Thor!" she squealed and jumped into his arms. He gave her a brief, tight hug before setting her back on the ground, "Does she-"

He nodded, "She's still sleeping, I fear she hasn't gotten much since returning." Darcy was still beaming as his face grew dark, is the Captain in?"

Darcy frowned and nodded, "He's in the front room, Thor what's-" but before he could finish.

Thor strode in and stood in front of the TV, his arms crossed over his chest, not saying a word.

"She told you." Thor nodded, fearing that if he opened his mouth, not words of understanding, but anger would come out. "I couldn't help but love her." Steve said dejectedly, "And you have every right to kick my ass."

"You fell for her as I did." He bit out sharply, "The difference between you and I; Captain, is she was free to give me her heart." Steve nodded and looked up at the looming Thor. "I have come to hear what you have to say."

Steve stood and ran a hand through his hair, "We were washing dishes, god.. she looked so beautiful, sad, but beautiful, and we were just talking about you, and Hal and her work and then I just looked at her an.." he began to pace, Thor would be amused, had he not been using every amount of his concentration not to throttle his once friend. "I'm sorry."

Thor looked at the man, his eyes sad and lonely, "What is it you see in her?" Thor asked, feeling he knew the answer.

Steve looked back and saw the sharp anger that had been boiling in Thor's face simmer, "She's brilliant, kind, loving, and..." he glanced away and whispered, "she won't die like all the others.."

Thor nodded and sighed, "My wife informed me of something important last night." They stood, facing each other, Steve staring his square in the eye, "That there is a say here that goes 'We are only human'. I never understood it until she begged my forgiveness last night." Thor sighed and his clenching fists relaxed, "If I am to understand correctly, it means that humans make many mistakes, that you are creatures of flights and of fancy and live far too short to live any way but impulsively." Steve nodded and Thor frowned, "You and she are now immortal, you do not have that luxury anymore." Steve suddenly felt like he was being told off by Bucky, or the General, or his Father. "Whatever this attachment you feel to Jane because of her immortality.. you must let go. Like a babe from the breast you must see past her and look for a mate that compliments you."

Steve nodded dejectedly and Thor exhaled, "I extend you the offer of coming to Asgard, once all you know have left this realm for the gates of whatever end they may greet," he looked up at the King of Asgard and was shocked, "You have proven yourself a fit warrior and Asgard always could use a level head." Thor's lips quirked and he let out a breathy chuckle, "So long as you can tolerate my brother."

"I'll keep him in line if he promises to do the same." Thor extended his hand and shook Rogers tightly.

"Deal. We'll be departing from the Tower tomorrow morning. I care not if you come or not, but I feel Jane is no longer comfortable around you."

Steve sighed as his brow furrowed, wishing he had never kissed her. Having her as a friend was worth far more than the faint memory of the kiss that still made his heart ratchet up a beat. "Ok."

"Very well." Thor nodded and started to the door, but paused with a hand on the knob, "Oh, Captain?"

Roger's was smiling tentatively as he glanced to Thor, "Yeah?"

"You touch my wife again improperly and I'll castrate you, gut you like an animal and leave your entrails for the wild dogs of the underworld." Thor's face was deadpan as his blue eyes were cold steel as they levelled the Captain, "and no realm or weapon will protect you, I swear it."

Steve gulped, "Yes Sir." He said, trying to ignore his suddenly sweaty palms and dry mouth as he stared down Thor. "Understood."

"Very well. So long my friend. May your travels see you happy once more." And with that Thor left, leaving Steve Rogers more confused than ever before.

He picked up his phone and dialed the Hawk, "I need a drink buddy, want to come?"

. . .

New Mexico was as hot as she remembered, the symbols of the Bifrost site as odd and unique as ever."How did you get home?" She asked him as they walked to the site, their motley gang of friends gathering round.

"I walked to your lab, told them who I was, they called Fury fearing my muscles and my sanity, and SHIED flew me home." He said plainly. She chuckled and shook her head, "What?"

"Anyone else in the world would hitchhike, singing 'I Would Walk 5000' miles and be fighting tooth and nail, and you glide and are whisked away." She stood up on her tip toes and kissed his cheek, "You are incredible, I love you."

He leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips, "As I love you, my dear, now, I think it's time to say your goodbyes." He motioned to the group and she nodded.

Her send off was less teary this time, and more assured. Erik held her close and thanked her for returning to him, the look in his eye sent a shiver down Jane's spine. It was the look of resolved conflict. It was as if he had given up. She was a swan that was doomed never to return to the nest, only to fly past once in a while to show how well she was, how much farther above the rest she truly flew.

Steve lingered back, but there was no loving jibes like before, no teasing and brother-sisterly quips. She held out her hand and he shook it formally, "Jane-"

"Steve," she said and turned, but before she could get more than a step away he had placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Wait." She turned and gave him a glare, looking from him to Thor and back again, "I'm sorry." He said, "I was an idiot, and I regret nothing more than losing you as a friend."

"Me too Steve." She said softly, a tear threatening to fall on her cheek.

"Oh, god, don't tell him I made you cry." He chuckled and she joined in, the easy camaraderie leaping back once more, making her heart ache, "I mean it Jane." He grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze, "Someday you and I will be friends again."

"I would like that." She squeeze his hand back and left, her heart terribly confused, but sure in her decision.

Darcy was steely eyed and staring straight ahead as she hugged Jane. "Don't be a stranger Jane." she whispered.

"Search the stars Darce. That's where you'll find me. Call it active research." Jane smiled as she pulled back, "You're going to make a wonderful astrophysicist."

"Thanks Jane." Darcy smiled and looked from Thor to Hal and back to Jane. Darcy's eyes began to water as she hugged Jane fiercely, "You keep looking up too."

"Always." She pecked Darcy's forehead, "You be good?" she nodded and Jane stepped back to Thor. "Ready?" she said and he smiled. She swung Hal up on her hip and clasped her hand, "Let's go home." She smiled and he opened his mouth to say the words, but she beat him to it, "Heimdall, open the Bifrost." She said and looked at him, biting her lower lip. "You said it last time and disappeared."

He nodded as the shimmer formed around them and she took a fleeting glance at her family. The three that had elected to come were as close to family as she got, the rest couldn't bear to watch her disappear once more, the rest hadn't been strong enough to watch her leave, and as she faded into the sky, she felt a peace surround her. The golden city formed before her and her heart and senses told her she was home.

"Home." She said softly, and she heard a cheer rise from outside. Thor sighed as he helped her amble out onto the bridge, but not before she stopped and looked at Heimdall. "Thank you for watching us. I realise it wouldn't have been.. Easy."

"As always, you are an honourable woman, My Queen." Heimdall bowed and she smiled softly.

"I am a woman with many faults Heimdall, I only ask you watch over them as I have failed to." He nodded and she glanced back at Thor. "Let's go home."

. . .

She had returned. His smile was broad as he sat, staring at his wife. Her belly had been proudly displayed before beneath the brilliant gold gown, as she had spoken with Gretel, who was once again holding Hal. She was healthy, and well and back. Her eyes were a little sadder and her face a little more worn, but the joy he could see in her ensured that his face had yet to fall from the smile that first stained his cheeks when she had leapt into his arms.

He had sat on the throne and watched from above as Loki stood at her elbow, like a lost puppy that had finally found its owner. From his spot on high he could see the crowds as they eagerly lined up to speak with Jane, their newly returned queen. He had watched for the sadness that had enveloped her the first time, but she had thrown herself back into her role the day after arriving.

Odin had risen from his solitude and nodded at Thor as he passed him, "The circle has completed itself." Had been Odin's cryptic words, and it took Thor several moments to see.

He had both destroyed and ensure the rebuilt of the Bifrost. He had learnt how to navigate the caverns of his heart.

He had left and been left behind by Jane. She had returned to him and he returned to her. He had lost and found his Queen.

Loki had been lost, found, lost once more and found again. His brother, his ally, his friend hadn't been unscathed, but had emerged a wiser and stronger man for his defeats and triumphs.

"A circle's round, it has no end, that's how long I'll be your kin." He muttered the song from his youth. Thor had let out a bark of laughter causing the entire room to look up at him, confused by their king's odd behaviour.

Jane stalked up to his side and smiled, "Care to share the secret my love?" She said softly, smiling down at him.

He pressed a kiss to her knuckle and his face glowed with joy, "Tis no secret my love for you."

"You charmer." She snickered and he pulled her to sit on his lap, the entire court erupting in talk of scandal, but he cared not. He had his wife, his son cradled now by his Mother who was cooing at her grandson, and their new child to be which he was certain would be another boy. Another Prince for the Royal Family. Life was good.


"It's been hours," he muttered, as he continued to pace. The screams terrified Thor, who was wringing his hands, while the great Warriors sat in amusement at the King of Asgard being relegated to worried husband.

"Thor?" Sif said, concerned by the wild look in the King's face. "She's immortal now Thor." Sif said, boredom starting to seep into her bones. "She'll be fine." Another scream split the room with a crackling electricity causing him to flinch. He said nothing as he suppressed the urge to run in and help her. He had no idea what he would do, but there had to be something. Another scream echoed through the halls and he stared at the floor.

Glancing at the door he felt tears prick at his eyes as he swallowed thickly, his mind racing as it thought of every possibility as to why it was taking so long, what was the hold up? Women had babies all the time, there is never any issues with other women. None but his Jane. "THOR!" the scream snapped his final nerve and he flung open the door, pushing to two guards out of the way.

Her face was beat red and her hair a mangled mess, "my love." He whispered and sat at her side, holding her hand.

"Your Majesty, this is highly unorthodox." One of the Healers said, only to be brushed aside by his mother.

"She is of Midgard. Who are we to judge their customs." The healer muttered something about barbaric but he ignored the man.

"Jane." He said softly, kissing her cheek he removed the hair that was plastered to her forehead, resting his cold fingers against the heated flesh. She groaned and winced as they peeked beneath the cover.

"She needs to push, but she's too tired." Frigga looked to her son, worry etched in her face.

"Jane." He said emphatically, "Look at me." He pulled her hand to his mouth and pressed his lips to her knuckle. The earthy brown and gold ring pulsing with light, "You remember our wedding? You looked so beautiful I feared my heart stopped. You were a vision in that gown, and I was like a tongue tied boy with naught but the heart of a fool. I was so worried, nay I was terrified that you would reach me and tell me you had changed your mind." He chuckled, her eyes focused on him and he smiled. "And that beautiful night when you told me you were carrying Hal, I was so happy I felt I had died and gone to Valhalla. Remember that first night we brought Hal home? You knew everything about him, despite having two less days than I, you made me jealous of your infinite knowledge, his every cry, every whimper – you knew what he desired. When you ate that apple I was prepared to fight the hounds of hell to bring you back. But you are so pure of heart, you are a hero in your own right." He kissed her forehead and she mumbled and groaned.

"Do you remember that night on the roof in the desert. I told you about the Tree. You were like a wide eyed child and yet your words of wisdom still echo in my head as if it were yesterday. You were exactly what I have always needed my love." He kissed her knuckles again "You have such a well of strength, a strength I will never know. Draw on it now. Our child is waiting for us."

She nodded and growled, her hand clenched his own and he felt the very bones whine under the pressure, but he cupped her face and stared at her with such an ardent love that it floored everyone in the room.

No one in the city had understood why the great Thor Odinson had fell for a mortal. The very notion had been a ill taste in many mouths. They had scoffed in the lower city that she was a plaything, and she must had been an attractive plaything to catch the Great Thunder God's attention. Opinion turned from amused to bitter when word spread that he had wed her, and bitter words turned confused when it was said she was with child.

All other emotion had halted abruptly when it was declared a Royal Son had been born. Thor Odinson's mortal wife had bore him a first born son, a future King. The jubilation had been widespread and parties celebrated the boy who had lived for nearly the first year of his life light years away. The boy was loved, prayers had been said for him, glasses raised for him.

When the small family had arrived the year prior, a cheer had rang through the city like none other. The great golden Prince had returned, his Son displayed proudly on his wife's hip. She had glowed with the kiss of Indun and her broad-hip, milk-fed form was encouraging enough for them to pledge their allegiance to their Princess. And even more so when Thor had declared her his Queen. And now, as he held her hand tightly, the rest of the city waited on bated breath to hear news of the new child of the King.

Edda Rowan Blake was born an hour later. "A daughter." The room sighed as she was swaddled and handed to a nurse.

"May I see her?" Jane said tiredly.

"Milady, you are fatigued." The healer said, and both Thor and Frigga smirked at the ferocious anger that swept across her face.

"Give. Me. My Daughter. NOW!" They placed the swaddled bundle in her arms and she smiled and cooed at the child. "Edda. My little Edda."

"What did you name her?" Thor asked, unsure if he had heard right.

"Edda. Edda Rowan Blake," Jane kissed her brow and smiled, "Daughter of Thor, Princess of Asgard." She was a perfect melody of her parents with the wild blond hair and large brown eyes looking around at the crowd around them.

As time passed her eyes drooped and Edda was placed in the cradle beside her as they both rested. Hours passed and the only time Thor left her side was to gather Hal from Gretel's arms as the girl brought him his son. The boy was sleeping and paid no heed to the jolting from the small arms of his guardian to the large warm ones of his Father. Thor sat back at her side as Hal slept cradled against his chest. His family all in one room made his soul warm once more. He had everything he ever needed within feet of him.

Hal began to squirm and Thor smiled down at his son. "Daddy?" He looked around and grew more restless as he begun to realise where he was.

He carried his son around the bed and held him tightly as they both peered over the edge crib. "That's your sister Hal." Thor said to his Son. "We must protect her always."

"Like Daddy."

"Yes son, like I protect you and your mother." He kissed the boy's brow and set him down on the ground. He looked to his Mother who was sitting vigilant over his wife. He stepped towards her, the fear and memories of her first pregnancy had been quelled only minimally as his Mother tended to her while she birthed their second child. "Jane."

Her brown eyes opened and she smiled at him. "Husband." She said tiredly.

"Wife." He smiled. He reached for her hand and kissed her hand. "How fare you?"

"Tired." She said, "but fine. She's going to be a lot like you." She smiled and glanced over to the crib where her daughter rested, the two year old Haldor still peeping in on his sister.

"Hal?" Jane said and the boy came running over.

"Mummy, I gots sist'r." He said, his little fist's thumping his chest proudly, "I pr'tect her."

"Yes Hal," she patted the sheets beside her and Thor brought the baby over, placing her in her mother's arms. "She's beautiful isn't she?"

"A glorious Princess." Frigga said, "First in some time." Thor glanced to his Mother who smiled at him. He grabbed her hand and she squeezed tenderly. "Asgard needs their King. She will be fine." He felt the divide burn, his duty driving him to the Throne Room, but his heart knew where it had to be. He shook his head and pulled Hal onto his lap. Duty be damned. He had learned his lesson in the harshest manner possibly. He was a father first.

And then, the lightning struck him. His father had been trying to teach him a lesson from the past. He had sent Thor back to the very woman who would love him so completely, so utterly impossible that he wouldn't believe it, he had ensured that Thor would have a Son, the brown ring on Jane's finger still glimmered in the warm candle light. He had ensured Thor would know family, know love, the many years spent on earth having solidified his desire to be a father, to be a great father.

The circle hadn't been just to teach Thor a lesson, it had been to teach him every lesson he had fought against to learn, refused to know. He looked sharply to his Mother and back to Jane. "What Thor?" He shook his head and looked back to the window, smiling, he faintly picked out the golden figure of his Father standing looking out to the stars.

"I just realise what kind of Father Odin is." He looked back down to his two children and wife, "I hope one day I will be like him"

Jane smiled warmly, refusing to let the confusion to seep into her face, "You already are Thor." She said softly and sat up enough so she could kiss his face. She looked down at their daughter in her arms and felt her heart swell, "Life." She said smiling, tears falling down her cheeks.

"To life," he said, smiling back at her.

Epilogue.. 20 years later..

Hal glided through the halls, his long legs stretching, his walk determined and sure. Here he was Prince Haldor, having returned to Asgard was like returning to the nest. He feared nothing and no one there. For his Father was King, and to harm the prince was to seek a most vicious and violent death. He reached the throne room and smiled as he spied his mother sitting on his father's lap, as they sat on the royal throne together, the twine of them talking in a serious manner. "My King," he said loudly, "My Queen."

Their heads spun and their faces lit up, "Hal!" his mother squealed and flew down the stairs into his arms. "You're home!"

"Yes mother, I'm home." He said affectionately. His mother was tiny, and having inherited his Father's build he had loomed over her since becoming a teenager. "With good news."

Jane glanced at Thor who was still sitting on the throne, his chin rested against his hand as he leaned against the vacated arm of the great seat, his smile knowing. "You're leaving me out of the loop, My Love." She said coolly, but her glee was uncontainable and she shudder with happiness.

"I'm sorry Wife."

"Husband." She said and looked back at Hal, "Well? Hal?"

"It's Doctor Hal, Mother. Doctor Hal Arik Blake. Culver's newest graduate of Theoretical Physics and Astrology. As well as dual master's in Norse Mythology."

"Oh you stinker." Jane giggled, "Darcy put you up to those?"

"Why would beautiful, wonderful Aunt Darcy put me 'up to' anything." He chuckled warmly, "It was Uncle Steve, Aunt Darcy told him you'd say something like that, but he kissed her cheek and said he wasn't afraid of you. Aunt Darcy said he was only being brave because you weren't there." Jane rolled her eyes chuckling and Hal tucked his Mother against his side and they walked to Thor.

The great king stood and wrapped his arms around his son, "Welcome home m'boy." He said and Hal sighed. It was rare that anyone made him feel little, but his Father always made him feel like the six year old that fell and scrapped his knee. Or the time the mighty King of Asgard had carried him when he was eight down the halls of the palace because he'd hurt himself and couldn't walk. His father was a beacon of warmth and love, with just enough stern resolve that never let the people forget who he was. The people saw him as their King, their All father, but his parent's would always be home to him, their warm faces smiling and gleeful at him.

"Thank's Dad." Hal's words were muffled against Thor's armoured shoulder. He pulled back and saw his father's beaming face, "I'm sure there's a tale or two I've missed here."

"Your sister thinks she's in love." Thor grumbled. "I need you to talk to the bastard responsible, for she won't tell me."

"Who's Edda ensnared now?" He glanced to his Mother who was smiling, "I will crush whoever dares hurt her."

"That's your son." Jane sighed to Thor, who was smiling brilliantly. "Have you seen her yet?" He shook his head and glanced to his Mother who turned and glanced at the guard. "Could you summon the Princess to the throne room?"

"Yes your majesty."

"Thank you." She said as the golden guard nodded and disappeared. Jane sat on the arm of the throne as Thor and his son talked of the city.

"HAL!" The squeal echoed and the three turned as the flash of cream and browns flew to him, she collided against his chest and he spun his little sister around smiling.

"Hey Edda." He said softly. His sister had grown exponentially since he had seen her last. Her hair was the same brown as their mother and held a soft curl as it fell to her waist, her blue eyes shimmering with utter delight. "I missed you Edy." He held her close as they hugged for the first time in two years.

"I missed you too Brother. Lady Sif told me you'd never return." Jane shot Thor a look and he shook his head.

"All the better that I did, huh.." He said warmly, quelling her fears, "Now what's this I hear about you think you're in love?"

Edda shot her mother a look who held her hands in the air, "I said nothing, I am innocent. Blame your father."

Thor snarled, "It is not appropriate for one of your station to be cavorting with .. Scoundrels."

"Thor.." Jane said, "Mind yourself. You're picking a battle you cannot win."

He chuckled and clasped her hand in his own. His family was his greatest joy, their two children had grow up far too fast for his liking. Edda was much like him, wild and reckless, always wanting the next adventure, but her looks were that of her mother with her long chestnut hair that held his curl, her hazel eyes that sparkled with delight. Hal was truly his mother's son, his genius unparallel to any save for her, and yet he had become a man Thor was proud to call son as he and Hal crossed weapons when he taught Hal how to be a warrior.

Hal would be a King like none before, he was wise and patient and often reminded him of Odin with his gaze staring right through the heart of anyone. Much like Jane did. He looked at his wife who was talking with their children and he smiled. She had been Asgardian longer than she had human and yet the years had been kind to her. She still looked as breathtaking as the day he married her. "...Now Edda, be kind. They only want to protect you."

"Mum.." Edda complained, "I can protect myself, Lady Sif's been teaching me-"

"I don't care what Sif has been putting in your head." Jane tempered her daughter, "Is Sif the Royal Princess of Asgard?"

"No Mum" Edda said, attempting to look remorseful and failed spectacularly.

"C'mere shameless." Jane said as she pulled Edda to her side, "You too mister." And Hal wrapped his mother and sister in his arms. Thor watched from his throne and smiled at his family. None could say that Thor was a poor King, nor would any. Although many would complain that he paid too little attention to the kingdom, and far too much to his family.

Twenty two years prior, they took the throne. It had always been a glorious ambition for him, but the longer he was King the more he came to realise that there was nothing more glorifying than Edda's smile, or Hal's laugh, or the look on Jane's face when they made love. He felt himself being watched only to see Indun leaning against a pillar. The Goddess nodded her head in a bow in return and faded back into the shadow's as he stood and moved to his family.

Once upon a time he had been an ignorant Prince gloating to a woman; wise beyond her years, about the stars he had seen, the realms he had travels, the flickering flame warming their cheeks and their words warming their souls to the other. Now, that very woman was his wife, mother to his children and Queen to his people. And he was a King, a Father, a Husband. And he needed nothing more. The days on the outside had shown him that being on the inside was not necessary, that being close to the flickering flame was good enough.

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