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I don't quite know how to say how I feel

Those three words are said too much

They're not enough

"Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol


Remember all the nights I would be crying alone in my room because of something Nate or Serena or my mother said, and you'd come over and lie next to me, and we would watch Tiffany's?

Those wonderful moments are running through my mind now as I face you and your beautiful eyes and your white suit that blinds me. Or maybe it's you that blinds me, makes me feel as if I will never be able to think clearly again. My brain is almost fuzzy, even though I haven't had a single drink tonight.

I'm drunk on you.

People can belong to each other. You belong to me, and I belong to you. So why can't you say it? It's all I want.

Your hands are gripping mine and your eyes are pleading with me not to go, and yet you cannot open your lovely mouth and tell me those three little words that would change everything, that would make me never want to leave you.

It isn't so hard; I can give you many sets of three words.

I miss you.

I want you.

Never leave me.

You complete me.

You are sacred.

I love you.

I can see the walls coming up around you again, and all I can do is push and scream and battle until you give in. I'll fight you tooth and nail if I have to. There they are, the solid iron barriers that you surround yourself with so that you never have to be human with anyone.

I hate them. (A three word combination you might not like as much.)

But never fear.

I'll break though.

That is one of my favorite scenes, second only to maybe the limo.

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