it's — it's not a {babyyy}
but it is. it's their baby,
the little human being they
created. — [theycreatedachild]

/ d e a d
taken to {heaven}
laid to rest whilst mummy
and daddy argue over who
killed it.

("you did, you killed it.")
mummy shouts to daddy.
daddy blames mummy,
so he goes out & gets drunk
because he can't stand being
with mummy just yet.

mummy's permanently
empty inside, all she does
is cry herself to sleep when
all she wants is daddy to hold
her, kiss her and whisper to her —

. . . (it's all going to be okay)

their relationship —
once so strong and unbreakable,
torn apart by their own hatred
and blame for each other.

the only way to repair it,
is to communicate. but communication
has never been their strongest point.

a/n: slight freeverse attempt, written about pat's miscarriage. if you favourite, please don't forget to leave a review. :3