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"Where's Fry? Is that Deja? Oh my god!" I could hear Jack and or Imam saying as Riddick put me down on the floor of the ship.

"She's lost a lot of blood." Imam said. "She wont make it."

"I know." Riddick said in the captains chair. "She made a promise and so did I." I felt Riddick put the ship into control. I finally relaxed my body and gave up on trying to hear and see everyone.

Tealisha, Tealisha! Come back to Kuraima. We need you here. The Furyans need our help.

"Who are you?" I thought in my head, my voice being completely gone. "Am I dead?"

No my child. My name is Aereon and I have a job for you.

With the woman's words repeating in my head darkness took over me.

Some time later.

Tealisha. Good your back. We almost lost you there. The voice was back, it wasn't a dream

"What the hell is this? Is that my body?" I asked as I looked down, my body was lying on a couch.

Yes that is you.

"Am I dead?" I asked.

You've already asked that. You are in a state of mind, you don't have a pulse but your not dead. Right now you are having an out of body experience. This is your soul talking to me. An older woman stood next to me as people came down stairs. "You're destined to help him."

"Who?" I asked looking at the woman as she pointed to one of the men coming down the stairs. It was Riddick she was pointing at. Imam, Jack, and a woman with a baby in her arms walked down the stairs and stood in front of my body. "Riddick." He looked over to where I was standing next to the woman then looked back to my body.

"Whats going on?" I asked.

"He got you off of that planet like he promised. The ship was captured by a Merc ship half way here. Imam and Jack tried to keep you with them. Antonia Chillingsworth, oh you've heard of her?" Aereon said as she saw the expression on my face.

"She's sadistic, making statues of criminals as art. Its disgusting." I said.

"Yes, she was in the process of making you into a statue when Riddick finally defeated the creatures and Mercs and saved your body. Right know they believe you're dead." she said referring to the people in the room.

"Well, what do you want me to do? I still don't understand what is going on." I said. I looked down at my body as Riddick shouted at Imam behind me. He had a pained expression on his face.

"We will cremate her and have a tombstone of her in the graveyard." Imam said with a certain sadness as well. Jack was on her knees in tears.

"I want you to help me learn more about Riddick's past. New Mecca has many information areas where you can find out about Furyans."

"Furyans?" I asked.

"Yes I believe Riddick is from Furya. If he is, he will be the last known Furyan and it will be his destiny to take down the Necromongers who killed Furya. Eventually the Necromongers will come to New Mecca and eventually Riddick will come back. But in the time he is not here, you will aid me and my followers in finding out about Riddick." She said as everyone sobbed around us.

"You mentioned something before, I remember bits and pieces. Kuraima what is that?"

"That is your home planet." she said.

"No, that's not my home planet, that's not where I lived with my parents."

"Your parents found you abandoned when you were four in a near by village. They took you and raised you as their own. I know you've always thought they weren't your real parents." she said.

"Where is Kuraima? Why was I abandoned?" I asked.

"That is what you are going to be researching as well. If you go visit the two planets you will learn much more." she said.

"Will I wake up before Riddick leaves?" I asked changing the subject.

"No, he will leave as soon as he can. New Mecca doesn't take kindly to criminals." she said.

"Then why am I here? I am just as bad as Riddick." I said.

"You have the ability to keep a low profile and keep hidden. Imam will take care of you. Now I have to be leaving. I will show up when you wake." she said.

"When will I wake?" I asked.

"Soon." she said as she disappeared. I looked down at myself then to Riddick. I walked over to him and placed my hand on his chest.

"Come back to me soon. And come back safe." I whispered to him and kissed his cheek. He looked in my direction with a pained expression but then seemed a little more calm. I looked down at my hands as they began to disappear as I faded back to my body.