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It only took a couple of minutes after the ship took off for the Nercos to realize that Kyra and I didn't belong. They took Kyra away before someone hit me over the head and I was out. I didn't dream, I didn't think, there was just blackness.

When I regained consciousness my hands were bound and I was in a room that was not my own. I had been cleaned up and I was wearing a very low cut black dress. When I mean low cut I mean there was literally a v that went from my belly button to my shoulders exposing skin, only a couple of black strings wrapped around the outside of the dress to hold it in place. I tried to get out of my restraints but my body felt strange. I wanted to move my body but it was extremely difficult, my body didn't want to move.

"Ah, she's awake." The Lord Marshal said as he walked into the room.

"What did you do?" I asked finding it easy to talk.

"Curious, it must be wearing off." He said as he injected my neck with liquid. "We're turning you into one of us. But it's proving rather difficult." The muscles in my face seized up before they relaxed in a way where they were useless. I felt at peace, I could relax into it and be done. Let the peace and calm envelope me, leave everything behind. I heard a clink and my arms came to my sides.

"Stand up." The Lord Marshall said. I couldn't resist it, as my body rose from the seat. I had lost control. He wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked out of the room and into the ship. We stood over an area on the ship that showed the outside ground below us. We were in the air, we were leaving Hellion Prime. I had failed in my destiny. I had failed Riddick.

"Final protocol. Execute on my order." The Lord Marshal said. My mind screamed no since my voice and mouth wouldn't work. Before he could basically push the doomsday button one of the Lord Marshal's soldiers came in carrying one of the creatures that could read body heat.

"We found this Lensor dead." The soldier said as he placed it down on the floor.

"Show me his last sight." Lord Marshal said. I walked over to where he was so I could see as well. It was a man who was fighting the soldiers, guards and eventually killed the Lensor. The man had purplish blue eyes.


It was hard to do but I smiled, a tear fell down my cheek.

"Commander Toal." Lord Marshal said.

"He won't escape twice." The commander said. The soldiers left leaving me alone with Lord Marshal. He walked around the room obviously upset about this new information.

"You two have brought a lot upon me." He said as he paced down and fourth. He stopped in front of me and grabbed my hand. "Soon you will be my wife, soon you will be a Necromonger, and soon you will abide by our rule." He said as he kissed my hand. I tried to fight back, I tried to frown, tried to say something. Nothing happened. "Let's go greet Riddick." He said snaking his arm around me and guiding me to his throne. Everyone on the ship seemed to be in the area.

I stood next to the Lord Marshal his hand still around me. There was so much going on so many people talking. I closed my eyes. One of the only things I could still do.

Take a deep breath. Zone out all of the noises. My father's words echoed in my mind. There was silence for a moment. And then-

Slicing. Metal hitting against metal. I opened my eyes and tried to turn to the noise, it was behind me. I was only successful in noticing my distorted reflection in the column next to me. My hair was done up in a messy ponytail like bun and I had make up on. A lot of black and pale make up. I looked like a Necromonger. I heard the guards behind me fall to the ground and the doors open. The Lord Marshal pushed me to the side as he turned and threw Riddick across the room. I stood up being able to move a little more freely.

"Stay your weapons. He came for me." Lord Marshal said. All I could do was stand there and watch.

Fight it! Shirah yelled. Fight it! You're strong you're Kuraiman!

Riddick stood up with his knife. He noticed me and stopped a look of pure fear in his eyes. I tried to shake my head, punch the Lord Marshal, or scream. I couldn't do anything to show that I was still me. The Lord Marshal wrapped his arm around me again showing possession. Another woman came to the Lord Marshals side with a hood. He took the hood off as it revealed, Kyra.

She had converted.

The Lord Marshal walked forward leaving Kyra by my side. I looked over at her. I could start to move my cheek muscles.

Fight it!

"Consider this: If you fall here now, you'll never rise. But if you choose another way—the Necromonger way, you'll die in die time, and rise again in the UnderVerse." The Lord Marshal moved his arm as Kyra walked forward. I let out a whimper as she did so. "Go to him." Kyra walked over to Riddick. Lord Marshal walked back to me wrapping his arm around me. I pulled away a little but not enough for anyone to notice.

"It hurts, at first." Kyra said to Riddick.

"Isn't this great." Lord Marshal whispered into my ear. "Watching your love Riddick, fall apart because of you and her. This time I will win. This time I will beat the Riddick and marry his destined lover."

I glared at him then looked to Riddick.

"Are you with me, Kyra?" he asked her, she just walked away. He watched her then looked to me.

"Are you Deja?" he asked I tried to nod but nothing happened. I tried to speak, it only resulted in vibrating my vocal cords making a growling sounds. It looked like his heart was breaking. I had never seen Riddick so sad, so hurt, and so scared.

"Convert now or fall forever." Lord Marshal said.

"You killed everything I know. Everything I loved." Riddick said as he stared into my eyes. He threw the knife at the Lord Marshal he fell to the floor taking me with him. I smacked my head against the floor and was out again.

I better not be dead again. I thought as I stood up and looked around. I was on Furya as Shirah approached me.

"Please tell me I'm not dead." I said.

"No, but you are unconscious. This is your subconscious still fighting the fluids the Necromongers gave you. Once you wake you should be back to normal." She responded.

"Is there any way Kyra can come back to us?" I asked.

"She has just as much fight in her as you and Riddick do. It's really up to her."

"What you said before about someone dying-" I said as I was jolted awake.

"Dammit." I muttered a very strong headache pounding my brain. I opened my eyes and looked around. The Lord Marshal and Riddick were still fighting; everyone had spread out a bit more making room for the fight. I looked up as Riddick fell to the ground. I heard Aereon somewhere gasp. Glad to know she was ok. I noticed the knife Riddick had thrown at the Lord Marshal next to me. I reached and grabbed it.

"These are his last moments." The Lord Marshal said as he bent down and tried to grasp Riddick's soul and pull it out of him. "Give me your soul." I slowly stood up with the knife in hand.

"Fuck you!" Riddick yelled as he punched the Lord Marshall sending him directly in the middle of the both of us. My hand touched my head, it was pounding in pain making my vision fuzzy and disoriented. Riddick was lying beneath me; the Lord Marshal had thrown him to me.

The Lord Marshall was next to us in a matter of seconds, grabbing Riddick, he held him in a choke hold with a metal spear, his back to me. Kyra walked to the side of me. I gave her a small smile her eyes lit up at me as she smiled back. I walked in front of the Lord Marshal.

"Hey Honey. You miss me?" I said as Kyra stabbed him in the back with a spear. Riddick once again fell to the ground, as I knelt down to help him up the Lord Marshal turned around and threw Kyra across the room.

Someone always has to die.

"Kyra!" I yelled as Riddick stood, she was impaled on a column as she fell to the floor.

"Help me Vaako, Kill him." The Lord Marshal said. I handed the knife to Riddick and ran to Kyra.

"Kyra." I said scared to touch her. She looked up at me with a tear running down her face.

"Deja." She whispered. She rolled her body over so her head was in my lap. I felt tears run down my face.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I said as they fell down my face to her cheeks.

"I love him you know. Ever since that damned planet." She said as I nodded my head with a smile. She let out a weak laugh and looked up at me.

"But he loves you." She said with some sadness but understanding.

"Kyra, he loves you too." I said. "I love you, Kyra. You've helped me in ways I could never begin to understand." She looked up at me and let tears run down her cheeks. Riddick ran to my side and took Kyra into his arms. I sat next to them and sobbed.

"I thought you were dead." She said.

"Are you with me, Kyra?" Riddick asked.

"I was always with you. I was." She said. I looked up to the scene.

"And we will always be with you." I said scooted over to the two. Riddick set her down as she let out her last breath. He placed a hand on his face and fell backwards into the throne. I sat next to him with the arm rest in between us. His hand rested on my shoulder as we both continued to mourn the loss of our dear friend. Our Jack. I looked up to see the Necromongers kneeling.

"Riddick." I whispered. He grunted as I stood.

"Riddick." I said again, he looked up and saw what I did. He placed his hand in mine as we watched everyone kneel.

"You keep what you kill." Riddick whispered. He looked up at me and I down to him, both of us with shocked expressions and disbelief.

"Now, who saw that coming?" Aereon said from the side. I looked over to her.

"This was our destiny. Avenge our races, and begin our own, rather take over." I said staring at the people.

"Deja." He said in his voice.

"Ya." I said looking back down at him.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked.

"I don't know." I said.

"I don't either." He said.



"I'm glad I didn't lose you too." I said.

"Me too." He said.