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The television bleeped as it was turned on. Immediately you could hear a man's voice start talking about the taxes going up, the Swedish ambassador acting like a fool and a newly founded project to help children in need. Phil was sat on the sofa in his usual internetting position; his laptop in his knee, the feet curled under himself and a cup of tea next to him. Dan came in, holding a bowl of cereal in his hands and sat down next to his boyfriend. It was ten am and a rainy cloud had over the night lowered itself over the city of Manchester, making the windows spotted with raindrops, creating a very cozy and dull mood.
"Is there anything interesting on?" Dan asked with his mouth full of Phils' homemade version of frosted shreddies.
"Dan, don't talk with food in your mouth, that's rude. And gross" Phil said without letting his eyes leave the computer screen. Dan chuckled and tilted his head upwards as he spoke, trying to prevent the content in his mouth from spilling.
"Oh come on, how can you not find this attractive as hell?" He gave out another little laugh and shuffled in more cereal in his mouth. Phil looked over at him, raising an eyebrow and giggling as Dan pulled a highly unattractive face, although Phil still found it amazing.
There was a moment of silence as he returned his attention the twitter page in front of him, and Dan continued to scoop his breakfast into his mouth. The news reporter now spoke about some popular fur product that was being sold worldwide, and that the animal that was being harmed in the making of it. They warned for shocking and disturbing images. Phil suddenly cried out loud, ducked down while roughly pushing away the laptop and taking cover in Dans lap. Dan spilled almost half of the bowls content on them both.
"Ugh… what are you – PHIL!" Dan groaned and shook away some milk from his hand
"That is so horrible" Phil silently sobbed. As Dan's ears picked up the faint sound of Phil painful moans, he forgot his frustration, put down the bowl on the ground and bent over Phil. Carefully he put his hands on his friends shoulder to give him some comfort.
"Hey Phil, c'mon- Hush, it's okay man.." Phil jolted straight up. His eyes was wet but he wasn't crying.
"No Dan! It's not okay! How do they even sleep at night, those horrible, evil, stupid, mentally retarded poop persons!" Dan couldn't help but give up a little smile, whilst continually stroking Phils arms and hands.
"You really have the best insults, Phil. And yes, really, it's okay. I know, it's horrible, but you are not there. You are here, in this city, in this warm house, in a soft, nice couch, next to me, your boyfriend" Dan looked up at Phil from underneath his eyelashes. "Ok?" After a few seconds of hesitation, Phil nodded.
"Ok" Dan nodded as well and squeezed Phil's wrist. Then he turned to mop up all the wet mess around them. Phil sniffed and wiped his hand across his face.
"...oh and by the way, have you seen my new shirt?" Phil straightened up, pointing at the clothing he was wearing. Dan tried to hold himself but burst out laughing.
"You're so random Phil! Weren't you just crying about some animals across the planet?"
"Yes, but you told me to move on and so I did... Kind of. Anyway, the shirt!" Dan shook his head and gave the piece of clothing a quick glance.
"Yeah your shirt is.. wait, Phil!" Dan's eyes bolted straight back to Phil's torso. "You got another checkered shirt!?" Dan facepalmed. Phil just shrugged.
"What! I really like this one, and a lot of people has been saying that purple would suit me"
"Yes, and they are right, purple would really suit you, but that's not purple, that's pink"
"No it's not! Maybe like purple fading to pink-ish, but other than that I actually thinks it bring out my..."
"Your femininity. That is pure pink" Dan interrupted him.
"But do you think it suits me?" Phil did a little twist and strook a goofy pose, making Dan laugh again.
"yeah, whatever" Dan stood up, taking of his milk and cereal stained t-shirt. Phil tried not to stare at his bare, to him perfect chest. Whilst returning his attention to the screen to stop himself from throwing his whole being over Dan he said:
"Oh you love it!" Dan began walking away, chuckled a little and answered:
"You know I do"

It was late in the afternoon and the city was now flooded with people making their way home after a long day at work. Phil on the other hand, had just begun with his. He had just uploaded a new video to YouTube, and now he was checking and responding to some of the comments. Some girl named "CounquerGravity" had commented something about Phan. Phil scrolled down a bit more only to see five hundreds of fangirls saying the exact same thing and then at the bottom of the page he saw Dan's comment, a response to them, throwing it off and blaming it on something else. Phil shook his head. For how long would this keep on going? For how long was he supposed to hide his true self to the people.. No, the world that was more and more becoming his lifestyle? But at the same time he was so frightened of what might happened if he and Dan just exposed their so long hidden secret. How would the subscribers react? If they told them - would it mean sacrificing his so called "fame" for love, but without a life? Like, what if everyone got really angry – then maybe neither he or Dan would be able to go outside without getting beaten down. But... perhaps he was overreacting, overthinking, overexaggerating... just overdoing it? Phil didn't know. He was so scared, and he was scared of being scared, and he hated it. Angrily he slammed the laptop shut, pushing it away and going over to take a shower. Just something that would help him think clearly for a minute. As he started walking towards the shower Dan entered the room.
"Oh, are about to take a shower?" He asked, reaching down towards his belt, immediately starting to unbuckle it. Phil nodded.
"Yeah, I felt that I needed to take a break from reality, just for a quick moment" Phil smiled a half-hearted smile.
"Mind if I join you?"Dan asked carefully, noticing the sad and tired tone in Phil's voice. Phil smiled and looked at his boyfriend
"Yes, I'd like that"

Once again, they were united. Almost as the same soul, but in two different bodies. Panting, Phil leaned on Dan, letting his arms find their way around him and laying his head on Dan's wet, strong chest. Dan stroked Phils hair in response and whispered softly into his ear.
"I love you. And I will keep on doing that until my heart stops beating. Promise me you will do the same – that you will stay with me. I would break without you" Slowly, Phil leaned back, without letting go of Dan's waist and looked him straight in the eyes.
"I promise"