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Part I – The Mating of Two Alphas

"Don't touch her!" he snarled, his fierce tone sending the beta wolves scurrying back and away from the smaller female. His eyes became hooded as he looked down upon her, his body immediately demanding to claim her…to possess her…to mark her as his own that no other male would dare step within a foot of her. He walked towards her, unconcerned with his nudity and the blatant desire that jutted out from his body, so large and thick there could be no question who was Alpha of this pack.

His golden eyes roamed over her lush young body as his nostrils flared, inhaling the sweet essence of her scent, she smelled so innocent…so young. It called to the beast within him, the monster that had been howling so long for a mate yet had never claimed one, not one of those female Omegas who were shared among the pack but would not be claimed because they would never be loyal.

Lycanthropes much like wolves, mated for life…however there were times when the men copulated to easy the pressing threat and aggression that came with lust. In every pact there were females like this, females who chose these roles. No male would take a female as such unless it was against her will for females were few and far in between especially purebreds such as the one before him.

A purebred was a lycanthrope was one who had been born as such from parents who had also been born that way. A mixed breed was a lycanthrope that had been bitten by a pure bred and had chosen to accept the gifts and powers that came with being one of their kind. Mixed breeds were much more common than purebreds but were not nearly as strong as Purebloods; a mixed breed wasn't even half the strength of a purebred and had no control of their power. They transformed on the Night of the full moon, assuming a large animalistic form to which they had no control over. During the day they were strong and agile, beautiful and seductive, possessing numerous animalistic characteristics which was the reason many chose to accept the 'gift' of a lycanthrope's bite.

Purebreds however were always in control of their powers; they could transform at will and were fully in control of their thoughts and actions. They were not affected by any of the factors that affected the mixed breeds, such as the constant thirst for blood, the influence of the moon or even the power of silver. Purebreds had been created by the Gods to protect the humans against the threat of Hell's minions; the Vampires. When the Vampires had began to turn humans, the lycanthropes had tried the same but much like the vampire mixed breeds who had no control and whose only desire was to continuously the feed, in their animal forms so were the Werewolf mixed breeds. Which was why many males sought and lived with and amongst pureblood packs, because Purebloods especially those who were powerful…were able to control the mindless animals that emerged on the new moon.

Thus within wolf packs, their existed a rigid hierarchical pattern which consisted of an Alpha, typically the strongest and unsurpassed male pureblood, followed by his betas, all pure bloods and then the Omegas, the weakest members of the pact, all of which were mixed breeds.

Unfortunately, mixed breeds were unable to breed, whether human or lycanthrope…once a woman chose to accept the bite of the wolf, she gave up her chance of ever having children and it was for that reason why pureblood females were so highly valued…and to find this one, such a fine specimen at that…alone, unprotected…perfectly bare before him…after almost two hundred years of being alone, Sesshomaru, a purebred whose blood came from that of the first Lycanthrope, smirked with pleasure…for tonight he would claim a mate.

He studied the body of the young female, she was slender…lean…as though she had been experiencing times of hunger. He frowned, females such as she was highly valued and to find one without a pack was highly unusual. She had to have been running from someone, or something, a possible mate perhaps…whoever it was…he did not care, he would claim her and breed with her…no other would have her.

She lay before him in her human form, unconscious from the battle she had endured. She had bravely fought the members of his pack; a rogue wolf in their territory...three females had been ripping at her while she bravely fought back at her when the scent of her blood caught the noses of the males, triggering a lust: Pureblood and a Virgin at that. It had been such a powerful aphrodisiac that Sesshomaru had found himself attacking his own pack, demanding they cease. When they had stopped, the girl had been unconscious, reverting to her human form in order to heal. Already he watched as the tears and scratches upon her skin finished the final stages of healing and soon she would awaken and then he would take her.

She had long brown hair, streaked with highlights from the sun, hair that fell to her hips and formed a sheet upon which her now nude body lady. Her human body was pale, as though she rarely transformed, her limbs long and slender yet muscled. He loved her legs most of all, so long and never ending and muscled, and he wanted to wrap them around his hips, over his shoulders…

He clenched his jawed, his golden gazes travelling up her slender thighs to the dark brown curls at the apex of her thighs, over the flat planes of her stomach and to the full curves of her breasts, firm supple breasts with dark big nipples. He growled, watching as the final cut healed…watching as her body snapped into a sitting position, even though her eyes was still closed. She opened her mouth and sighed before long dark lashes opened to revealed bright brown eyes that glowed green in the darkness of the night.

She sniffed, turning to look where she found the scent of the male within her presence.

Rin gasped her eyes locking with bright gold ones, the eyes of an Alpha and a large one at that. She shivered, gasping when his eyes flashed red. She hissed, jumping on her feet in a crouch, her body low as she prepared for his attack though she had never yet been in a challenge of any sort.

"You are not strong enough to defeat me." He stated in a calm, yet fierce tone and she shivered but did not back away, hair sprouting from her arms and legs as she began to shift. He snarled and she jumped before snarling back, refusing to back down. He smirked, obviously enjoying the challenge.

"You will become mine!" he snarled, and Rin backed away, watching as his mouth began to shift into a muzzle one that was bigger than any she had ever seen and Rin began to comprehend that she had jumped from the heat and into the fire…into the path of an even stronger Alpha that her promised!

Rin shifted in mid leap, choosing a wolf form instead of the massive two-legged wolf form she used during battle. She heard the earth-shattering growl behind her but she didn't look back, she raced ahead, ignoring the feel of blood she felt…the blood the signaled her first heat…that she was ready for a mate.

The sound of breaking branches and rustling had her speeding faster but the force of the power descending upon her had her running faster, but not fast enough to avoid the force of something slamming into her side. She grunted, rolling with the force of the impact until she came to halt, landing on all fours. She growled, her muzzle pulling back to show large, fearsome fangs, as her hackles began rising with her anger and she looked out her eyes locking with the red eyes of a Snow white wolf nearly three times her size!

She shivered but refused to back down, snarling and snapping as he advanced upon her, one painstaking step at a time. She snarled, noting his seething growls, he was the largest male she had ever seen, far larger than her own father who was also an Alpha. She noted that he had sent her crashing into an area where she was surrounded by stones, as though the sides of a cave...and the only exit was to go through him. Rin did not convince herself she was strong enough to defeat him but she was not going down without a fight. Being strong upon the challenge would also prove to him that she would not be a meek mate who followed his orders completely, for in truth, it was obviously she would become mated to this handsome man. She took a deep breath and launched herself at him, glad that it was not Bankotsu.


Rin stiffened, her nails sinking into the ground as the massive erection slid into the tender, inexperienced flesh. She cried out and he growled, his hands tightening upon her hips and positioning them higher against him. She gasped, feeling him press even deeper inside her and becoming blocked by a barrier so firm and strong her he barked his displeasure. It was so very painful she tried to shrink away from him, to suppress the threat of tears in her eyes but it would not stop and he would not relent.

"Shift!" he commanded her and she shivered, compelling her body to take its animal form. He had bested her and earned the right to claim her… to owned her…

She felt the pressured of his huge girth become a pleasure as he pressed into her welcoming body, yet the barrier remained...though less rigid and began to tear under his slow urging until it gave way, with her whining and he growling softly at her. Before he roared, the booming sound shaking the forest and signaling his conquest…telling the members of his pact that he had mated…that had become his.

Her breathing quickened, it was almost pleasure the feel of him beginning to slide into her, but he was so thick that he stretched her body beyond its means of capacity, rendering a slow pace from the intense friction…much to his delight as he growled softly above her, loving the feeling of her.

He knew within this form he would not get to truly enjoy her for his first instinct was to pup her and already the swelling at the base of his erection began to make its way into her body, to hold her in place as he bred her…forced her to accept his pups…and while she was in heat there was no way her body would reject him.

He groaned and she whimpered, trying to squirm away from the pain of the knot…however if he allowed her to shift the pain would be too great in her human form, much like how taking her hymen would have been…he barked roughly, commanding her body not to shift however she disregarded the command and he found his body shifting along side hers to complete the process. She cried out, her sleek human body trembling beneath his much larger male form. He snarled, grasping her leg, her lifted it and slowly brought it over his head and her onto her back without breaking the knotting which could be painful for both of them if it was broken before completion.

She looked up at him with pain filled eyes that streamed tears, stiffening and arching her spine as the knot became large within her, pushing into her smaller body. She cried out and tried to pull away, making him his and ram firmly within her. She screamed, her nails clawing at his arms. He hissed, dropping his lips to hers to kiss her. She moaned, she had never been kissed before…and this man, this beautiful man who was causing her such pain…to claim her lips as such…was truly a sin but she could not resist the urge to accept his lips even when the pain become so unbearable that she screamed, begging him...pleading that he stop.

But she knew…they both knew the mating process could not be stopped until it was completed.

He kissed her softly, upon her face and chest, her lips, her lids, her neck, her chin…nuzzling her as she whimpered from the pain…calming her until the wee hours of the morning when the knot had softened enough to allow him to slip from her sore, tender body. She looked upon him with tired, weary eyes.

"You must rest now…I will protect you, mate…" he drawled softly, his big hand moving to her flat stomach.

"I will protect you and our pups…" he finished, it was the last sounds she heard before sleep claimed her.


"If he claims her…does that mean, he will never come back to us again?" asked Yura the young mixed breed. Kagura snarled, she was a purebred and had been among Sesshomaru's pack for a long time but Sesshomaru had deemed her unworthy. She seethed with the knowledge that Sesshomaru had claimed a mate and such a young one, a girl upon her first heat no less.

"A mated male will never take another woman, we mate for life Yura. Even if Rin were to die, Sesshomaru would never take another mate…he would probably return to you and Kagura…but even then it is unlikely…our father never took another woman at all after our mother died, he held out and waited until Sesshomaru was strong enough to seize control of the pack…then he just died in his sleep." said Inuyasha Sesshomaru's younger brother and a beta of the Western Pack.

Suddenly a loud growl pierced the night and all the fifty members of the pack lifted their faces to the sky, they all knew what it meant. Their Alpha had claimed his mate and in the morning, they would have a new Alpha female and Kagura who had once been the Alpha based solely on strength would now take her place as a beta.

But not without a fight.


Standing upon a Cliff a few miles away, Kagome, a rare fully black, blue eyed wolf heard the growl of conquest from what could only be an Alpha. She shivered at the sound, for her to have heard it meant that the territory she had entered possessed a truly powerful Alpha and that he would be no easy feat for a female such as herself to defeat.

She sniffed, the princess of the North thought of a plan to cross through the territory in order to get to the South. She couldn't go through the East at all, that area was hostile the clans made mainly of mixed breeds who sought to place themselves upon the hierarchy of the purebreds. Hence, the West though smaller and more powerful a pack, seemed like the better option.

She sighed, she had to get to the West in order to seek the help of her sister Kikyo, the Alpha female of that pack. Their sister Rin was in great danger, who, after being promised to Bankotsu, had ran away. Their father and Alpha was becoming old and had only sired females, a strong set of women purebloods. He had chosen Bankotsu as his successors but would only relinquish the throne if Bankotsu married one of his daughters. Kagome, though a female was a powerful wolf and had ruthlessly beaten the male in a challenge when he had tried to claim her. But their sister Rin was soft, younger and had never even been involved in a challenge. So Bankotsu had demanded her hand, Rin had been too scared to even fight him. But that very night…she had disappeared.

Kagome assumed Rin would try to find a way to Kikyo, but then she had heard Bankotsu talking how he would punish her by making her an Omega once he assumed his role as Alpha, the greatest dishonour amongst a pack was to have a poor blood Omega, especially a female at that and to think that Rin…her baby sister who though strong and fierce, was much too delicate to become one of the females who were taken repeatedly by all the males in the pact and she had also left the pack intent on finding her baby sister. She just hoped that Rin was alive and well and with that, the sleek black wolf took off, running along the borders of the East and West.


The luxurious dwellings that housed the Western Pack were built and hidden within the safety of Caves that were throughout the forest. There was a main cave and few within their land that acted as hide outs, for protection. Many times humans came to hunt the wolves, the Slayers and it was by looking and acting human that would save their lives or give them the advantage to escape especially the purebloods who were not harmed by simple tests such as holding silver which would singe the hand of the mixed blood.

His pack members watched as he stepped into the clearing of their cave, nude as can be, with the girl within his arms. Her hair strategically covering her nude form. Everyone inhaled their mixed scents, imprinting hers in particular within their minds that not only was she pack member but she was also Alpha female. Sesshomaru ignored them, taking his mate to his own private chambers. He bathed her nude body of dirt, blood and semen, dressing her in his own robe and lowering her to his bed before he took a shower himself. When he returned, he found his new mate awake.

"Who are you?" he asked and she blushed at the question…for all he had done to her…after what they had done together. She lowered her gaze, dropping a hand to her stomach, knowing that already she carried his child…no, his children...she who was fresh from the throes of childhood herself.

"My name is Rin. I am a princess of the North…" she whispered and he walked towards her, making her blush with his nudity.

"I am Sesshomaru, Alpha of the West…and your mate." He whispered, dropping a kiss to her lips and pushing her back upon the bed, intent upon claiming her again…this time, he would truly leave mark…as well as teach her the value of pleasure.


"Ginta, I want you to seek out Sesshomaru...he is the Alpha of these lands. Request a formal meeting, on behalf Myoga, the Nothern Alpha." Bankotsu informed his pack mate with a smirk. Once he was allowed safe passage through the West, he would find Rin in the South and claim her and what a joy that would be.

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