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"My beautiful girls…" whispered Kaede, the sickly Alpha female of the North. Her once brilliant blue eyes were now an unhealthy yellow. Kikyo and Kagome sniffed, the teenage Lycans comprehending that this would be the last time they ever spoke to their mother. They could already smell death, it permeated the air and it brought tears to their eyes. But they refused to shed it before her, she who had been the strongest female they had ever known, she who had taught them how to spar and how to be always be strong.

Rin whined, she was still a pup, she did not even understand what was happening. That her mother was dying.

"Mama…" Kagome started but Kaede lifted a shaky hand, halting her daughter.

"I do not have much strength left Kagome, I must say this, while there is still time-" she whispered but was cut short by a fit of coughing, so loud and harsh it racked the slender woman's body, pulling blood from her lungs. Kikyo, the healer, who had been caring for her mother in the last weeks dampened a cloth to wipe the traces of blood from her mother's lips. Her face stoic from seeing it so many times, from knowing all she suffered. She had watched her mother deteriorate, succumbing to a disease of the lungs. Lycans did not sick often, but when they did, there was hardly anything that could be done to save them. Their mother had given birth to Rin in the winter, a time when food had been scarce as the clan had been divided, it was a time when the Alphas of the North and South had been at war. The East was at war with itself, Alphas and betas versus mixed breeds and the West as usual had been silent, keeping to themselves and not interfering.

It had been a difficult time for the North, but Kaede though heavily pregnant and near starvation, had kept her family safe while her mate and the few loyalists in his pact had defended them. By the time he had gained control over the North again, Rin had been born, strong, healthy and happy but the effort seemed to have drained all the strength that Kaede had possessed. The Alpha had gained a resilient cough afterwards, and with every passing winter, it had become harsher and harsher until finally she had started coughing up blood and it became evident that their Alpha would not last another winter.

Kagome bit her lip to keep from crying. She had always been the tough sister, the tomboy who was as strong as any male in the pact. She always roughhoused and made challenges while Kikyo her twin preferred to be girly, to help keep the home and learn the healing arts, she was the perfect female and so it was not surprising that it was Kikyo who had been chosen to go to the South. Kikyo, the prize that had been bartered in order to stop the war between the two clans but for Kagome, it was a double blow. She was losing her mother and Kikyo, her twin and best friend. No one understood that they were not like most pups in a litter, she and Kikyo shared a bond, as though they were two halves of soul which had been divided.

Kaede looked gratefully at Kikyo and then turned to Kagome.

"Kagome, when I am gone…when Kikyo is gone…you will be the hope of the North. Rin is but a babe and your father…your father will never recover from the loss of his mate. It is the way of our people, he will only hold out until he is sure that you three are all happy…" she whispered, drawing a noisy breath. Kagome clenched her fist, it was painful to see her mother struggle to breathe. Yet, she also saw the fire in her mother's eyes, the fire to complete what she had to say before she left their world and it made her proud. The teenager stiffened, her chin rising with pride, her eyes bright with unshed tears.

Kaede grasped Kagome's hand. "I need you to protect Rin, to keep our family together…to secure our place forever as Alphas." She begged, her eyes locked with the daughter who was more like her than the others.

"Yes mother that is a promise." Said Kagome fiercely and Kaede smiled softly, content in her faith that Kagome would hold her promise.

She lifted her hand again to cup Kikyo's cheek, smiling up at her. She had already said all she had had to say to Kikyo, everything she could say to the girl who would soon become a mate, a mother and an Alpha to the South.

"I am proud of you…" she whispered. "I am proud of both of you. You all are my greatest gifts to this world. Never forget, you are sisters and that you are children of Alphas, who are the children of Alphas and Alphas before that. You three are Princess of the North, never forget that." She whispered fiercely and looked down at Rin, her last born and sweetest, dropping a quick kiss to her daughter's forehead she dropped back against the bed and closed her eyes and released a tired sigh, her last.

A sob escaped Kagome and a single tear escaped Kikyo's eye. And there was moment of silence before sobbing engulfed the room. Rin, upon seeing her elder sisters cry began to cry as well, even as Kagome and Kikyo pulled her into their arms and the three embraced.

"W-we a-are p-princesses." Kagome hiccupped, her arms tightening around her sisters.

"W-we a-are sisters!" Kikyo pronounced.

Rin whined and the elder two locked eyes. It was the day they were no longer girls, but women. Fierce, strong, resilient, sisters of the North.

That night, they burned the body of their mother and the next day, an armed escort arrived from the South and claimed Kikyo.

Kagome watched as her sister left with dry eyes, they had already cried out all their tears the night before. Yet she could not look away even as her sister was far out of sight and hearing. She looked at the baby, her sister on her hip and smiled.

"Do not worry Rin, I will ensure you are happy and protected!"

0o0o0 – End of Flashback - 0o0o0

Clutching at her middle, Kagome shivered yet did not stop; she knew if she stopped Inuyasha would find her. Bankotsu would only stall for so long and with the loud howl she had heard from him, it was only a matter of time before his pact came to his assistance. Yet the pervading memory of their mother's death haunted her. She could not run, not without knowing if her sister was truly alright. Even if Rin had mated, she was still her sister…she was as much as her child as a child of her body could be. Turning, the Alpha female shifted into her human form and groaned. She had to allow her body to heal and afterwards she would return. She would ensure her sister was alive and well and then, she would return to the North.

She could not believe she had been beaten, she could not believe she who was an Alpha had lost to a mere beta. What's more, she could not believe she had run from her mate. She had never run from anything in her life.

She snarled, damn Bankotsu for using one of the weakest times in a Werewolves life to attack and claim his revenge against her. She wanted Inuyasha to kick his ass, yet Inuyasha couldn't win against all those betas alone.

"Damn!" she whispered, rising shakily to her feet before she collapsed. She was too weak, still bleeding, and too vulnerable.

"Kikyo…I need you sister…" she whispered, trembling as her body struggled to heal. The mating process was not something to be interrupted. She closed her eyes, defenseless as she drifting into the healing sleep of the wolves.


Growling, the red eyed Alpha froze, her fang was pressing into the pulse of a thick artery. She was one press of her powerful jaws away from killing the beta beneath her that was evident as Rin came too from the enthrallment with which she had fallen. The beta female attempted to move…she felt the killing rage threaten to engulf her.

"Rin, release her." Came her Mate's voice in the background and she reluctantly released the female, her eyes widening at the pitiful condition of the Lycan who had been so much larger, more formidable. She was a lump of bloody fur and deep gashes, revealing torn muscles, ligament and bone. Rin shivered, shifting back to her humanoid form as her mind finally became aware of what had happened. She had truly entered a killing rage. With the anger and bloodlust leaving her, she became accustomed to the pain that arose from her wounds.

Rin looked to Sesshomaru, her mate and gasped at the anger upon his face. His voice, so calm and commanding did not speak to blistering fury which his face showed, but not towards her but to the creature whining in pain behind her, his former Alpha female. His men released him and he stepped towards them, his eyes flashing back and forth between red and gold, his hands shifting into claws, hair spring from the once smooth skin. It seemed he was about to kill Kagura when a beta entered their territory which had all the males growling. They had been too caught up in the fight to scent his presence earlier and it angered them, that a rival male of another pack had come to their territory as easily as he had.

Sesshomaru snarled, turning to look at the beta who had so easily entered his territory. Rin gasped, looking down at male who had come from her former pack, shifting easily with recognition.

"Ginta? Why are you here?" she demanded of the brown wolf who turned wide eyes to look upon her, taking into note her wounded body as well as the prominent mating mark upon her chest. He inhaled deeply, taking a step back as the clear scent of her form hit him. His princess was 'carrying' the heirs of the West, there was no longer any hope for Bankotsu unless of course she managed to defeat Kagome and that was impossible. Kagome, their Alpha female was much too strong for the Beta male.

Sesshomaru growled at Beta sharply, still angry with Kagura he was more than willing to take out his anger on the invader especially someone who seemed so familiar with his mate.

"My lady…" he started and turned to look upon Sesshomaru and the members of his pack.

"My Lord, I was sent to request passage of our pack of Wolves from the North through your territory by order of the Alpha of the North…however I see we do not need it, for I see you are in possession of that which he had lost." stated Ginta dragging his eyes back to look at Rin who also felt the eyes of her new pack members as they looked upon her.

"Princess, Bankotsu was sent to retrieve and claim you." Ginta revealed and there was a silence, before Sesshomaru released a deafening growl, clutching Ginta's neck in the blink of an eye his hands nails elongating as they pierced the man's throat. Ginta gasped, struggling to breathe, his face becoming pale as he tried to pry Sesshomaru's hands from his throat, to no avail.

"You wish to take this Sesshomaru's mate from him?" he growled fiercely, his hands pressing deeper, making Ginta's eyes bulge in his head.

"Sesshomaru…" Rin whispered and his red eyes turned to look at the beautiful woman he had mated. She needed healing sleep but she was still able to hold herself up, her strength prevailing…she had kept their unborn pups safe despite the fact that she had just faced two challenges, and Kagura was quite the experienced fighter, which Rin had not been. Yet her fierce maternal instincts had prevailed.

Suddenly, a howl rang out that had every Lycan turning to its direction in the forest.

It was the howl of a Lycan who had been wronged. A Lycan whose mating had been interrupted. Sesshomaru's eyes widened and he snarled, shifting immediately and taking off in the direction of the sound. It was the sound of Inuyasha, his brother and second in command.

The other members of his pack wasted no time, the betas shifted and the omega's took off behind their Alphas; for Rin of course had immediately reverted, disregarding her wounds as her instincts told her to follow her Alpha, to aid her pack mate.

As the pack left, forgetting the bloody, slowly healing beta, her sister Kanna from the previous battle with Rin snuck towards her sister. She was still wounded but she knew Kagura would be killed if they remained, so she aided the Lycan as she shifted into her humanoid form, helping her to her feet and walking to the direction of the East, the lands of darkness which had no Alphas but mostly mixed breeds, it was safer to deal with the wolves there than Sesshomaru and at least there, Sesshomaru had no power.


Rin halted upon entering the clearing, assailed by the strong scent of her sister. Kagome was here?! Kagome was hurt! I smell her blood! She thought, her eyes widening at the knowledge that her strong sister had been wounded. Then her eyes moved to the huge white wolf, fiercely fighting back against three wolves, wolves from the pack of the North! Her former pack! With none other than Bankotsu! She gasped, only to see her mate much like, but almost a size larger than the other white wolf join the fray. With the odds even, it took nothing for the two to swat away the lesser betas under Bankotsu, the Western pack forming a circle around them to prevent anyone from escaping the swift punishment of Sesshomaru and his brother.

Sesshomaru looked to his brother, ignoring the lesser male Bankotsu. He would soon reap his punishment.

"How bad are you hurt?" Sesshomaru demanded.

"Bad enough. Kill him for me will you, I have to find my mate!" Inuyasha barked and jumped over Bankotsu's head and headed into the forest. Sesshomaru looked to the smaller black wolf, growling when he noted how the wolf, as well as his two followers, was eyeing Rin, his mate.

"Princess Rin…" came Hakaku's awestruck tone, noting from smell that their princess was mated and to the huge male, the Alpha of the West no less.

"Filthy Whore, you were promised to me!" Bankotsu snarled, not noting Sesshomaru's hackles rising. Rin ignored him, "Hakaku, my sister Kagome…she was with you?" she asked.

But Hakaku flushed deeply. "No my lady. We found her locked in a mating dance with the other white Lycan….Bankotsu…interrupted them!" the Lycan answered and Rin gasped, having been freshly mated she could comprehend the pain Kagome must be going through as well as Inuyasha's need to find her and resume their bond before it remained half formed or worse, permanently disrupted.

"How could you?" Rin demanded in a snarl looking at Bankotsu. He snarled at her, disgusted that Rin had been claimed as well as Kagome, they who were his only chance to become Alpha of the North. Rin growled and shifted, making her way towards the direction that Inuyasha had taken off in when out of nowhere Bankotsu attempted to cut her off. Unfortunately in his attempt to do so he had completely forgotten her mate, the large Alpha who had become so very angry in the time it had taken for them to have their conversation.

"You dare to touch this Sesshomaru's mate?" he demanded, his eyes flashing red. The wolves of his pack stepped back as did Rin and the other two members of her former pack.

Without looking back Rin proceeded into the forest, hot on Inuyasha's trail, though already the larger male was a good distance ahead of her.


He came skidding to a halt, his breathing labored as he came upon the lycanthrope, the beautiful female locked in a healing sleep. He smirked; already he had found her…he wondered what expression she would give when she awakened to see his face. He grunted as he shifted, his body sore, wounded…and calling out to hers. He crawled over to her, a tender look upon his face to know that he had been her first, despite her age and her rank. It was so very rare for an Alpha female to be un-mated, much less a virgin, Kagura had certainly not been. In fact, she had probably slept with every man in the pack.

He knelt beside her still form, his nose nuzzling the soft skin of her neck, his arms raising hers from her side and pinning them above her head, assured that she would awaken. He growled softly, slightly sickened that he had to resort to such disturbing means in order to complete his mating bond, but it had to be done.

Despite his injuries, Inuyasha widened Kagome's legs in order to facilitate the mass between his hips; one had imprisoning her own limp ones while the other guided the head of his erection into her opening. He felt her body move beneath his own, stiffening despite her unconsciousness. He clenched his jaws, looking down at her before he thrust into her.

Her body jolted, her eyes flashing open as she gasped, looking up into the red eyes of the man she thought she would have had time to escape.

"Mate…" he drawled and once again, the mating knot began to form.


Rin blushed, coming to a halt, then hiding herself behind the tree, her heart racing as she watched Inuyasha and her sister locked into the mating dance. Braced against the back of the tree, she slid down until she fell on her bottom. She released a jagged breathe, lifting a heavy hand to her abdomen. She knew she could not interfere with Inuyasha and her sister, and the overwhelming urge to sleep and heal overcame her and with that, the Alpha female of the West fell to the side, darkness engulfing her.

Sesshomaru released his jaw with a snap, his red tinted eyes watching as the dead male fell to the ground. He felt the moment Rin entered healing sleep and immediately turned to the direction both she and his brother had taken, coming up across his sleeping mate not far ahead along with his brother who was locked in a mating dance.

He lifted his mate in his arms and turned toward his pack that had followed him.

"You two stay here with Inuyasha, ensure that he is not interrupted again…" said Sesshomaru looking at two beta males, "The rest, return with me to base." And with that, the Western Pack returned to their home. A home, they would soon find, that was bereft of Kagura and Kanna.


Pulling away from the larger male, Kagome cast blazing eyes against her mate. She was stunned to think she was forever tied to this cocky male, was carrying his child. He eyed her with a cheeky grin; they had both fallen into healing sleep in the middle of their mating. They had awoken healed and refreshed and free enough to separate.

"Stay away from me!" yelled Kagome backing away from him. But the silver haired lycanthrope merely slumbered towards the beautiful jade eyed creature. She froze as he cupped her cheek and pressed his nude body against her.

"Are we at the end of the world, mate?" he purred and she froze, before anger flowed through her body. He grabbed her hands before she could swing them at him.

"If you think, I, Alpha and princess of the North will ever be happy with a second rate beta like you, think again!" spat Kagome, smirking as Inuyasha lost his smile.

He was silent for a long moment, his golden eyes roaming over her body.

"If ascension is all you require I will simply have to kill the Northern Alpha and take his post, wont I?" Inuyasha asked and Kagome gasped, unbelieving.

"Y-you can't!" she gasped, struggling in from his hold and finally, breaking free.

Inuyasha snarled, angry that she would pull away from him. He growled, extended a hand towards her when he heard a vicious snarl and turned to look at a black wolf almost identical to his mate, the main difference being the hazel colour of her eyes. She snapped, her vicious snarls making the male stiffen and growl at her, and then he noted the males behind her which made him take immediate defensive, hair beginning to break along the surface of his skin.

"Kikyo?!" he heard his mate gasp from behind him and the black wolf perk up at the sound, shifting beneath their very eyes, transforming into a slender, full figured woman with long dark hair and features that favored Kagome's so much Inuyasha surmised that she had to be her sister, a part of the same litter. However her scent was nothing compared to Kagome, it was almost engulfed with the scent of whom he assumed to be Kikyo's mate.

"Kagome!" she cried and the two sisters embraced, as though it had been years since they had last seen each other, the scent of tears permeating the air for all the wolves to smell.

"How did you-?" Kagome started, between laughs and tears of joy.

"I felt your need of me through our bond, but also I received a letter from Father telling me what had happened." Said Kikyo.

"I am surprised Naraku let you out!" Kagome joked and the sisters giggled.

"Where is Rin?" Kikyo suddenly asked, and Kagome sobered.

"She is with my brother. They are mated. She is the Alpha of the West now." Said Inuyasha and both females turned to look at him, one with surprise as she noted him fully without the rage of trying to protect her sister and pack mate, and the other, his mate with fury and hatred. He chuckled, though apart of him was saddened by her reaction.

"I can take you to them, safely. As Kagome is my pack mate and you are sister to her and my own Alpha, you will be safe as will your men." Inuyasha assured and both sisters nodded their decision quick and unquestioning. Inuyasha smirked and shifted, launching into a run without waiting for the females or the betas to follow him.


It was two days later, when Rin awoke from healing sleep that the sisters of the North finally were able to meet again after years of separation. The brothers of the West looked away as the women embraced and sobbed, as neither would leave the side of their new mates even though Kagome tried at every chance she got to get away from Inuyasha, unsuccessfully of course.

"Sister, you have done well for yourself to claim the reclusive Western Alpha as your own. He is by far a greater candidate than Bankotsu!" praised Kagome to which Kikyo seconded. Rin blushed, for she felt she had not really had a choice in her mate.

"And you Kagome, your mate is quite the looker himself!" Rin stated as Sesshomaru grunted, Inuyasha chuckled and Kagome fumed.

"He is merely a beta!" she spat and the women frowned.

"Kagome, Inuyasha is a very powerful Lycan, for him to have claimed you is proof enough of that. I am sure when you return Father will gladly accept him as his heir. After all, Rin is the Alpha of the West, I am the Alpha of the South as you are female Alpha to the North. It will be Inuyasha's right to challenge him for that position…however I fear now that we are all mated, father will have seen his time on this Earth to have ended." Kikyo spoke, her voice calm yet sure and true.

The three girls lowered their heads, knowing without Kikyo having to say it that it was true.

"Let us not be sad, he has waited for a long time to join her." said Kagome, referring to their deceased mother. The other sisters nodded.

"We should all face him one last time…" Rin whispered and her sisters nodded.

"Yes, we who have now united three quarters of the Lycan world…" Kikyo added and the sisters smirked.

"Yes…we three sisters of the North…" stated Kagome and Rin and Kikyo smiled, before they embraced again not seeing the smirks on the faces of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha.


Two mixed breeds looked down on the tattered remains of the male Lycan that had been Bankotsu, which had been thrown over the border of the Eastern territory.

"With the two females…it can be done…" whispered the bigger mixed breed.

"Of course!" spat the smaller man and lifted the clump upon his shoulder, smirking at the faint rhythm of the heart he heard.

"This one is strong to have survived a brush with the Western Alpha. Even if he is in pieces…he's alive to tell a tale no other has ever told." The smaller man said with a chuckle, walking off deeper into the Eastern territory.

The bigger mixed breed looked out towards the lands of the West.

"A war is coming…" he whispered and in the blink of a human eye…


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