Before We Meet

Chapter 1

Kurt fell backwards onto his small bed in his even smaller room in his already small apartment and let out a sigh. His hands covered his face as he let his mind loosen up, his Pandora station helping ease the tension. Of course Jake would be just like the other boys. Of course his wrist held the name of some girl. Of course Kurt's efforts to find a boyfriend in this godforsaken college would always end unsuccessfully, just as they did in high school. He slid his hands down his face and glanced at his left wrist, the familiar name staring back at him.

Blaine Anderson

Kurt didn't have expectations to meet him right away. He knew the odds of finding Blaine were slim, and that most people didn't find their soul mate until their 30's. At first, this was a difficult concept for Kurt to grasp, but as time went on, Kurt simply longed for the attention and love of anyone, even if that meant they weren't perfect for him. Just once, he wanted the boy of his interests to return his feelings. Just once.

On his laptop on the desk next to him, a song that he had heard a few times before began playing on Pandora. Kurt didn't need this song right now. He needed songs that he could belt out and sing along with, not this slow ballad, all guitar and lyrics. He needed to get his mind off of Jake and every other boy who turned him down. He needed to dance, to lift his spirits. Just as he was sitting up, a few of the lyrics of the song he wanted to change caught his attention.

Could I tell you you're all I need?

Could I tell you before we even meet?

This love is more than I've ever felt before.

Please wait for me, oh please, wait for me.

I'll be by your side.

Wait for me, oh please, wait for me…

I'll tell you…

I'll tell you…

This love is more than I've ever felt.

Before we meet.

Kurt felt the pang in his chest as the guitar strummed one last time, finishing the song. How had he not listened to what this song was saying before? It was beautiful. The lyrics and the voice behind them left Kurt wanting more. Just as quickly as he was lulled into his trance, he was snapped out of it as an advertisement squawked out of his speakers, ruining the mood the song had put him in. He needed to hear that song again. Annoyed with the advertisement covering up the name of what he just heard, Kurt quickly opened a new tab and Googled the lyrics that stuck out to him the most, his fingers clumsy and typing the wrong letter often.

Kurt's breath caught in his throat at the results. Surely, his mind was just playing tricks on him. Every lyrics website listed the artist as Blaine Anderson. No, no, no, no. This was not right. As the next song began to play on Pandora, Kurt clicked back to view his history. Sure enough, there it was: "Before We Meet" by Blaine Anderson. Kurt went back to his Google search and clicked on the YouTube video of this artist, Blaine FREAKING Anderson, singing the song in a one of the New York radio station's studio booths for their listeners.

Kurt's mouth hung open as he watched this boy, all smiles and curls, play this song, his voice ringing out in the most perfect way. Kurt scolded himself for not paying attention the first few times he had heard this song. As Blaine finished, a smile plastered on his face, Kurt scrambled to play it again entranced by this boy in front of him. This is it. Kurt found Blaine Anderson, and he was absolutely, undoubtedly perfect. The play count on the video rose higher and higher as Kurt replayed the video again and again, not wanting to let go of Blaine.

Just as Kurt was smiling, contentment washing over him, his heart sank. Blaine was playing this on the RADIO, for heaven's sake! This meant Blaine was FAMOUS. Of course this was too good to be true. There is no way this Blaine Anderson was his soul mate. Blaine probably wasn't even gay! Kurt felt his disappointment wash over him. And even if he were gay, Blaine wouldn't give him the time of day. He's just another fan! What if Blaine was really just a snob? What if Blaine really was his soul mate, but fame had made Blaine impossible to date? Kurt's chest felt like it was going to cave in. Every rejection he faced had built him up. How many more could he take before he was done for good? Kurt looked at the boy on the screen in front of him and couldn't help the smile that turned up at the corners of his lips. The simple fact that his name matched the one that had been taunting him for so long on his wrist was enough. Kurt had to at least try.

Kurt opened iTunes and typed in "Before We Meet" into the store, quickly made his purchase and hit repeat, letting the music and the lyrics wash over him. He opened another new tab on Chrome and once again brought up Google.

Blaine Anderson soul mate

Kurt's tongue peaked out between his lips as he read the results. Wikipedia gave no help. Under the "Relationships" heading, the text was vague and very off-putting.

Blaine Anderson has no known relationship, nor is the name of his soul mate known. [4]

With a sigh, Kurt tried another approach. He went back to his Google results and clicked what appeared to be a video of an interview of him on Chelsea Lately. Kurt couldn't help the smile as it grew seeing Blaine. His hair was curly and wild, his smile was dazzling, and he was so incredibly humble. Kurt's heart tugged in his chest as he watched Blaine answer Chelsea's questions about his new album and his newfound fame with the most polite and courteous answers. This man enthralled Kurt more than any of his other hopeful companions did. That's because he's your soul mate, dummy! Kurt thought to himself, but quickly shook off the thought, not wanting his hopes to get crushed if this boy wasn't what he wanted him to be.

Through the interview, Kurt learned that Blaine was only 20 years old, grew up in Ohio, and was singing throughout his whole life. Kurt smiled at their similarities, which brought hope up in his mind that he fought back against as hard as he could. Finally, Chelsea got to the one question Kurt wanted the answer to.

"So tell me, bowties," Kurt giggled to himself as Blaine tugged at the bowtie around his neck, probably unaware he was doing it. "Who is the lucky gal that you're singing to?"

Blaine looked nervous. He bit his bottom lip and looked off stage for only a moment. Kurt wanted to squeeze him.

"Well, uh…" Blaine started, his hand tugging at his bowtie again. "I've had some young ladies throw themselves at me, claiming to be my soul mate, my name written on their wrists over the real name," Blaine nervously laughed. "And I'm not sure I want to go through that again. So, until I find my soul mate, that's going to be a secret." Blaine looked down at the sleeve covering his wrist as he finished and tugged it down further. He looked up and gave a genuine smile, silently apologizing for not giving her the dirt she was digging for.

Kurt sighed, shutting his laptop in frustration. He didn't learn anything he needed to know. This was going to be much more difficult than he thought. He got up from his desk and walked down the hall to the crowded bathroom that he shared with his roommate Rachel, the tune of "Before We Meet" echoing in his head. He wasn't giving up quite yet.

A/N: Hey guys! This is originally for a prompt at the GKM. This is just the first chapter in this story. I plan to make it fairly lengthy. As for the song Blaine is playing, I shamelessly stole it from a band called Camera Can't Lie. Check them out! They're really great. The song and the title of this story belong to them. Glee, of course, belongs to Fox. Thanks for reading! I'll work on getting the next chapters out as soon as possible!