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Extra 2 – Yoruichi's Prank

On a quiet afternoon, Shihouin Yoruichi decided to have herself some fun. So she went to Urahara's shop and picked up a special item which she herself had used before. Then, like the assassin she was, she crept into Byakuya's quarters in the 6th division barracks, and left it on his bed with a note that said, "I hope this meets your liking. -Renji". She chuckled to herself with delight.

That evening, when she knew the two would meet, she held up Renji for a bit to give Byakuya time to try out her gift. After half an hour, she let him go. She would have loved to stick around to observe the results, but then Byakuya might actually kill her, so she resolved to wait until morning to find out how it went. She grinned to herself.

Renji knocked on Byakuya's door. Strangely, it took Taichou some time to respond, and when he did, he just opened the door a crack.

"Taichou?" Renji murmured, worriedly.

Byakuya was flushed and panting, and at first Renji thought he might have a fever. Then he growled and said, "What was in that?"

"In what?"

"That tea. I can't…think straight…"

"Tea? What tea? Taichou, are you all right?"

Byakuya's eyes widened. "It wasn't from you?"

"What wasn't? Taichou, please let me in and tell me what's going on. Are you sick?"

Byakuya groaned and leaned against the door frame. "I should have known. Yoruichi…I really will kill her one of these days." He leaned his head against the door and panted.

"Taichou, what's wrong?" Renji asked again, worriedly.

Byakuya glanced up at him, and Renji thought he looked embarrassed. "Maybe you should go home today. I'm not myself."

"You've got to be kidding," he said, sardonically. "If something's wrong, don't hide it from me. Let me help."

Byakuya sighed. "It's not…wrong exactly…it's just embarrassing. Let's leave it at that."

He started to close the door when Renji stopped him. "After all this, you still have reason to be embarrassed in front of me?"

Byakuya considered. Then his blush increased. "If you come in now…I won't be able to hold back…"

Renji paused for a moment, and then he began to blush as well. Without waiting for permission, he pushed open the door and stepped inside, closing it behind him. He stared at his flushed and sexy captain. Then he cupped his face in his hands and lifted it to look in his eyes. "What happened?"

Byakuya glanced away, embarrassed. He pointed to an open bag of loose leaf tea. "That was left on my bed this afternoon with a note saying it was from you."

"From me?" Renji felt a surge of anger. "You're saying Yoruichi did that?"

"Most likely."

Renji snarled. "I may have to kill her too."

"I thought it tasted strange, but then I know you have no taste, so I drank it anyway."

"The insult hurts worse because it actually caused you harm this time. In any case, Taichou, I know that I could never choose a tea that you would like, let alone that I could afford, so in the future don't be fooled this way."

Byakuya blinked for a moment. Then slowly, his hand reached up to meet Renji's which was resting on his cheek. He leaned against it. "Renji…let's talk later…I can't wait anymore…"

Renji's lips parted. He gazed at his overly-sexy captain, whose current appearance threatened to drive him completely crazy with lust. "Are you sure, Taichou? Now that you know you're drugged, you may regret this later…"

Byakuya reached up to encircle his arms around Renji's neck, and whisper in his ear. "It's not just today. I've been wanting you to take me again, like you did in the 4th division relief station. I just thought that you liked it better when I was on top."

Renji was trembling with desire on hearing these impossible words coming from Kuchiki Taichou's mouth. He couldn't stop himself from becoming beat red. "I…well…I suppose it depends on the mood, but Taichou, listen. Making love to you is so good, however we do it, that every time I think I'm going to go crazy. You don't ever have to hold back with me. For you I'd be willing to do all the kinky stuff too."

Byakuya's hold on him tightened. "Renji…don't talk anymore…"

Renji smiled a little. "Yes, sir."

Renji pulled Byakuya away from him to kiss him gently. Byakuya's body was shaking, and Renji could feel his erection rubbing against his hip. He deepened the kiss, holding his captain's body tight against him. His hands roamed Byakuya's back and then stretched up to weave into his hair; Renji had noticed that Byakuya liked that. True to his expectations, Byakuya moaned against his lips.

Then, in a bold move that he really wasn't sure about, Renji's hands slipped downward to cover Byakuya's ass. Byakuya's lips stopped for a moment. Then Renji flexed his hands, enjoying the awesome sensation of Byakuya's tight ass. Byakuya moaned out loud, his head tilting back.

"Renji…" he whispered. "I'm not going to last long…let me cum once…"

Renji smiled. "Your wish is my command."

Renji slipped Byakuya's obi off him and stroked his cock. Byakuya gripped his sleeves, biting his lip. Renji knelt and continued to stroke Byakuya's cock as he lightly breathed over the tip. Byakuya gasped and his legs nearly gave out.

"Be careful, Taichou," Renji said, blushing with a faint smile.

Byakuya mumbled something unintelligible, at which point Renji drew his cock into his mouth. Byakuya fell back against the door. Renji was undeterred, licking and slurping Byakuya's cock like an ice cream cone. He reached up and was just able to stick his fingers inside Byakuya's mouth. Kuchiki whimpered uncharacteristically soft, sucking passionately on Renji's fingers. Renji removed them, and seconds later began massaging Byakuya's hole with his moist digits.

Byakuya was convulsing, and he seemed to be trying to say something but it wouldn't come. Eventually, Renji caught the words, "…too much…", but then he stuck his finger inside his captain.

"Aahhh!" Byakuya cried, gripping Renji's head against him. "Ahh…Ren…ji…"

"Are you coming soon, Taichou?" he murmured, between sucking.

Byakuya nodded dazedly.

So Renji flexed his finger hard inside Byakuya, looking for that spot. However, the second he found it…

"AAH!" Byakuya gripped Renji's head hard against his hips as white hot cum poured down Renji's throat.

Renji swallowed what he could, conscientiously licking Byakuya clean, but still had to turn away and cough afterward to get some of it out of his lungs. He panted for a moment. Then he promptly grabbed Byakuya up into his arms, and carried him to the bed. Byakuya stared at him.

"Renji…" he murmured.

"Taichou…" Renji gazed at him sweetly. But he wasn't sure if Byakuya would be grossed out by kissing him after he'd cum in his mouth. "Can I kiss you?"

Byakuya wrapped his arms around his neck again. "You don't need to ask that."

Renji tilted Byakuya's head back and deeply kissed him, drawing Byakuya's desire back again. And though Renji hadn't noticed, Byakuya's cock had not withered at all since he came, which was one of the effects of the drug Yoruichi had given him. Byakuya was writhing with desire. He wanted Renji to fuck him. And though their sex was always passionate, and Byakuya always felt like he wanted to enjoy foreplay more, now he had no leeway. He just hoped that Renji could sense that, because it was so hard for him to say what he wanted.

But Renji seemed just as desperate. He undressed them both in moments, kissing bits of Byakuya's body that appeared before him. Eventually, he hugged Byakuya tight to him and sucked on his neck, producing a dark red hickey. Byakuya trembled, crying out and grasping Renji's head. Renji licked up his neck to his ear, inserting his tongue. Finally, he kissed Byakuya hard again, and then reached for the bedside table where they had started keeping lube.

He poured a liberal amount into his hand, then massaged Byakuya's hole again. He also coated Byakuya's cock, knowing how good it felt because Byakuya had done it for him before. Byakuya was trembling and squirming all the while, trying desperately to hold in his sexy voice. Renji would just have to do something about that.

He inserted his fingers, one at a time, surprised by how easily they went in. Frowning, he said, "Taichou…your hole is very soft. Is it possible…have you been…"

Byakuya's face lit up with color. But he looked away and couldn't answer. Renji's mind exploded with the image of Kuchiki Taichou fingering himself in the bath. He was really so flabbergasted that he barely moved for almost a minute.

"Did you think of me?" Renji murmured, still disbelieving.

Byakuya was so embarrassed, a small tear rolled down his cheek. "Don't talk so much," he whispered.

Renji thought he might die from happiness. He kissed Byakuya deeply again, trying to convey all the joy in his heart. Unfortunately, at the moment, Byakuya was far too overwhelmed with physical sensation to concentrate very well. Trembling hands wrapped around Renji's waist, pulling him closer.

Sensing he wouldn't hurt him if he put it in now, Renji rubbed a small amount of lube over his cock, then placed Taichou's legs wide apart. For a moment he had to stare at the unbelievably sexy sight. Taichou was watching, but had part of his face covered in his hand out of embarrassment. The other hand was placed affectionately on Renji's chest, feeling the muscles move as Renji did. His naked body was warm and slick with sweat, and yet had hardly been more beautiful. And his cock was much redder than usual, slick and hard and desperate for release. Even Byakuya's hole was lightly twitching now that Renji's fingers had left it. Renji swallowed.

Finally, he slid deeply inside Byakuya's body. Byakuya cried out sweetly, his hands grasping Renji's shoulders. It was such a thrill when he did things like that; it made Renji feel powerful, that he could reduce such a proud, powerful man to someone desperate for his cock. He had to take a few breaths to get used to the hot wetness inside of his captain. If he didn't he would cum immediately.

However someone was ahead of him. Byakuya convulsed, his fingernails biting into Renji's flesh, and sprayed cum all over his own chest.

"Taichou?!" Renji cried in utter confusion. Not only did Taichou normally have far greater endurance than himself, but he had only cum just minutes ago. He had cum just from Renji being inside him? The thought made him crazy with desire.

Byakuya covered his face with his hands. "I'm sorry…it's this drug…I can't hold back…"

Renji held Byakuya tight in his arms. "Then don't hold back, Taichou. I can't tell you how unbelievably sexy you are right now. Please keep cumming while thinking of me. I can already tell I'm going to use this night to jerk off to in the future."

Byakuya scoffed with a blush. "Pervert…" he murmured.

"Yes," Renji agreed, and kissed him deeply again. "I'm going to move again, all right?"

Byakuya nodded, his lips parting.

Renji shoved himself deep inside Byakuya, immediately wanting to know just how far he could go inside him. He thrust his hips, and changed the angle. Eventually, he thought of an even better angle. He pulled out briefly. He rose to his knees first, then his feet. He lifted up Byakuya by the hips, causing the other man to gasp, and rested Byakuya's curved back against his legs. Then, slowly, he lowered himself down and inserted his cock into the half-upside down Byakuya.

Byakuya cried out from the strangeness of the angle. It was definitely touching his prostate, and even the weirdness was turning him on. He really enjoyed it when Renji took control once in a while. He also planned to steal this move and use it on Renji later.

Renji bounced his knees, thrusting mercilessly into Byakuya. Then, after only a few minutes of this, Byakuya threw his head back with a throaty cry and came again.

Renji stared in amazement. "That's some drug…" he said.

Byakuya was losing control. He reached up for Renji, longingly. "Fuck…me…" he murmured. "Can't take it…anymore…I want you…cum inside me…"

Renji gasped, holding back the urge to cum just from those words. Instead, he pulled out of Byakuya, threw him around to being on all fours, and grasped one of his arms to pull him back like a horse. Renji thrust inside him.

"Ahhahh…" Byakuya cried, his eyes rolling back.

Renji pounded him again and again, stroking his chest, legs and back as he did so. Eventually he ran out of endurance, and grasped both of Byakuya's arms to shove into him even deeper. Byakuya was so enveloped in passion, his moans had actually become quieter, simply unable to cope with the pleasure. Renji shoved into him over and over, and finally could hold back no longer. He threw his head back with a loud cry as he poured semen into his captain's insides. He continued to orgasm, trembling and twitching, long after his balls had emptied their load. He eventually looked down and realized Kuchiki Taichou had cum again too. However, as Renji was about to do, Kuchiki Taichou had already lost consciousness, and was only held up by Renji's grip on his arms. So Renji let him go, and fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, an incident occurred in which Shihouin Yoruichi became target practice for Senbonzakura.