CHAPTER 1: The Gathering Complete


So my 14th birthday went from enjoying a breakfast of pancakes to riding a flying mechanical dragon from a school I had flipped over. Normally your typical 14 year-old girl doesn't do that. But then again, I'm not your average 14 year old. Let's backtrack a little. It all started when I opened my locker. I was expecting to see my average arrangement of books, but instead I got a mouthful of red paint. My entire outfit was bleached red. As I looked at myself, I could feel my temperature rising just as I could feel every pair of eyes on me, watching my reaction. Unfortunately, I didn't react well.

"Who did this?" I yelled, looking for the criminal that I would take my anger out on. Everyone burst out laughing, mocking me as if they knew I couldn't cause any actual harm. Little did they know they would all regret their choice. Two hands went up from the crowd: each belonging to a different person. I marched back through all the laughs and found the culprits. It wasn't a surprise who they were. They were the girls who'd had it in for me from the beginning of the school year: Ashley and Heather.

Heather and Ashley were two snotty rich kid girls. They were the most popular in the school and always got what they wanted. They were the exact opposite of me, who had to work for everything I had. They looked down at me and throughout the year they did all sorts of vile things to me. They stole my bike (even though they refuse to admit it), they spread nasty rumors about me such as how I was born and raised in a dumpster, and they'll go out of their way to lie about me to get me in trouble.

All my anger rose at once. After all they'd done to me this year, they had to go even further. And it was my birthday! They thought they would get away with this, but no, this was the last straw. I was tired of taking everything they'd done to me. I had to stand up for myself. What I did next even surprised me. I picked them both up by the necks, one in each hand, and threw them a wall 5 feet with strength that I didn't even now I had.

It ticked me off that everyone was still laughing. All of them hated me because I acted different. I wanted to punish them. Punish them all. I had this tugging feeling in my gut. I swear, a voice in my head was whispering to me, giving me instructions on how to get back at them. Usually, it's not advised to be listening to a voice in your head. It just felt so right… so I listened. The voice made me aware of thing I didn't notice before. I felt the water in the river right behind our school calling out to me, like a puppy awaiting its next command from its master.

I focused all my energy on it and commanded it to rise. It obeyed and rose up into one, big, liquid pillar of water. The laughs coming from the hallway were silenced and replaced with gasps and screams. I willed the water to come at the school, and the results were more than I expected. The water game under the foundation of the school and caused it to rise. The school started to float and was now standing on the pillow of water I had created.

I forced the water to push up on one side of the school, and it did as I commanded. The school was so lopsided that flipped over and was now upside down. The entire student body broke out in chaos. Screams could be heard from all over as everyone struggled to recover.

As I realized what I had done, I fled. Not knowing where I was going, I exited the school doors and expected to see the road. Instead, I saw 4 dragons and staring my way.