Four Swords Adventures! Special Edition: Fathers Day

Links Dad: Hey Guys!

Green: Get outta here.

Links Dad: Aw son, it's fathers Day!

Red: We don't care.

Links Dad: Here, I got presents for you to give me. I bought them with my own money.

Blue: Go-o-o-o!

Links Dad: Here, take them!

Purple: Don't worry Dad. I bought my own gift for you with my own money and I made you a card!

(Other Links glare at Purple)

Links Dad: Awwww, thanks Purple! I'm just glad you even REMEMBERED today was Fathers Day.

Purple: I've had it on my calendar for years!

Blue: That's not possible. You have to get a new calendar every year.

Red: Does the author know how to spell calendar correctly?

Green: Nope.

Red: How did he graduate?

Green: Spoiled.

Red: 'Splains a lot.

Links Dad: Are you guys talking about me?

Green: No.

Red: You're not even our father you stalker!

Links Dad: Then who is your father?

Blue: Nintendo, if not so obvious.

Links Dad: Who is Nintendo?

Blue: A gaming company.

Links Dad: ...

Green: Get outta here!

Blue: Hey Dad!

Links Dad: What?

Blue: Ya fired! Ya butt!

Links Dad: (Screams)

Green: We like to rip off the internet and TV don't we?

Red: Yes. Yes we do.