On Friday morning, Morgan looks up as Emily and JJ enter the bullpen. Emily had gotten back from Montana the night before after helping the prosecution win its' case. JJ had told him they wanted to meet with him together upon Emily's return. They say nothing as they walk to the conference room. As Morgan stands to follow them Reid reaches under his desk.

"Morgan, take this."

Morgan looks over and sees Reid holding up a Kevlar vest. "Ha ha, Pretty Boy."

Reid just chuckles as Morgan goes in to his meeting with the Prentiss'. He closes the door behind himself. The women sit at the table, glaring at him. He shakes his head and sits across from them, launching into his apology.

"I put myself ahead of the team. I was more concerned with bringing home another win than with doing the job right. I should have never kept information from you, JJ. And I should never have made you keep important information from JJ, Emily. I was wrong. And I promise I will never make this mistake again. This unit functions as more than just at team. We're a family. I won't forget that ever again. I swear."

JJ and Emily exchange a look. It would be easy to let Morgan take the full brunt of the blame but they can't do that to him. Yes, he made a bad call. But as JJ's dad had pointed out, JJ and Emily can't have it both ways.

"Derek, it wasn't all you," JJ tells him. "Since we started seeing each other and now that we're married we have always said we would keep the personal out of the professional. Until this last case we managed to do that. When I realized he had taken someone just because she looked like me I lost it. And instead of putting the blame on Henning I put it on you. You didn't deserve that. I'm sorry."

Morgan and JJ look to Emily. She glances at them and raises her eyebrows. "What? I was just caught in the middle. You both owe me big for this."

The three agents start laughing. Morgan is the first to speak.

"So, we good?"

JJ nods. "We're good."

"Always," Emily confirms.

"Good. Because Hotch had mentioned making me Straus' personal assistant if I fucked up the team. And you don't even want to know what Garcia threatened!"

JJ winces. "No, no I'm sure I don't."

They head out of the conference room and head back to their desks. From his office, Hotch watches and smiles. His team was back.