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Ever woke up in darkness with a feeling of dread?

Yeah, every minute since my mind started working. I think my eyes are closed because all I can hear is moans and groans of people. Hell I don't even think it's a person! It reeks of death where I am. Wait…where am I? I can't remember anything at all. Huh, weird. I can feel my eyes.

Wait…I think I can open them!

Slowly, little cracks of light seeps through the lid of my eyes though not hurting me like I thought it would. I forced myself to open my eyes but immediately shut it back as the sun glares at me. I hissed quietly, my mouth very dry and lips chapped. How long was I sleeping? Now I try again to open my eyes very carefully this time. I blinked every once a while making the whiteness from the sun dissipate. I think I can see buildings from the corner of my eye! I blinked more then…



I blinked again looking at my surroundings daring not to move a muscle. Not even to breath. Everything around me was destroyed. Cars turned over, large fire in the corner, stores destroyed, buildings have collapse. Beside me was an untouched army truck just parked outside what once looked like a white hospital building.

Oh did I mention the ZOMBIES walking around?

I was lying there letting the zombies walk pass by me and I don't even think they notice me which is good because I just regained consciousness with no idea who I am or where I am. Slowly I decided to stand up warily of the zombies walking or just standing. They were terrifyingly smelly. Have you ever smelled a walking corpse? It makes you wonder if dying is a better choice, though I may be exaggerating. My surroundings were no better. Most of the tall grey buildings look quiet unharmed but the windows tell another story. It didn't help that the sky was dark grey with lightning rumbling at the south warning of a storm is about to come. The road going both east and west were blocked by huge trucks and fallen rubbles from buildings nearby. The only way left is north where I can see a creepy looking house up at a hill. The darker trees look big enough to cover it up yet somehow I can still see it.

Strange…I don't think my eye sight is supposed to be this good.

I looked down at my hands noticing I was wearing a fingerless black leather gloves. I examined myself thoroughly trying to see what I have on. I was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, dirty white sneakers, a grey shirt with a red biohazard symbol on it and a black leather jacket. I checked my pockets for something like an ID or wallet to tell me who I am but no such luck! Looking at street names to know where I am isn't much help since the writing was faded. I sighed, shivering not because of the cold. The dead walked around ignoring me like I was not there. I guess I should be thankful yet it did little to make me calm.

Something was missing. I can feel it.

I walked towards the mirror from the army truck seeing my face for the first time. Huh, my eyes look very funny. In fact I don't remember ever having white eyes.


That's not normal right?

I blinked twice before touching my reflection from the small mirror. My face was emotionless despite the dread and anxiety I'm feeling. My skin was a soft hue of a very light brown color. It was a contrast of my dark midnight hair with some strands of purple highlights. My eyes…well the pupils are a darker shade of white than the outside circle so it looks like whatever color my eyes were had been bleached. I mean, I can see the details of my EYES that you normally don't.

Yep, pretty sure it ain't normal.

Sighing in disbelief, I looked at the army truck then back to the house up the hill wondering if someone was there. Was it worth it? I shake my head smiling. "Probably will be." I said hoarsely not used to talking. I coughed a few times gaining a few attentions but no attacks. I tested my voice a couple times 'till it sounded normal. My voice was soft but had that deep manly tone. I smiled a little bigger then decided to look inside the truck for goodies. A weapon would be a good idea right now just in case these zombies finally decided to eat me. I opened the door sticking my head inside examining the seats, secret compartments and under the wheels. The only things I found were a map with red circles over some names and a grey walkie-talkie. I pocketed the map for later and fiddled with the machine seeing if it works. I pressed the button that says 'talk' then a red light appeared at the side. "Ha, so it works." I chuckled. I put it over my mouth still pressing the button. "Hello? Is anybody out there?" I asked out loud with a hint of hope. There was silence for a minute 'till statics came alive. A disgruntled voice can be heard from the other side but the static was getting in the way. I frowned at the walkie-talkie and tried again. "Hello? I can't hear you! You're going to have to speak very loud." I asked again leaning on the truck. The zombies minded their own business though some looked at me weirdly then casually looked away like I was one of them. A sudden shiver went up my spine as the thought of being a mindless corpse.

"He-….bzzzzr…I can…brsst…hear you! Hello?"

It was a male voice. It sounded young about early twenties maybe? I think he also has a Southern accent somewhere there. Maybe this man is around? Pushing the button again, I can only hope he is. "Yeah, I can hear you but static is in the way." I explained as I scanned my surroundings. I think I see a clothing store not far from here. Maybe there are shades I can use to cover my eyes. If I was going to look for anyone, hiding my eyes would be a good thing before they shoot me. Being dead is certainly not in my agenda! The reply I got was a loud numerous gun shots that somehow echoed in nearby. The sound went off again and I listened carefully to where it was coming from.

"You got- bzzzrrr…help….bzztt…in...jured….brrrr….ma.n." was all I got before more gun shots interrupted. It sounds like the gun shot are coming where I'm going, the north hill where that creepy house lay. With a smile, I pocketed my radio and began to run up north. The gun shots never stopped, getting louder each time I ran faster. The zombies had also accompanied me though for some reason was running faster than I am. I find that really insulting somehow. It was like I was supposed to be faster than them as if it mattered. I shrugged the feeling off and kept on running, trying to go faster. "I hope they're not in much trouble." I muttered suddenly realizing I had no weapon to defend myself with. Or to help the others. Damn, I should have looted the back of the truck before I left! I can be stupid sometimes.

A sudden explosion made me halt as right in front of me four survivors battling with a huge flesh muscle man carrying a piece of concrete on its hands ready to throw at them. Gulping as it roar in warning, I just stood there as it threw the concrete against the survivors who scattered away just in time. Some of the rubble reached me. I looked up to see the flesh monster staring back at me. I froze unsure of what to do. "Boy, get the hell out of there before that Tank can smash you!" A yell came from the right side as a dark-skinned man wearing a yellow shirt with blue in front and dark brown pants that had seen better days holding a machine gun pointed at the Tank. I stared at him for a moment about to say something when the Tank roared at me. I snapped my attention back to the Tank who is now getting a huge boulder. For some reason, my legs stopped working. I was freaking glued to the ground! How is that possible? I struggled to move but my body won't listen! What is happening? Am I going to die just after I woke up? The Tank looked at me and if it could smile, it would have. In slow motion I saw the Tank threw the boulder at me then suddenly I felt something collide with me by the side and everything went normal speed again. I gasp as air gets knock out of my lungs as I fell to the side with a loud thud. I heard a loud crack of concrete as the boulder must have hit. A heavy weight and the smell of blood reached my sense and all my nerves began to panic. I groaned dots dancing in my vision then a growl was heard. I froze up looking up to whom had hit me. I can feel my heart thudding loudly, all my nerves screaming 'danger'.

It was not human.