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Everything and everyone around me was so much bigger, so much scarier. Their loud voices, the loud creaking of buildings that it seemed only I could hear. I hid in shadows, I hid behind people, trying and failing to get away from everything. Just when I thought that my young heart would burst from fright, a hand was thrust forwards, right towards me.

I took the hand, and more of what was behind the hand came into view. I gazed into beautiful brown eyes that seemed like a safe refuge for my shaking soul. The woman scooped me up into her arms, and held me tightly.

"I love you, Ichigo. I always will." I felt so safe, and those few words seemed like they would last me a lifetime, ringing in my ears pleasantly. I hugged her back, slinging my arms around her neck.

"I love you too, mommy." I knew that she had died years ago, but she was back, and I wasn't going to protest against her, my young heart wouldn't take it. Suddenly, the sweet candy aura around her turned dark, and I was dropped from her arms. The world around me was dark itself, there was no light. I was suddenly taller, more confident, but that didn't make a difference to how small I felt not in my mother's arms. My mother began to turn around. I desperately tried to grab her shoulder, but it seemed just to melt through her like a flame through wax.

"Mom, where are you going?" I tried to grasp her attention, but she kept on walking, staring ahead, not giving me anything such as a sideways glance. "Are you going to leave me again?" No answer.

We walked side by side for a while, in silence, in complete and utter darkness that made my head fill with hopelessness and unease. Suddenly, the floor beneath us began to crumble, and I was forced downwards. I reached up to my mother, and before I could fall out of her sight forever, she grabbed my hand.

"Ichigo, promise me something." She said, my palms beginning to sweat as I dangled over the edge.

"Anything!" I cried, trying to holding her dainty hand. She wasn't struggling with my weight yet, she didn't try to pull me up.

"Promise me, that…-" Our hands were beginning to slide from each other. She turned away, cutting off her sentence. "Ichigo, I love you, but I must leave."

"No! What were you going to say?" I tried to hold on longer, but her hand seemed to become butter between my fingers. "Don't let me go, please," I begged, squeezing her hand as hard as I could. No matter how hard I squeezed, it seemed that I was just squeezing air.

"I'm sorry Ichigo," that was when our hands slid apart, and I began to fall, her voice beginning to fade into darkness. "I'm sorry Ichigo, don't forget about me, don't forget, don't forget." Her voice disappeared and I was left falling into an endless pit of blackness.

I jolted awake, finding myself short for breath. I swept a hand through my soaked mop of orange hair. Cold sweat poured down my neck and dripped down my shoulders. I wiped it off with my sheets. I sat up, looking around me.

"Ichigo." I jumped, squeezing the edge of my mattress. I looked in the direction from where the voice had projected from. A short form leaned against a corner of my bedroom wall, their arms folded.

"Karin, what are you doing awa-" She cut me off, stepping into the moonlight where I could see her and then set herself down beside me.

"I can't sleep," she said, leaning against me. "I had the most terrifying dream." I wrapped my arm around her.

"What was it about?" I said, hugging her tightly against me.

"Well, I was younger again, and I was scared, and then, someone held their hand out to me," the dream sounded an awful lot like mine. "It was mom, and she was so warm, it was like she was really there." Karin breathed in deeply and continued. "Then, suddenly, she dropped me, and everything became dark. She started walking away from me, and suddenly I was older, around fifteen maybe. I tried to get her attention, but," A sob escaped her lips. I rubbed her shoulder. "but she wouldn't stop. Then, I started to fall, and then, mom caught my hand…-" I continued for her. I knew this was my nightmare too.

"And she told you to promise you something, but she didn't tell you what. She told you that she was sorry, and then, she told you not to forget her, right?" Karin nodded.

"And then, I fell." She looked up at me, bewildered. "How did you know?" she asked, leaning her head on my bare shoulder.

"I had the same dream." I let go of her and laid her down on my pillow. "It's going to be alright, I promise. That nightmare wasn't real." I cooed. I sat down next to her, pulling the blankets up to her chin. I couldn't describe how much love I felt for my young teenage sister at that moment. It seemed just like old times, after mom had died. She would come into my room and wake me up, telling me she had a bad dream. I would give her a hug and say, "can you sleep now?" she would shake her head, and I would lay her down in my own bed and repeat my sentence. She would nod her head, and fall back into a peaceful sleep next to me, and I would fall asleep shortly after.

"Can you sleep now?" I asked. Karin nodded. "Good." I waited and watched her until she fell asleep, and then after her eyes had been closed for a good few, peaceful minutes, I opened the closet door and pulled out a blanket and a pillow, and fell asleep on the floor next to Karin slumbering restfully on the bed.

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