I Chose...

I chose to mutate my father in cold blood when my younger brothers could not look Cronus in the eye.

I chose snuck behind him and strike like a serpent because I could. Even if doing so would make me admit that I am a monster.

I chose my realm because I prefer to be alone.

I chose my realm because my siblings couldn't bear to look at me. I resemble what the Titan King was once. Tall, broad, stronger than most dream of being. But I am raven haired and purple eyed. My father's hair was alge green with dark eyes. But despite the difference, my features are his.

I chose to judge others based on their actions, as well as their reasons. But other beings don't bother to be considerate.

I chose to kidnap Kore because Demeter took her for granted. I wanted to teach my fool of a sister a lesson. I didn't expect Aphrodite's Eros to shoot me nor the sheltered brat to eat the seeds.

I chose to fight for Persephone because she was no longer Little Kore.

I chose to rarely breach the surface because no one wants me to see their fears and hate.

I chose to respect their wishes.

I chose to protect the twins from Hera.

I chose to hide the twins and the mother from Hera, tricking her into believing the twins and the mother were dead.

I chose to imprint archery into their skills.

I chose to allow them their birthright, instead of hiding them away from the world. Instead of keeping their innocence. Instead of ignoring their wishes.

I chose to allow their Loves' shades to never breach my lands.

I chose to allow the shades to become plantae and stars.

I chose to sneak them gifts when they were unhappy or unsatisfied.

I chose to bar my feelings and being from My Lights as they have no need to know.

I chose to wear a mask over my emotions so no one may share my pain.

I chose to lie because it's easier than to tell the truth.

I didn't choose to stare at the sea. But not to go back to the place I mutated my father every new year.

I didn't choose to see their fears.

I didn't choose to be what they hate and fear.

I didn't choose my appearance.

I didn't choose to become angry at those foolish enough to attempt to steal my subjects.

I didn't choose to fall in love with a few centuries old brat, who only cared about flowers.

I didn't choose to change Kore into my Destroyer of Light.

I didn't choose to be hated.

I didn't choose to fall for the Twins.

I didn't choose for Apollo to try to seduce me.

I didn't choose for Artemis to try to do the same.

I didn't choose for Love and Lust to shoot them whenever it struck their fancy.

I didn't choose to exist.