|| Silence ||

Shuu sighed, shuffling the papers on the desk and staring at the jar he had just tried talking to. He paused for a moment before bringing it closer, and staring into the cold glassy eyes that once looked at him with such sweet innocent admiration.

"Do you recall the time you'd said I sounded like Snufkin from Moomin?" He asked, waiting intently for an answer, in her usual cheery upbeat voice. But there was nothing. Not a single sound. "You probably do. You watched it as a child, I suspect… If you remember what his voice sounded like, it must have held many memories for you…" Perhaps he should've asked a while ago…

"I almost had the urge to watch it, recently. Hohoho…" His voice held less confidence than it usually had.

Perhaps he missed her. Though he knew it would never be the same. He could not undo what has already been done.

He picked the jar up off his desk, holding it close to him. That's right… He couldn't undo what had already been done. It would be better for the both of them to make the most of the situation.

He clutched the jar tighter, but tried his best to be gentle at the same time. He did not know what would happen if he were to break it. She's happy. He told himself. This is what she would have wanted… He tried to convince himself. Though he told himself these things; though he had thought about it for so long even before he had done it…

Why did he hate the silence that was always between them?

He was glad to have gotten to kill her. He was glad to have a piece of her by his side, always.

But this silence—

It would always remain.

That's all that would ever be.