E/O Challenge: Trap

Warnings/spoilers: If you haven't seen up to Season 2

Word Count: 121. Ha. Nowhere close. For a man of few words, John Winchester has a lot to write about.

Disclaimer: I say if you abuse your toys, you shouldn't get them back. So, nope. Ain't gonna happen. I refu- oh, you'll sue me? Fine.

A.N.: This may have turned out a little more angsty then I intended.

There were only four items John Winchester ever truly cared for. One stayed on his person at all times; one he'd left in the care of his sons; and two were safely guarded in an old storage locker by devils traps and a shotgun along the wall.

Four objects, but each significant. A car he vaguely remembers being convinced to buy (more of a home now then a van ever could be). A ring bearing memories of the fingers that slid it onto his. A minature sawed-off that conjours the momentary image of a proud little boy. And a dusty soccer trophy to tell him it's occasionally alright to just be dad.

Four items. Four reminders of what he's fighting for.