E/O Challenge: Trap

Warnings/spoilers: weechesters! And, er, "exasperated" John?

Word Count: 97

Disclaimer: Don't own them, wish I did...thank God for cable.

A.N.: Yay! I finally wrote weechester. Also, apparently I'm on a John-kick this week. Must be Father's Day.

This was it. All the monsters he'd faced. All the ghosts he'd ganked. All the demons he'd sent packing to hell. None of it, absolutely none of it could prepare him for this.

Trapped in the increasingly tearful stare of youngest, John Winchester mentally damned himself to hell for teaching his sons this stupid game. It was only meant to distract them. He should have known it would lead to trouble.

Heaving a defeated sigh as Dean (uncharacteristically uncharitable tonight) won another round; he leaned over and whispered in Sammy's ear, "Just remember, he always chooses scissors."