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Note: Lucy In the sky with diamonds may be about LSD or a sweet moment between father and son. Let's go with the latter. xD


A woman's voice is heard humming softly. Eye's open from her lap and look at her. She was angelic, her golden hair fluttering down like a makeshift mobile. Chubby fingers reached upwards and tried their best to twirl them into their grip.

She grinned and two small creases at the corners of her eyes formed as she scooped her head to nibble softly at the child in her arms. She pulled backwards when she heard soft giggles then zoomed in closer.

"Hi momma's baby." Her voice echoed as if it were traveling some far distance to be heard. "Momma's precious little baby girl."

It was then that her head turned and she spoke softly to someone to her right. Her attention snapped back to the child in her lap and it was then the sun caught her eyes. Gorgeous brown eyes exploded under the sudden lights, causing flecks of green to burst into view.

Whatever drug her attention from the child caused it to begin to whimper and then shake with tears.

"Oh no momma's girl." She bent down and smooched the wailing child and began to hum to soothe her. Her humming turned to softly spoken lyrics that still sounded stunning falling from her lips.

"Picture yourself in a boat on a river. With tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly. A girl with kaleidoscope eyes..." She sang and paused to let the child knows she had her full attention.

Quinn turned over in her bed, beads of sweat forming on her brow.

"Cellophane flowers of yellow and green, towering over your head."

Quinn gripped her sheets, churning desperately into her sheets.

"Lucy in the sky with diamonds."

The woman bent and kissed her again. "Lucy in the sky with diamonds." She laughed sweetly a breeze causing the stray wisps in her face to sway softly in the wind.

Quinn pulled, and then twisted covers up to her chin in her sleep to cover up from the sudden chill.

She bent lowly to the child's ear and sing-songed softly. "Lucy in the sky with diamonds."

Quinn sat up rigidly in bed gripping the side of her head. She had that feeling of someone being close to her ear, and she could swear she heard the woman's voice from her dream lingering. She looked over at the clock by her bedside.

3 am. The devil's witching hour. I had a strange tendency of waking up voluntarily or not at about that time sometimes. I guess it's rather fitting.

She rubbed her face and drug her fingers through her hair letting her fingertips rest on her scalp.

Well what the fuck was that. The dream was so vivid. More so then most. The wind, the embrace, the singing. What the fuck was going on with me? Charlie's portrait had found its way into my dream. But, why did it feel so strangely right? The woman in that portrait seemed so familiar, just like the woman in the dream.

She shuffled out of bed and headed for the fridge. She grabbed a bottled water and took down half of it before she realized there was a dog baring its teeth at her in the corner. The dog's threat didn't stir her; she instead shook her head and cursed softly.

Damnit, I forgot. My inability to say no had me anchored with a new roommate.

She sighed and pulled some old Tupperware from her cabinet and poured the rest of her water bottle into it. She nudged it towards the dog who gave up its threatening stance to go lap at the water feverishly.

She bent beside the dog on the kitchen floor and spoke. "Alright dog, listen up. I don't like you and you sure as hell don't like me. But we do have something in common, sympathy from a chipper brunette."

She shifted on her heels. "Now you are here temporarily, meaning as soon as we find you a home, you'll be out of the door. So let's try to keep this thing amicable, before I decide to start a doggy slide collection."

The dog slowed its drinking and then rested on its hind legs looking at her.

Quinn sat down on her rear and crossed her legs, satisfied she had the dog's full attention.

"Here are our rules of engagement; there will be no more of this…." She waved he hands in the air. "…growling nonsense. I will feed you and walk you two times a day, and there will be absolutely no shitting or pissing on my floors. Are we clear?"

The dog barked and bared its teeth again but she continued to stare sternly until it backed away seemingly in understanding. She got up from the floor and dusted her hands on her pants. "I'm glad we had this talk so we both know, this isn't a friend's thing."

After her speech about the rules of the house she headed for her laptop. She sighed as she took her seat behind the small desk she got at a garage sale. It was old, and the left draw stuck sometimes but it was just that type of welcome well worn object that she loved to have in her apartment. You could see traces of that from the wooden blinds she kept and the antique brass faucet she installed in her bathroom. She flipped open her laptop and drummed her fingers along the old wood.

It was amazing how much of a good deal you could get on a quality piece when you didn't buy brand new. Besides I had to keep a tight budget, my craft wasn't exactly cheap.

She checked her e-mail.

Nothing new. Just penis enhancement products and ways to reduce my credit.

She quickly clicked delete but paused when her mouse hovered over a Family Tree Ad. Her brow furrowed.

Why hadn't I thought of this before? Of course I wouldn't use some silly service but this dream and The Artist hinting at my past. Over the last few weeks I had been so swept up in Brittany's promotion and Rachel practicing her audition I haven't even thought about the clue that was dropped by my special friend. The limb at the field was a huge statement. The Artist was trying to show me something, reveal something to me about who I was, where I came from. And no one in the world needed answers more than me. My father…he was never very open about my past. He always said in time, but he died before he got the chance to let me know why I was like this. Why the blood had such a hold on me.

She didn't like to think about his death. She didn't like to acknowledge that it made her throat thick and sometimes, sometimes, just barely she could feel the sting of tears begin to build. She cleared her throat and shook off the thought.

I've never cried a day in my life. Not even for him.

She deleted the e-mail and inadvertently opened another and a thousand pop-ups flooded her screen. She cursed and began to close them one by one.

Strange how I could rid the world of murderers and degenerates but I couldn't for the life of me fight the evils of malware.

She cursed again and had most of them cleared until she saw a bright pink and orange one with two women on it. There make-up was heavy and someone had gotten carried away with the photo shop. Their breasts were exposed as they sensually gazed into some sleaze-ball's lens, their tongues extended towards each other and touching at the tips.

She looked around furtively, and then peeked towards the kitchen to see if the dog was out and about. She entered the link on the pop-up and was hit with so many graphic images her eyes nearly popped out of the sockets. She clicked a few images carefully analyzing each one and then decided to press play on a video. Two women, a red head and a brunette were feverously kissing. They began to strip and then the red heads head slipped between her thighs.


Quinn kept her eyes trained on the screen and then her head cocked to the side as the women began to display their more acrobatic sides.


They flipped.

How the hell?

She was knocked out of her daze with an all too familiar ring-tone.


Quinn got up from her seat and walked to her bedroom. She plopped down on her bed and rolled on her back before accepting the call.

"What are you doing up?" A half sleepy Rachel questioned.

Quinn laughed. "I should be asking you the same question." Her voice dipped into concern. "You're nervous aren't you?"

"No..." Rachel said trailing off. "…not at all. I mean this is just a show for a little community center and it's really not a big deal…"


"…but then again it isn't Quinn! I mean this is pretty huge. These are actual auditions! There are going to be judges and competition. Certainly I'm a shoe in I mean, I'm good." She paused to curse silently. "I'm not trying to be arrogant but pretty much everyone has been saying I should audition and I'll get this role for sure…but…" Her voice shrank. "…what if I don't?"

She paused for air and was met by soft snoring sounds from the other end of the phone.

"Quinn Fabray are you asleep?!" The sleep had dropped from her own tone.

"No, not at all. Nonsense puts me to sleep." Quinn deadpanned. She quickly continued. "Rachel, listen to me you've got this, wanna' know why?"

"Why?" Rachel questioned softly.

"Because you're the shit."

Rachel burst into giggles on the other end. Quinn had to pull the phone from her ear a bit.

Her laugh was cute. But it was very-very loud.

When the laughter died down Quinn continued. "And you know you are you said it yourself. So you don't need anyone's approval, not mine or a judge. No matter what the outcome, you are going to walk in there the best and leave the best. Got it?"

"Got it." The brunette said from the other end.

I could hear her smile through the phone. It was contagious even through technology.

Quinn smiled, then got up from her bed and walked towards her living room. She forgot what she left playing to answer the call and was met by the loud and orgasmic moaning of lesbian sex.

"What's going on over there?" Rachel said her voice peaked with curiosity.

"N-n-nothing." Quinn said hustling to silence the machine.

"Are you watching porn?" Rachel said nearly giggling.

Quinn panicked and slapped at the keyboard trying to get the video to stop.

"Nothing-Just-Some-Stupid-Popup." She managed to get out in between smacks to the laptop.

She finally stopped the video and silence fell over her conversation and the apartment. She closed her eyes and braced for the ribbing.

"You should let it play."

She was using that tone again. That tone that had me pinned up against a car begging her to touch me. And I couldn't see them but I knew with that voice came those dark lidded eyes. The ones that made me feel naked no matter how many layers of clothing I had on.

"You should let it play." She said again and the words seemed to travel past the phone and send a chill up Quinn's spine.

Almost like the blood.

"And I…" She began. "…should come over and watch it with you." Then finished with a slight husk.

The slow drag in her voice. The fact that I could hear her wet her lips through the phone. And all of this mixed with these images were making strange things happen and even stranger things come to mind.

Rachel knocked twice on the door but half way through the second, the door was opened and she collided with Quinn. Quinn lifted her up and her legs wrapped instinctively around her waist and locked themselves around her at the ankle.

Quinn backed her against the wall and their lips met violently. Rachel hooked her arms around Quinn's neck and pressed her further against her. The blonde then used her hand to harshly turn and devour Rachel's neckline.

Rachel dropped her legs down and pushed Quinn backwards, her eyes trained on her as she pulled her top over her head. Quinn back peddled mimicking her actions. They crash into each other again at the center of her apartment until Quinn lifted her over her shoulder. She flung her bedroom door open and tossed the brunette to the bed. Rachel stripped until she was bare naked, her breast and ass bathed in moonlight.

She got up on her knees and pulled Quinn towards her by her belt loops. Quinn happily obliged her request to come closer and sank in between her bare legs kissing any part of her bare body that her lips could reach. Rachel moaned and begged and sighed until she gripped the sides of Quinn face and brought her lips to her mouth. Their tongues and lips met over and over again until Rachel pulled back out of breath.

She roughly brought her lips closely to Quinn's ear and licked the length of it before whispering. "Fuck me Quinn."

A loud bark stopped the dream in its track.

Good boy.

"This dog has been driving me crazy." She stated and it was then that she looked down and saw her phone free hand griping the side of her desk until her knuckles went completely white. She withdrew her hand and shook the edge from her tone.

"I thought he was supposed to have a home by now?"

"Umm…yeah…working on it."

I could practically see her rolling her eyes through the phone.

"How is our prisoner of war?" She asked surprisingly over their little encounter already.

Quinn closed her laptop and walked to her kitchen. She dug out two hotdogs and tossed them to the animal before playfully tussingly his fur while he ate. He was a border collie, mostly white all over with a dark black patch covering majority of its right eye and ear.

He wasn't all that bad. And kind of cute. And a kick ass distraction. He deserved a treat.

"Were getting by."

"Good." She paused. "Are you going to name it?"

"Absolutely not, it will be 'the dog' until we place it into the arms of some family who will love it and blah, blah, blah."

"I like Gabriel."

"He's a dog not an Angel."


"As in Creek?"


"Step away from the 90's." She washed her hands in the sink and dried them on a kitchen towel. "And no names Rachel. Go to bed."

"Okay, okay. I'll see you later on. Oh, and don't forget we still have to get Britney's party together."

"Got it."

"Bye babe."


She hung up the phone and placed it on the counter before running her hands through her hair and burying her face in her palms.

What was that? Was that what I wanted to do? What was going on inside of my head these days? Things were getting out of whack and I needed to center.

She lifted her face from her palms and stared blankly ahead. No emotion, no thoughts of dogs and Rachel and phantom women.

I needed to kill.


*Theme music - The Constancy Part 2*


Quinn walks from her apartment as if it was an ordinary day. She waves to her neighbor and continues down the steps of her apartment, her movements sliding into slow motion.

As she hits the streets a blood drop falls from the sky and plants itself firmly beside her on the pavement. She continues to walk as more of the viscous liquid pours from the sky. She causally bats some off of her brow as the city goers around her shield themselves from the rain. One man stalks past her, a newspaper over his head protecting him from the bloody downpour. As he passes Quinn she watches him walk away and then notices two children splashing about in the blood as if they were frolicking in normal rain water.

She looks to her right and a dog is briskly shaking off the blood, its velvet drops cascading in sprinkles off his coat.

No one seems to notice the red colored droplets but Quinn. She walks down the street a bit and extends a hand, letting the blood pool and drop from in between her fingertips. Others continue by her, finishing their daily routine but Quinn watches the blood collect in her palm then looks up, a satisfied grin sitting securely on her face.*


4 - 'For All We Know'

Quinn readjusted her bag as she entered the Miami Metro police station. She took off her shades as she approached the reception area up front. She waived her badge for security purposes only and continued to walk pausing only to wave slightly. She passed by a few familiar faces and of course stopped for a little morning chit-chat. She spent a bit more time with one of the ladies in the evidence locker, who just had to show her the newest school photos she had ordered.

It's gotten to the point where I've seen so many horrid school pictures of kids going through their 'weird-looking' phase if I saw another I would hunt down the masterminds behind those horribly lit pieces of…

"Fabray." Noah had called her name from across the room. She walked towards him and he opened up a box of donuts in her direction.

How cliché.

She took one and ate a decent sized bite out and flipped through an open file on his desk. Inside, she found more pictures from the crime scene The Artist left. She picked one up and held it closer in her line of vision.

Even when the bastard wasn't trying he was making masterpieces it seems. The bloody stump. The soccer field. A few sprigs of grass perfectly peaked and swaying in a stuffy breeze. It was all very minimalist. Very clean. From the cut of the bone to the very neat and trimmed edges. Even the grainy lens and an unsteady crime scene investigator's shaky hands couldn't ruin this.

Noah noisily bit into another donut, talking with the half digested food stuffed to one corner of his mouth. "Haven't heard one peep from the fucker." He took another bite of his donut and placed it down on his desk. After dusting his hands off he propped his elbows up on his desk and nearly fell asleep.

Quinn placed the photo down and looked at her co-worker. He looked exhausted. His hair was heavy with grease and the lack of sleep was evident by the bags forming under his eyes.

"When is the last time you've gotten any sleep?" She asked finishing off her donut.

He sighed. "I got about a good three hours last night." He sat back up and drank some of the stale coffee sitting out on his desk. "I don't know, something about dead hookers and bloody stumps set out in the mid-day makes a guy question whether he should sleep or use that time to put an end to this fucking madness."

"We all need sleep." Quinn stated surveying the rest of the office.

Though I once heard a saying that there was no rest for the wicked.

"What are you looking for Fabray?" He asked rising from his seat and standing beside her, his hands shoved in the pocket of his slacks.

"There is a considerably less amount of crazy in this room." Her brown eyes shifted from corner to corner. "Where Sue?"

Noah thought for a moment and then quirked a brow. "Drunk, half dead and sometimes even possessed by the devil and that woman has never missed a day of work. So where did you see her last?"

"Me?' Quinn looked at Noah and sighed. "You were the one who was supposed to look out for her last."

Noah shook his head in disagreement and then pointed at Quinn, his other hand still resting in his pocket. "Oh no Fabray, you will not put this on me. I already got a serial killer and insomnia up my ass and you want to add a five foot five pissed off Latina up there. No way Fabray. My ass is at full capacity."

Quinn shrugged. "Okay…but what you just said sounded all types of wrong.."

Noah nudged her with his elbow and they both shared a laugh as Brittany, Schuester and The Lieutenant made their way out of Santana's office. They lined up, side by side, as Schuester calls everyone in attendance. Brittany did a little half wave at Noah and Quinn who returned the gesture. Once Schuester had everyone's attention he stepped forward and began to speak.

"I was starting out in this profession when people like Brittany's father were taking down some of the fiercest criminals these streets had. What people don't know is that it took a lot of long nights, a lot of time witnessing horrible things to see to it that the city of Miami could be a thing of beauty again." He paused to let his words sink in with the officers and detectives around him. "Every day we walk out that door, every day we bring in a criminal every day we do our jobs we are carrying on that legacy. For many of us this isn't a job or a lifestyle….it's a calling."

He walked over to Brittney and placed a hand on her shoulder, still half facing the crowd. "Today we welcome another Detective to our fold. She has been with us as an officer, she has went above and beyond her duty to get the job done and I couldn't be more proud to have her here at Miami Metro. So it is my honor to formally introduce to all of you, Detective Brittany S. Pierce." He stepped back and began to clap and the others around joined in. Quinn linked her index finger and her thumb and placed them in her mouth emitting a loud whistle for her best friend.

I smiled as Brittany stepped forward in her slacks and neat fitting button down. Her hair was down; I always liked it when she wore it down. It framed her face beautifully. She looked amazing and…happy. No one deserved this more than she did. There was something in my chest, something that swelled within me. Pride. I was proud of her.

"Finally." She said exhaling playfully and laughed as the room joined in with her. "What can I say? I've been a janitor and a prostitute so the natural progression is Detective I guess." She laughed again stepping back a little bit. "I've wanted this job since I was a little girl, I want to be the detective my father was and I want to handle this position just like he would, with hard work and a dedication to justice. Thank you."

She finished by officially clipping on her badge to another round of applause as Santana stepped forward.

"As much as I'd hate to put a damper on this feel good moment…" She placed one hand on her hip and pointed towards the briefing room. "…but I'm about to. We have another detective, which means we have more means to catch this killer and more resources to end the horrors this asshole has been committing." She turned to Brittany and nodded firmly before walking to the briefing room.

Brittany stood for a moment until Schuester gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder and left the office. The other detectives and Quinn filed in one by one as the Lieutenant paced the floor. Her high heels gracefully falling in line with her sharp turns. She had pictures, notes and evidence plastered all over the walls. Her jaw was clenched and her hands had tightened into fists.

When everyone was seated she came to a sharp halt in front of them and scanned the room. She shot a glare at Noah and Quinn.

Noah and Quinn looked at each other and mouthed. 'Fuck'.

She turned her back to the room and pointed at her backside. "Can anyone tell me what this is?"

Brittany smirked and raised an eyebrow. She tucked her bottom lip in and Quinn nudged her. She shrugged and continued to admire the view.

Jacob adjusted his glasses and raised his hand. "Proof that there is a god?"

She turned her head sharply to him. "Not now Jacob or I swear on everything that is good and holy I will kick your ass so hard you will have to unbutton your collar to take a shit!"

He lowered his hand as a nearby officer teased him for getting chewed out.

"Nobody? Okay well let me explain. This is my ass. While it may be the most perfectly toned derrière you've all laid your eyes on let me tell you why it isn't happy." She turned to the front and threw her hands up before pacing to the right side of the room, all the eyes in the room shifting to follow her movements.

"Let me list the number of things shoved up it shall we? The media, Schuester…yeah don't let the stupid vests fool you, and now they are talking about calling in the F.B.I." She paced to the other side of the room and stopped. "Listen to me and hear me loud and clear…" She cupped her hands around her mouth. "I do not want the fucking F.B.I. coming in and doing MY job." She lowered her hands and walked closer to the group in front of her. "If it comes to that I will have some fucking badges…old…" She peered at Brittany. "…and new."

Brittany clutched her badge on her chest as Santana stepped backwards.

"I don't need any more shit because right now, I've got so many god damn people up my ass, if I had a bowel movement Channel 36's entire crew would fall out."

Why is everyone making ass references today?


She sighed and walked back to the center of the room. "We are throwing everything we have at this one; we need to find Lance Gosner. He's still alive which means he can ID our perp. Finding him is top fucking priority. So get it the fuck done."

She turned her back to the room as everyone left the room. "Puckerman and Fabray keep your asses planted in those seats."

Brittany of course poked fun of them before exiting. Noah ran his hand over his face and rested it under his chin.

"Where's Sue?"

Good question.

Quinn spoke first. She wasn't afraid but appearances were everything. "We don't know."

Santana laughed. "You don't know." She whipped around to them but paused to calm herself. She took a seat and turned to face them, crossing her legs. "I know that was a request that called for going beyond your duty, but she hasn't been herself. And I thought you two, of all people in this department would understand that."

Noah looked guilty. I could care less.

"Lieutenant I was supposed to be keeping an eye out for her last and I kind of let her slip under my radar trying to focus on this case…" He looked at Santana his eyes filled with sincerity. "…I screwed up and I'll take care of it."

I'm not fond of men. I'm not very fond of any sex honestly. But Noah was a good guy. One of those guys you could pour your heart out to and he wouldn't view you any differently the next day. He had officially made it on my tolerable list.

"We'll take care of this…and in between cases I'll keep my eyes on this killer ordeal."

Eyes, ears and anything else. I wanted to find him first.

Santana got up from her seat and headed for the door. "As soon and as soon as you find her, call me. And….thank you." She left to go to her office as Noah and Quinn sat in silence.

"Did she just…"

"Don't speak on it Noah let's just savor humble Lieutenant while it lasts."

They looked over their shoulders to see her hollering at a few officers parlaying outside her office door.

Noah laughed. "Annnndddd there it goes. So, are we going Sue hunting today?"

"Yep." Quinn said as she stood up. She exited the room and headed for her office to gather her bag.

As much as I would rather be hunting down The Artist or any one of the many criminals in Miami I had to find Sue and get the Lieutenant off my back. I needed to stay on her good side, the last thing I need is to be on a good cop's radar.


Noah drove his pick-up down the Miami streets headed for Sue's home off of Doral Street. In the passenger seat sat a stone faced Quinn behind them in the back seat Jacob eating the last of a kosher hotdog he picked up from a local vendor.

The Sue hunting party had assembled and despite Jacobs protest we would not be referring to ourselves as the A team. I'm not sure how Jacob got tangled into all of this but he insisted his services would be invaluable. So far all he's done is try to catch glimpses of my cleavage in various car windows.

After finishing his lunch he leaned forward looking from Noah to Quinn. "So are we all just going to pretend we didn't see what we saw this morning?"

Quinn's brow furrowed. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the Lieutenants ass. Now I know what that guy was talking about in that song. That is a healthy bottom."

Noah laughed. "Quinn cover your ears…I have to agree with you there. Dat Ass."

"You guys are complete perverts. May I remind you that is the same ass that has us hunting down Sue Sylvester when we could be spending our time elsewhere?"

"I would follow that ass's orders right off the face of the Earth." Jacob clutched his chest. "Guys seriously, I'm in love."

Noah pulled over a few feet away from Sue's home. They all surveyed as much as they could from their position but saw no movement. No car was parked out front.

Jacob rubbed his hands together, giddy with excitement. "Stakeout! Whose up for a game of fuck, marry, kill Miami Metro style."

Quinn rolled her eyes and felt a vibration in her pocket. She whipped out her phone and immediately answered.

"Hey Rach-"

"It's getting closer and closer and…I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I can't concentrate at work, one of the girls left the center and went back to her abusive ex…and to top it all off I'm still planning Brittany's party -"

Shit. I forgot that was an actual thing.

"You forgot didn't you?"

"No.." Quinn said her voice fading into guilt.

"You forgot! Quinn we have to get this thing together, have you invited the guys from work?"

"I certainly have…"

"…not! Quinn…"

"Babe take a couple of deep breaths okay. I know you're stressed because of the audition so don't worry about picking up the stuff for the party okay. Focus on your audition and I'll take care of the rest. Okay?"

"Okay." Her voice lightened. "I'm so sorry…I just needed to…"

"I understand. I'm kind of in the middle of some work but I'll see you later when you nail that audition."

"Okay. Tell everyone I said hi."

"Hi!" Jacob and Noah said in unison.

"Knock it off goofballs…bye Rachel."

She hung up the phone and the truck went silent until Jacob started making whipping noises from the backseat. Noah tried to contain his laughter but his giggle turned from a chuckle to side slapping laughter.

Mental Note: Find a way to murder Jacob.

"We aren't going to find anything out here; we have to try to go in."

Jacob laughed. "You mean go into the lair of the she-dragon. No fucking way. I'm staying in the truck."

"Pussy." Noah said opening his truck door. Quinn followed suite and the duo walked to her front door. Noah knocked twice and went to knock a third time when the door creaked open.

"Something's wrong." He said placing his hand on his gun holster. Quinn fell in line behind him as they entered Sue's home.

It was just as I imagined it. Sue's furnishings were very minimal. Blinds that probably came with the house still hung up on the windows, one dish in the sink and on her kitchen table was a pile of files from work. She really meant that she was the job when she said it.

Noah swiftly turned a corner and called out her name. When they got no response they entered her bedroom. Still no sign of Sue.

"Where the fuck is she?" Noah asked out loud.

They both heard rustling in the bathroom and silently made their way over to the door. They both stood on either side then Noah swung the door open. What they saw on the other side was a badly beaten Sue Sylvester. Her right eye was swollen and purple, her lip was busted and blood caked her blonde bangs. Noah rushed to her side and she batted him off, adjusting to lean her back against her tubs side panel.

"What happened to you?" Quinn said as she stepped a bit closer.

"None of your fucking business Carrie." She sputtered out.

"She's doped up." Noah said tossing a pill bottle at Quinn who caught it and read the label.


Noah shook his head. "Who did this to you Sue." He sighed. "Did you try to go after that gang on your own Sue?"

"What do you care Puckerman, you don't know shit about the job. Some pussy footing man child coming in here trying to judge me and what I do! I do what I have to do! I do what you mother fuckers are afraid to do! I'm taking the law into my own fucking hands!"

I could see the anger resonating off her. I could understand it to; I often took the law into my own hands for justice. I wouldn't comment on it, Noah wouldn't like my response.

"You know what I have a problem with Sue, you getting the shit beat out of you or worse getting popped by one of those clowns. The La Luna's are a bunch of petty criminals but when you go up the ladder and start asking too many questions ON YOUR FUCKING OWN, this kind of crap happens. What if they didn't want to send a message Sue! What if they decided to exact their own vengeance?!"

Sue groggily tried to stand but sat back down quickly. "I was blindsided! It doesn't fucking matter anyway, what's done is done."

Noah stepped forward pointing his finger down at her on the ground. "I warned you Sue, but you just wouldn't listen."

"Oh I heard you loud and clear it's just a simple matter of me not caring about you or anyone else's opinion."

"Will the both of you please calm down?" Quinn said stepping in between them. She knelt beside Sue. "You need to go to the doctor; self medicating these wounds is a stupid call."

Sue's eyes caught hers and the older women's jaw tightened. "You think I buy that concern in your voice Fabray? You think the crap you pull has me fooled? Me? There's something about you that shouldn't be trusted so back the fuck up. Now!"

I let Lucy slip for a moment. I let the cold glare glaze over. I quickly recovered.

Quinn stood and raised both of her arms as she back peddled a few steps from Sue. Sue kept her eyes on her and then leaned back letting the drugs ease her pain.

"Both of you fuck off and mind your business."

"Fine." Noah crossed the room but turned back before leaving completely. "Let me tell you something Sue, you're a tough old broad and you're a damn good cop. But if you try to take on that gang alone it isn't going to end well. You know that, so stop being stubborn and use the power you were given instead of skulking around being a god damn vigilante." Noah stormed out and Quinn followed. As they exited Sue's home, Noah slammed the door and immediately went for his phone.

"Yeah…she's at home. She's beaten to a pulp and hopped up on pills. No, I'm not staying with her…I'm done being a baby sitter." He hung up the phone and continued to his vehicle. Once they were back inside he screeched off and down the street.


After the entire ordeal earlier with Sue it was a pleasant thought that I wouldn't have to be 'on' for just a few moments. I was coming to support Rachel of course, but also up in those stands I would have just a tiny pocket of reflection.

After parking her car Quinn headed directly for the community centers doors. It was larger than the ones Quinn had to frequent to see Rachel's performances. She supposed it was the La Scala de Milán of the social serviced based buildings. She was surprised to see several performers scattered about corridor. She passed by a woman dressed in a silver leotard repeating 'Mickey and Minnie Mouse Moochin' M&M's In The Movies' in different keys. Another woman kept stretching her mouth in different directions and one of the men there kept changing his expressions every time he waved his hand over his face.

I had seen a lot of nut jobs in my time and technically I was one of them but, nothing compares to people who have a love for the theatre. Nothing against them and whatever they enjoyed to do but…

A woman grabbed her right leg and stretched it over the top of her head, blocking Quinn's path.

Is all this necessary?

Quinn kept walking until she spotted her girlfriend talking to a very tall, handsome man in a tank top. Whatever he said must have been hysterical because she smiled broadly and tilted her head back with laughter.

Well what the fuck was so funny?

Quinn reached the two and Rachel nearly barreled her over. After their greeting she led Quinn by the hand over to Brody.

I don't want to meet this guy. I don't want to meet this guy. I don't want to meet this…

"Brody this is my girlfriend Quinn." She said nudging Quinn forward.

"Hi, I'm Brody Weston." He stated as he extended a hand.

I took it. And for the life of me I can't understand why I gripped it so firmly.

"Nice to meet you."

After a short pause they unclasped hands and Quinn stepped back to eye this guy. He was tall with striking blue eyes, perfectly quaffed hair and an almost statuesque physique.

I didn't like the way he looked at Rachel.

He smiled and pointed to the other side of the corridor. "Pretty over the top huh'?"

Rachel laughed. "Did anyone hear the M&M's lady?"

They both shared a laugh and Quinn's brow raised slightly when Rachel placed her hand on one of his arms while laughing again.

"As much as I'd love to stay and entertain you ladies I've got to prep. Break a leg out there Rachel." He gave a slight wave and then walked off down the hallway plugging headphones into his ears.

Rachel took both of Quinn's hands and squeezed them lightly. "I haven't been this nervous since we..." She cupped a hand over her mouth. "…stole that guy's dog."

Quinn smiled. "No more pep talks Rachel Berry. You've got way too much…" She paused to point to Rachel's heart. "…heart and love for this. This is your show."

She smiled and reached up slightly to give Quinn a quick kiss on the lips.

A woman stepped into the hallway and asked all participants to enter a small room as they awaited there on stage auditions. After one more quick kiss Rachel along with Brody walked into the room and out of sight. Quinn found the auditorium doors and took a seat on the balcony. Alone in the darkness she softly exhaled.

It was something about being alone in the darkness that relaxed me. Some people liked a stiff drink, some people liked a bit of nicotine. Me, I liked to sit in complete darkness. Maybe it was because I felt it was natural to me. It was my companion. It helped me with my second shift.

Quinn shifted in her seat as time elapsed.

It had been nearly two hours of subpar opera and jazz hands. If I saw one more person in that Party City flapper dress costume I was going to go down there and bust some fucking skulls.

After the latest performer gave a few humble bows, Rachel Berry appeared from behind the curtain. She adjusted the microphone to her height and smiled when a little bit of feedback kicked back from the microphone.

She sighed heavily then spoke.

"My name is Rachel Berry and I will be auditioning for the role of Roxy Hart. I'll be seeing 'On My Own from Les Misérables."

She turned to the left to queue the music and began.

I had seen her perform this song a million times, maybe it was the stage. Maybe it was the way she held the small audience with her notes, the way she moved her hands that made you feel like you were walking the streets with Eponine and singing for Marius yourself. She was beautiful and perfect and I felt something for the second time within myself today. It wasn't pride…I think…I think that maybe it was…

The judge's thunderous applause signified the ending of the song. Still she stood her hands wrapped gently around the microphone, her eyes closed. She grinned and opened them suddenly, taking a gracious bow. Quinn left the balcony and went to meet her in the hallway.

Rachel swung open the door and bypassed Brody to go jump into Quinn's arm and wrap her arms around her neck.

"Nailed it." She said and laughed as Quinn pulled backwards when Brody approached.

"That was…amazing." He said offering up a hug of his own to Rachel. "You guys heading out?"

"Yeah, Quinn's got an early day but...I don't have to stay to see you beat out these other guys do I?" Rachel said giving Brody another hug.

What's with all the freakin' hugs today?

"Oh by the way I'm throwing a party for a friend of mine, you should come."

"Really?" He asked and smiled. "I'd love to."

"Great, here's my number." She gave him one of her cards from work and closed his palms around it. "Shoot me a text and I'll give you the deets."

"Awesome, see you guys later."

Quinn and Rachel walked towards the exit hand in hand as they approached the exit Rachel turned to Quinn.

"You don't mind if I gave Brody my number right…I mean...you won't be…"

"Rachel, it's not a big deal. It's fine."

She smiled. "Good because I don't want you to think I'm…"

"It's fine." She reassured. "Now let's get something to eat...I'm starved."

She didn't know emotions weren't my thing. Still I had mixed feelings about Brody. I didn't like the fact that he was hugging her and making her smile and laugh. But that wasn't jealousy…couldn't be.


Sue stared at her face in the mirror. She touched at her bruised eye and winced at the contact. She had found the strength to rinse the blood from her body. Her right shoulder was badly bruised as well and she could still see an entire footprint on her side. They had done a number on her but she hadn't given up the fight yet. She didn't care for false empathy from a half ass detective and the blood groupy. She didn't care for it and she certainly didn't need it. She pulled a shirt over her head and went to her kitchen. She checked the time and realized she wouldn't be making it in for another days work. She looked at the pile of files on her table and shook her head. So much to be done and she was too tired to do any of it. Her front door wrenched open and in walked Lieutenant Lopez. She didn't speak; she just marched through her home and went to her bath room. After spotting what she was after she walked back to the kitchen to see a less than amused Sue.

Santana held up the pill bottle. "Really? Are you trying to be the cliché grizzled hard nose cop because it just looks pathetic at this point."

Sue rolled her eyes. "I'm surprised you actually showed up instead of sending your stooges over here! I have half a mind to…"

"That's right; you've got half a fucking mind. And what little you have left are going to be blown out of you head if you try to take on the La Luna's.

Sue nearly spat. "They must have told you this huh? You're going to take their word over mine?

"Uh…yeah Sue. I was your partner once remember. I know how your mind works and I had my own suspicions long before I sent Fabray and Puckerman over here." The Latina said crossing over closer to Sue. "So you dopping up or what?"

"This is a joke right?!Do you see the state I'm in? This isn't a casual thing Lopez, I'm hurting over here."

"We both know well and good where this route takes you Sue." She jiggled the pill bottle and shook her head. "You think I like being here…" She slammed the pill bottle down on the kitchen table. "...doing this? The Sue I know wouldn't be in here pill popping and feeling sorry for herself, she'd be at work doing the job she's dedicated her life too."

"Don't you dare imply that I haven't been doing my job when I've held that entire department on my shoulders for years. You included!" Sue shrugged. "You know back before when you were a green behind the ears little beat cop and not Lieutenant Lopez."

Santana sighed. "I'm not here to throw my position around; I never have and never will do that to you. You taught me everything I know, you groomed me to become the investigator that I am today. That's why I'm here…out of respect." Santana folded her arms over her chest. "Because if you were anyone else I'd have your fucking gun and badge. Seriously Sue? You're a vigilante now? No protocol? No backup? You've lost your god damn mind and I'm here to tell you, you had better find that shit!"

"That an order Lieutenant?" Sue said her tone drenched in ice.

Santana softened. "You and I both know when an informant decides to play ball that there are risks. We explicitly state.."

"Oh don't give me that bullshit Santana!" The older blonde said slamming her fists on the table in front of her. "She wasn't doing this for a payoff; she was doing this so other young girls wouldn't be swept up into that piece of shit posse. She was clean and sober and fighting for a better life! And I..." Sue sat down at the table and placed her face in her palms. "…I failed her Lopez." She muttered her voice strained with emotion. "I fucking failed her. I convinced her to let her guard down and she was murdered. In cold fucking blood. In a house she was going to start over in."

Santana walked over to the fridge and pulled out a bag of frozen mixed vegetables. She pulled Sue's hands down and placed the cool bag on her bruised eye. Sue used one of her hands to keep the bag in place once Santana moved her hand away.

"Sue. You did what you could do. You didn't just pluck her out of that shit, pump her for information and throw your hands up in the air. No, you took the time to make sure she was okay but shit happens. You had the best of intentions I know that and so does she. It's a dangerous game but she was willing to play. Her death isn't her fault or yours; it's the fucking La Luna's." Santana reached over and grabbed the bottle from the table. "And we are never going to catch the bastards responsible and take down that gang for good with your drooling at the mouth."

Santana walked over to Sue's sink and poured the pills down the drain and ran her garbage disposal. She reached inside her purse and tossed Sue a pill bottle.

"Motrin?" Sue questioned.

"Hey you want to be a badass, deal with the pain like a bad ass." Santana said laughing slightly after.

Sue managed a dry smirk and adjusted the bag over her eye. "I'll be back to work tomorrow."

"Uh, no you won't. You're taking the remainder of the week off to get your mind together. Cry, curse, do what you gotta' do. We have a killer to catch and I need you on your A game."

On her way to the door she paused to grip Sue's uninjured shoulder lightly to affirm she'd be okay. She walked towards the exit of Sue's home but paused. "I'm not the only one that notices the change in behavior Sue. Everyone is watching. So your shit Sue, get it together." She spoke her back still towards her. Outside her door her cell-phone rang.

"Lieutenant Lopez. Well if this day couldn't get any fucking worse. I'll be there in a moment."


Quinn knelt beside the limb as Noah stood behind her talking to Brittany. A bit of a breeze kicked up and tossed a bit of Quinn's shaggy bang over the other side of her head. She held up her hand to shield her eyes from the sun.

It was the same thing from before. Clean and meticulous removal of the limb, iced down and set up at a park on the top of the slide Brittany and I used to play at when we were children.

She got closer and zoomed in on the limb. It was a hand cut right below the wrist and posed with all of its fingers curled up except for an extended index finger half way bent in the air.

The nails were manicured. The Artist had cleaned and tailored the limb before setting it up for display. It was that kind of attention to detail that made me swoon.

Brittany knelt beside her and grimaced. "That's fucking disgusting Quinn."

Quinn masked her annoyance. "We can run test's on this thing but I'm pretty sure we know exactly where this came from."

"Jacob's running tests as we speak but I guarantee you this is the work of The Artist."

Brittany shook her head. "That poor man."

I wanted to yell at them. Tell them that man's life would never have held as much importance as it had right now. I wanted them to see what I saw.

"Well I'm glad everyone's having a quiet moment of reflection with the bloody stump."

Brittany stood and turned to the Lieutenant. "Lieutenant Lopez we were-"

"You were what? Gathering evidence? Questioning witnesses? Where's you recorder Brittany? For fucks sake, do you even have your badge showing?"

Brittany turned to the side and showed her the exposed badge on her hip. Santana turned away for a moment and laughed. "Tell you what Pierce how about you go hold perimeter with the fucking beat cops until you come prepared to do the job that was given to you."

"With all due respect…" Brittany started but paused to gather enough courage to continue. "…with all due respect I didn't take Detective to hold perimeter Lieutenant."

Noah's eyes went wide and even Quinn jerked away from the limb after the statement.

Santana stepped closer to her and cleared her throat. "With all due respect Detective, I just gave you an order. You see this job; the one Schuester gracefully bestowed upon you for breaking protocol is more than badges and authority."

She kept her eyes on Brittany while she spoke to Noah. "Noah what have you done since being on scene?"

"Tried to secure two witnesses, got a report from the park manager, e-mailed the documents to you to submit for a 24 hour lock down of the park , tried to find some kind of local surveillance, sent a few uniforms to talk to neighbors nearby in the community…"

She held up her hand to silence him. "Saying you are a detective and being a detective are two different things, so with all due respect you can hold fucking perimeter until you learn the difference between the two."

Brittany turned without a word and joined the uniforms holding the public back.

"Jesus Santana it was her first…"

Santana shot him a look that suggested she'd rather not further the discussion. She walked over to Quinn and motioned for Noah to come along side her.


Noah handed Santana a pair and she placed them on walking closer to the side and looking at the angle. "Come here you two."

They joined her and looked at the stump.

"He's fucking taunting us." Santana said her teeth gritted.

It was then I noticed the angling of the index finger, the position of the stump. The hand was forming a gesture. The Lieutenant thought it was a gesture suggesting that they all come closer, that they should all see what he had in store. But I don't think it was a gesture to the police department. It was a direct gesture to me. The Artist was motioning for me to look closer, to find him. I just had to find out how and I was positively certain now I had to begin by looking into my own past, as soon as possible.


Quinn sat in her office submerged in complete darkness. No one would know she was in unless they opened the door, and she had made sure that it was locked. The blinds were closed and the only thing visible was the small sliver of light from her laptop illuminating her eyes.

After the crime scene debacle Santana sent us all our separate ways while she smoothed things over with the press. Now that I had a small window of opportunity I could get back to the mission at hand. Finding the Artist. I honestly always questioned my past but grew to be settled with what I did know. I never questioned my adoptive father, not even in death. Still it had always been a nagging question in the back of my mind. The question we ask ourselves from time to time when we are lost.

She pulled up the state database log-in screen and let the cursor sit on the username field.

Who am I?

After a simple hack sequence she was in and browsing her files.

I only had a small window of time. Hacking into a state databases was always a heavy risk. It would only be a matter of about two minutes before the monitors shifted the interface and blocked access. Then they'd try to trace. I had to be in and out, or risk exposure.

She pulled up her information and tried to search for her birth certificate.

Nothing on file? I have no birth certificate, how is that possible?

With her brow furrowed she kept reading her log. She found that all the information dated back to only post-adoption.

It's almost as if my life did not begin until I was adopted. No record of my mother. No record of my father.

Searching further she found her adoption information. There was no record of where or who she was. Out of time and completely frustrated she exited the database and slammed her fist on her desk. She got up from her laptop and paced the room her eyes darting from one point to another.

No past. Not even a glimpse of who I was or where I had come from. I was a blank slate and the only man that knew more was dead. Did my mother not even care what happened to me? Did she even take a moment to leave a trail for me to find her again? Did she ever want me to find her again?

She paused mid-step to clear her mind.

It was all too much. My head was at capacity. There was no more room to process. The Artist, Rachel, Brittany, my past…I needed to clear my mind.

Recovering she sat back down at her desk and held her face in her palms. Her right eye focused on a file lying beside her. She stared it for a moment then snatched up the file and opened it.

I know I had things to accomplish to further my connection with The Artist, but I needed a distraction from it all. The balance was tipping. And Lucy was being left out in the cold.

She ran her finger along the file name her lip tucked in between her teeth.

Laurie Riojas was a two-year-old girl who was reported missing about 2 years ago in Orlando Florida. There was a gigantic media frenzy behind the disappearance. Her skeletal remains were found in a wooded area near her home. Her then 22-year-old mother, Ella Riojas, was tried for the first degree murder of Laurie but was acquitted. She was, however, convicted of misdemeanor counts of providing false information to police officers.

Quinn read further into the file. Her full attention on the papers in front of her.

It appeared Ella lived with her mother who testified but admitted to not seeing Ella for weeks. Ella also fabricated various stories, including telling detectives the child had been kidnapped by a fictitious African American male. She had even passed a lie detector test. Despite evidence such as charges for tape and shovels being found on her credit card reports, she still maintained the child was murdered by the man. With a high profiled lawyer looking to make a name for herself she was let off the hook for the murder of her child.

It was infuriating. The entire legal process. I could see why Sue snapped and sought her own justice. It was all a pageant show now but this beauty queen…she was going to die. I would find the connection and when I did, no extent of the law could protect her from my wrath.

After a bit more digging Quinn stumbled upon a report from a witness. The witness said the mother was last seen with the child in a green Sudan marked with Nevada plates 326-NEB. The mother denied the reports and upon investigation the police found she nor any of her relatives had any Nevada plated vehicles.

She closed the file on her desk and cupped her chin in thought.

There had to be a connection. There had to be a link.

Quinn then searched for the woman's last known whereabouts. She found that she was living in a small area just outside of Miami called Sweetwater.

A couple of years had gone by; she had to be pretty comfortable with her freedom. Comfort and settling always brought about mistakes. It was that edge, that high-risk factor that kept criminals on their toes. I would use the time; use the idea of safety against her. And find a way to exact real justice. The justice that only I could deliver.


"Oh she's going to love that!" Rachel exclaimed as Charlie tried her best to lift and safely fit the cheese fondue fountain through the door. After a few more careful tugs it was through the door and set up on the table.

Rachel shifted it slightly and stepped back to see if it was angled properly. She walked back over to it again and shifted it before throwing her hands up in frustration. Charlie intervened before she could shift it again.

"Rachel, I think its fine where it's at for now."

Rachel sighed and then laughed slightly. "I know. I know I'm acting just a little spastic but I said I would put this all together thinking Quinn would be able to come by but she's bogged down with work."

The mention of Quinn caused Charlie to remove her glasses and clean the frames with her shirt.

"She's a pretty busy girl isn't she?"

Rachel turned her back to Charlie and motioned for her to help her move her couch at a different angle. "Tell me about it." Rachel spoke as she put her strength into moving the furniture. "Still, she always manages to squeeze in a bit of time for me." Rachel ended with a short shrug and a grin.

"Interesting line of work she's in…blood splatter. Pretty dark stuff." Charlie said her tone shifting slightly.

"I try not to think about it…it's all so…." She sighed. "…I don't know, I just don't know how she's able to stomach it."

After successfully moving the furniture the duo began setting up a few folding chairs for additional seating. As they moved about the room Charlie paused picking up a photo of Rachel, looking at it curiously. She placed it down and then glanced behind her. She saw the brunette struggling to get one of the chairs open and immediately came to her side.

"Here, let me." She opened it with ease and propped it open.

"Charlie I just really want to thank you for taking the time to help with all this."

Charlie smiled. "Don't mention it."

Rachel turned to the room and pointed to a small section of the room. "I think I'll set up the karaoke machine there since I can move my T.V. to that socket. But then again I need walking room, then the drink section needs to be over here and…"

"Rachel." Charlie said calmly. "Slow down. You've got plenty of time."

"I know it's just that Quinn said she'd be here early to setup the machine, I can't even begin to tell you how that thing works."

"Quinn, she normally works late?" Charlie asked, her eyes catching Rachel.

"Yeah…" Rachel said her focus still on the setup for the party.

"And…does she ever tell you where she is?" Charlie questioned further.

"Sometimes at the office…sometimes…" Rachel's brow creased. "She's kind of vague."

"Vague." Charlie said quickly repeating her. "What does she tell you about her life?" Charlie's tone had dropped to a deadly calm. One that made Rachel turn on her heels towards her.

"Not much…is this going somewhere?" She asked the crease in her brow deepening as she folded her arms across her chest.

"And you don't find it odd that she never tells you anything…never bothers to go into detail about her late night whereabouts..."

Rachel looked off deep into thought. Charlie began closing the distance in between them still questioning. "…never telling you why her hours are so late…or exactly why a blood splatter analyst has to dig so…" She smirked. "…deep."

Charlie was practically on her neck.

She laughed loudly and caused Rachel to nearly jump out of her skin. "But then again she does have a job that involves precision. Any tiny mistake could be…" She paused. "…dire." She nearly whispered.

After she finished she went back to propping the chairs open as Rachel stood in the middle of the floor. She looked over at Charlie and then went over to the sink. She looked out the small window her focus completely removed from the party.


She jumped again and then turned to Charlie who had a warm smile on her face.

"Do you know anyone that would be able to set this machine up?"

Rachel still flustered tried to rack her mind to think of someone who could assist. "Well this guy…Brody he mentioned he knew a thing or two about setting up a stage for a performance…maybe he'd be willing to help, but I don't know…"

She picked up her phone and found his number. After a brief moment of thought she sent a text to him and got nearly an immediate response.

"He's in! He'll be over in just a moment, how cool is that. Besides, we sure could use another pair of hands, right?"

Charlie chuckled and clasped her hands together. "Oh, we most certainly could."


I had cleared out majority of my assignments and now the only task I had left was to slip out of the office without a trace.

Quinn slowly bypassed Noah who was seated at his desk sipping coffee. He looked around the office and she froze in her steps. After a moment he returned to his work and she began walking again.

Almost there.

She ducked into the break room when she saw Brittany enter the building and walk over to Noah. The two seemed to enter into a heavy discussion that lead to Brittany sitting down, her shoulders slack, her posture suggesting defeat. Noah placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

I hadn't spoken to Brittany since the tongue lashing she had received at the hands of the Lieutenant. She looked sad, genuinely sad. For a split second I thought I should walk over there and offer a few kind words.

She shook her head and peeked around the corner again.

Not this time. I couldn't be detoured. I had to keep the balance. Lucy needed her time.

Dead seat on her task Quinn then saw Jacob appear. He walked into the break room but after a split second decisions decided to walk over to Noah and Brittany. He spoke briefly and whatever he said caused Brittany and Noah to laugh.

As vile as Jacob could be, you could always count on him for a little bit of comedic relief.

With majority of her associates distracted she had finally reached the door.

Home free.

As soon as she hit the doorway she bumped shoulders with someone. She looked down and then directly into the eyes of Lieutenant Lopez.


"Fabray where the hell are you headed to?"

"Down to the courthouse, I have to submit a new piece of evidence for an upcoming trial."

Santana pondered for a moment and then cocked her head to the side. "Funny, I hadn't heard of any new evidence being submitted for any cases."

Change the fucking subject. What would get her easily distracted?

"It isn't exactly new, just some more useful observations besides…lending a helping hand for Brittany's party."

"Brittany's having a party?" Santana smirked. "No invite…" She placed her hand on her chest feigning hurt feelings. "I'm crushed."

Her interaction with the Lieutenant must have caught her co-workers eyes because Brittany and Jacob were now standing at her side.

How can I get out the door while keeping them both distracted.

She shifted to Brittany. "Yeah Brittany, I was just telling the Lieutenant she should drop by for the little shindig we were having tonight."

Brittany's face paled and her eyes went wide. "W-what are you talking about…" She peered at Quinn. "…Quinn…"

"She's talking about the party; you know the one were having in your honor tonight." Jacob said matter of factly.

I could tell by Brittany's expression, if she and Jacob were anywhere else, he'd be missing a nut by now.

"I'm not sure…"

"The party Pierce." Santana said playing into the blondes embarrassment. "The one I just heard about."

Quinn slowly backed away from the three, slowly inching towards the exit.

"Oh, that party. It's just going to be me and a few friends…"

"Try half the police department, there's going to be karaoke." Jacob stated a bit more excited than he should be.

Quinn had successfully made it past them all and was double stepping towards the door.

Sorry Brittany. But what ware friends for.

Santana placed her hands on her hips and shifted her full attention to Brittany. "Don't twist my arm Pierce, I'd love to come."

Brittany grinned to cover her frustration. "Oh…great! It starts at 8:30."

"And I'll be there." The Lieutenant said as she walked further into the office leaving a red-faced Brittany at the door.

As soon as the Lieutenant was out of sight Brittany turned to where she thought Quinn was but found her missing.

"Where the fuck did she go?"

Jacob shrugged.

Brittany rolled her eyes at Jacob and spun on her heels leaving Jacob standing at the door. She grabbed her phone and immediately dialed Quinn. Her call went straight to voicemail. Brittany sighed and decided to leave a message instead of calling again.

"Quinn Fabray. This is your best friend. I wanted you to know that as soon as I see you again, I'm going to punch you in the boob."

Outside Quinn whistled softly as she climbed inside her vehicle, once inside she placed her bag down and started her car.

Then it hit me. I had a party to attend. Even if I was to find the evidence to put that evil bitch away tonight, when would I have the time to? Lucy was practically parched. The ritual hadn't been completed in days. If I decided to complete it tonight, I'd risk missing the party. The one I promised Rachel I'd support. I mean…I had to keep up appearances after all. But if I didn't get my fix I might end up losing control or doing something without the proper protocols in place.

She palmed her face and cut off her car, then reached for her driver's side door.

I could feel the tilt now more than ever. So much so that I…I had to delay the kill…again. But…she would be so disappointed if I couldn't make it.

Her hand wrenched away from the door.


She started the car again and pulled out of her parking space.

Not this time. I've been to auditions, watched her practice, helped plan a party I could care less about….I've given her my undivided attention. Besides…

She looked into her rear view mirror, her steely hazel eyes locked on her reflection.

I needed this.

She pulled off into the Miami traffic and headed for the small town in search for evidence against the murderous mother. After a few twists and turns she saw a sign to her left. She read it as she passed.

Welcome to Sweetwater.