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She was a sin, the same as her brothers. Pride, the arrogant. Wrath, the furious. Greed, the avaricious. Sloth, the indolent. Envy, the jealous. Gluttony, the voracious.

And her, Lust, the lascivious.

She is mostly the watcher, watching over cities, tailing people, babysitting Gluttony. She's seen much of humans, more than her siblings have seen.

She does not hate humans, nor look down her nose at them. She pities them, she truly pities them. They're so weak, so foolish, so easily manipulated.

So sinful.

She considers herself the very worst sin, out of all her brothers. She ignites the very sin of lust in most men who see her, the sin of envy in most women. It is not something she can control, not something she wants, but she hates herself for it anyway.

She never shows any of this, not even around Father or little, uncomprehending Gluttony. They would think her insane. Father might melt her down and create a new Lust, one without this strange empathy she somehow had.

Perhaps Father accidentally gave me his empathy when he created me, she mused as she sat at a bar, swirling an untouched glass of whisky on the rocks. Her target enters, and she hesitates. Run! She longs to scream. Don't sit next to me! But she doesn't. She has a mission to fulfill, and she will do it.

It's the only way she can feel better, even the slightest bit, about being a sin. If she does her duty, if she listens to whatever Father says, perhaps it will make her the tiniest bit less sinful.

Still, she hesitates when he sits next to her.

"Run," she hisses under her breath, too soft for him to hear. "Flee. I'm a sin, I'm going to kill you."

"Did you say something?" She turns, a winning smile on her face.

"No, nothing at all. But while we're talking, my name is Solaris. And you are…?"


Run from me.


Don't look at me.

Don't touch me.

But this is her duty. She will stick to it and follow it to the very end.

"Jean. Jean Havoc. So, what brings you here, Miss Solaris? Trouble with work? The family?"

"You could say that."



Oh God, run.

"I'm sorry to hear that, miss. Perhaps I could buy you a drink?"

"That would be lovely." She grabs her drink, empties it in one long swallow. Homunculi don't get drunk, but the burn helps.

He returns, they talk, he flirts.

He places a hand on hers, and it is such a warm hand, a warm human hand, that for a moment she is speechless. In an instant the grin returns, and she leans just a little closer to him, lets their hands brush again.

She could love him, she realizes. She could love this blue-eyed blond man who smells so faintly of smoke, who grins so easily and trusts so much.

But she couldn't, she realizes. She is lust, and that is all, an inhuman creature who serves Father, is devoted to Father, loves no one but Father.

A swallow of whiskey, a deep breath, and Lust the lascivious, Lust the homunculus returns. The mission is there, the mission is all.

She stands, thanks him for the talk, and leans in to kiss his cheek.

"Won't you meet me at the café when you get off work Tuesday? You tell such lovely stories, Jean."

He grins widely, and she blows him another kiss as she walks out.

Humans are nothing but pawns, lower beings, playthings to manipulate.

And sins don't love humans. Sins don't love at all.

But she always had been bad at acting when there was no audience.

At least it was raining, so her tears couldn't be seen.

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