Bella POV

I stood at the cliff's edge, the sweet sound of his voice in my ear, as I gathered my courage to jump. His pleading wasn't enough to make me stop, or even hesitate, my decision to jump into the icy water waiting for me below. I took a deep breathe and flung myself from the edge. The euphoric feeling that went through my body was unexpected- yet welcomed. As I got closer to the water I closed my eyes in resignation. I would never feel the pain accompanied with my life; no longer have to pretend each day that I cared. I hit the water with a wrenching velocity, plunging deep into the depths. I opened my eyes as my air supply quickly ran out and saw a red, fluid blur in front of me. I recognized this blur as Victoria. The vampire that would not stop until one of us was dead. I tried in vain to push myself further from her but it was too late. She saw me. As she got closer she smiled a smile that made my body shiver in denial. No! I had not wanted to die this way, I wanted the burn of the water filling my lungs, not the burn of her venom poisoning my system.

She now had a hold on my body and bit viciously into my neck as she pumped her venom into my veins. It felt like years before she was ripped from my throat and hot, strong pair of arms took hold of me, speeding for the surface. Jacob. Jacob has saved me yet again, and for what? I was now a vampire, or would be in three days. When we got to the shore my body coughed up the water on it's own accord. I was too far into the burning pain to try to save my drenched lungs.

"It burns! Jacob make it stop! Victoria!" I muttered painfully, gripping at his forearms to make him understand what had happened, to make him kill me.

"No! You may be a vampire now, Bells, but you're not dying on me!" Jacob said furiously. I felt him pick me up, his skin adding to the fire in my veins. I heard him running and more footsteps fall into place beside him. "What happened?" Sam. Sam would kill me, ending my torturous, fiery prison.

"She was bitten by the red-haired leech. Jared and Paul are burning her now. Bella is changing fast." Jacob muttered angrily, his grip on me tightening. Sam gasped, then said the one thing I never thought I would hear fall from his lips.

"Bella is family, don't worry. No matter what happens we will not kill her. Unless she becomes a threat to the tribe and the humans, of course." He had been my last hope and now he had betrayed me! I would have to live out the rest of eternity with the pain I had so desperately tried to escape not twenty minutes ago. I was thankful for the respite that came in my blackout seconds later. I was thankful for the protection my still human brain put in place to separate the pain.

Jacob POV

It was day three and she was still laying there as still as death. The only indication of her life her heartbeat, her ever increasing heartbeat. I had failed her! She was now sentenced to a life I had been sworn to despise since my birth. A life I had been trained to get rid of. The pack was shocked at what had happened and even more shocked that Sam ruled her as a Cullen for all intents and purposes- off limits. Until she hurt a human or the pack she was safe. Safe from the death that every pack member instinctively wanted to hand out.

The pack was always on alert, watching over her, making sure that when she woke we would be able to stop her if she decided to munch on anyone. I remember something from the legends I had read, something about the transformation taking three days to be complete. It was the third day and almost every pack member was on watch outside and inside of the shed in the back of Sam's house.

Suddenly, her heart sped up and her fingers started twitching. The whole pack heard the difference and the little shed emptied save Sam, Paul, Jared, and me. The strongest of the pack. The familiar faces. Her heart then stopped all together. Her eyes opened a second later and she was instantly in a crouch with her teeth bared and growl escaping from her lips.

"Bella? Bella, it's okay," I said, taking a small step towards her. I saw recognition spark in her bright, red eyes and she started straightening into a standing position. "It's me, Jacob."

Then she lunged for me.

"Jacob!" was heard from several different directions yet I was not phased. Bella threw herself into my arms, sobbing relentlessly, muttering, "Why? Why!" over and over again. I tried to sooth her, relieved that she seemed to be Bella. Not some stranger, just Bella.

"Bells, you're squeezing a little hard, sweetheart." I muttered into her ear. She let go and pulled away quickly with a frown on her face. Sam came forward then, on edge and ready, and directed a few questions to her.

"How are you? Are you thirsty? What are you thinking?"

She shook her heard slowly, trying to clear thoughts was my guess. Her blood, red eyes shot up to him and we both took and immediate step back. She looked scary. In that second I knew she was different, dangerous. Her clear, bell-like voice rang strong through the little shed and I shivered at the sweetness of it.

"I feel fine," she said, hesitating slightly. The thirst is not overwhelming, like I thought it would be. Honestly, don't worry about the pack, you guys smell turned on me next looking angry. I took another step back. "Why? Why did you let me live? I wanted to die! I didn't want to live with this pain anymore!" She began sobbing again.

"You are still Bella, I was not going to kill you, no one was. Especially when you had done nothing to deserve death." I said quietly, looking at Sam, wondering where his head was.

"Bella, I know this is hard for you, it's hard for us too. You have to understand why we must make you leave," Same said slowly, trying not to hurt her feelings. I felt the urgency in his tone, the need to have her far away though we all loved her. "We love you and you will always be family but we can't have you on the reservation near people that could get hurt. I'm sorry."

Bella was nodding in understanding and stiffened in the next second, her eyes wide. I saw her breathe hitch, which was weird considering she didn't need air. I immediately knew why when Sam swore and the next second Emily stood in the door of the shed.

"Dinner is-" she broke off, realizing that Bella was awake. Bella had a horrified expression on her face and threw her hands over her mouth and nose, squeezing herself into the back corner of the shed shaking her head violently. "Emily, go back in the house!" Sam said, sharply, watching Bella and ushering Emily out of the shed. They disappeared and I looked unbelievably at Bella who was slowly taking her hands from her face and take little breaths.

"How did you do that?" I questioned her, shaking slightly from the threat that was in the form of Bella.

"I- I just smelled her coming and held my breath! I-I've never smelled something so gooooood! Uhh, I'm disgusting!" Bella spat the end out, looking down at herself angrily.

"You resisted, that proves you are different. Bella, you are still you! You are still good!" I told her, still away from her. She may be my best friend but I was not comfortable around her. Everything screamed at me that she was dangerous, a monster. I knew she wasn't a monster, she just proved that, but I couldn't shake the feeling. When she was close to me my skin erupted in goosebumps and my hair rose all over my body. I sighed, knowing she had to leave, that I would probably never see her again. The thought saddened me, yet it was unavoidable.

"I will take you to the edge of the reservation. You have to leave town Bella, you can't stay here. I'm sorry, we can't risk you." I muttered, looking at her. She nodded and said she would get the money from her house, knowing Charlie was at work, and be gone.

After I brought her to the line, hugged her, and told her goodbye, I was exhausted. I went to my house and collapsed on my bed. There goes my best friend, forever.

Bella POV

As I watched Jacob disappear from my line of sight, which was pretty far, I might add, I wrapped my arms around myself. I couldn't believe it! I was a vampire and the pack had actually let me live! They had watched over me while I transformed! That was more than I could ask for and even though I was mad at Jacob for keeping me alive, I would miss him and everyone else terribly. They were planning on faking an accident from cliff diving for Charlie. I began dry sobbing again. Charlie! He would be devastated. A fact I had somehow overlooked when I went to dive from the cliff a few days ago.

As I ran through the forest I was elated at the fact that I could run and not fall or run into a tree, which would have been helpful when I was a human! I scoffed, it was over now. I was a vampire. Forever. I felt the thirst blow up into flames in my throat and listened around me for any animals near by. I stiffened and was amazed as I stopped myself from going after the hikers I smelt a few miles off. I smiled to myself, this must be my secret power! Super control! I would gladly take it, knowing it would make everything that much easier. I turned in the direction of nearby deer and quickly caught two and killed them quickly. As I took careful care not to ruin my clothes I quickly drained them. The fire in my throat was appeased for the moment and I sped towards my old home, feeling sad and yet happy. Sad that I was leaving Forks, happy that my first hunt had been so successful.

I went into my house and breathed in the scent of Charlie and my old, human scent. It was amazing how quickly things could change. I looked at the digital clock on the wall and noted it was Thursday, at six in the evening. Charlie would be home soon, I needed to hurry.

I ran upstairs and quickly threw some outfits, money, and my pictures into a bag that was easily carried. I showered quickly and went I got into my room I stared at the stranger in my floor length mirror. She was incredible! No, I was incredible! My long, mahogany hair was now a deep auburn color making my eyes seem an even brighter red. It now fell in gentle waves down to my waist, shaping itself around my face in an exotic way. My cheekbones were slightly higher, my mouth more plump, and my nose pert. My neck was long and slender, some would say it was dainty. My shoulders were slim and feminine giving way to arms that fell to the sides of my flat and curvy torso. My breasts were heavier making me groan at the realization that I would have to go shopping to accommodate my now full C-shaped breasts. My hips were fuller giving way to my muscular, long, shapely legs. I looked like swimsuit model with my new curves and exotic face and hair. I was surprised to find that this pleased me.

I quickly dressed in dark, blue, skinny jeans, black boots that hugged my calves, a white tank top, and a light, green sweater. I threw my white coat over this, grabbed my bad, and left the house. I was severely saddened by thought that I would never be able to return, that Charlie was probably learning of my 'death' right now, that he was probably devastated and weeping over his 'dead' daughter. The one he had just gotten back. I looked down and crushed my phone in my hand throwing it in the garbage under things so Charlie wouldn't find it.

I made it out of Forks and into Port Angeles and bought a new phone. I programmed Jacob's number into it and sent him a quick text. My new number. If you need me text me. I'm fine, haven't killed anyone. Being around humans is painful but I can withstand. I'm leaving the country. Bye Jake. -bella.

After I put my phone back in my bag I sighed loudly and went straight for the airport, ignoring the flames that roared to life in my throat, I bought my tickets and went through airport procedures. Once I was seated on the plane I pulled out my iPod and listened to music for the first time in months. I was finally able to listen to music and not die inside. I was finally able to let go of the hurt that had plagued me for so long. Of course, to test me, my lullaby came on right after the first song, truly testing my new found release from the pain. The stitches I had put over the hole twinged slightly but I was happy to say that they stayed in place.

I mulled over what I was going to do once I got to my destination the rest of the plane ride, trying to come up with a plan. My phone started buzzing in my pocket. Oops! I guess I forgot to turn it off. Oh well, it was too late now. I was done caring about all the rules, being the good girl. I smirked a little. I decided to stop worrying so much, I was just going to let go. After all, I had forever. The forever part was messing with my a little bit. I wasn't really able to wrap my mind around the fact that this was my first and last day I would ever have again. I felt bitter, slightly angry, and lonely. So lonely. I fixed my face into a calm facade and decided that I would also put everything behind me. I had to. I had to let go of the past to move on. If I was going to to live with myself for the rest of forever, I had to come to terms with myself and my feelings. It would take time but I would do it.

I checked the message and it was from Jacob. Okay, we are all gonna miss you, Bells! Even though we can't hang out, I still want to be your friend. We can still talk once in a while, so don't forget to check in! See ya. I'll look after Charlie, don't worry. - jake.

I smiled a little and made up my mind on what to do right then. I turned my phone off and relaxed as the plane sped towards Italy.

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