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Full summary: The human girl Alicia gets killed in an terrible car accident. However, due to arising danger for the Great Prince's forest, she is reborn as a fawn without memories of her former (human) life, but she has weird dreams about it every now and then, starting when she is nothing but a little fawn. But despite that, she grows up with Bambi, Faline and the others and takes part in the events of both movies, even changes a few scenes with being there, but not the main events. She grows up, makes friends, falls in love and founds her own family. But after the events of the first movie, she is confronted with her past life again...

Contains lots of OCs and Bambi & Bambi II out of another point of view.

Prologue: One life's end is another life's beginning

Alicia was a normal girl with a normal life. She was tall, slender, with long caramel-colored hair that flooded down her back in soft waves, laughing dark brown eyes and a warm, welcoming smile.

She loved her friends and knew they loved her, too, for she was funny, imaginative, cooperative and sometimes a little sarcastic, which could be a good thing from time to time.

She also loved her family, even though her older brother and her younger sister often annoyed her. Alicia often shouted at them, but she would never ever want to lose them if she was true to her heart.

Of course she had bad sides, too, like every other person. She could be as cold as the Antarctic, unforgiving and egoistic if someone got her really mad by hurting her or offending her family. She never held back what she thought and often hurt feeling in her anger. But she would always feel sorry about it later and apologize for it. And she was a person who changed her opinion almost monthly.

But Alicia loved her life with all its ups and downs. When she wasn't with her family, she preferred spending her spare time with her friends. So she did the day that should end her life in a terrible way, the day her young, friendly heart should stop beating.

She was in town with her best friends, crossed a street and made jokes, laughing. There wasn't much traffic, so she didn't care about the cars which drove through the streets in a more or less sluggish way. Alicia went ahead, a few steps away from the group, and was completely absorbed by the story she told and showed her friends with the moves she made. Her friends laughed with and about her and didn't care for the traffic either.

But despite the fact that it was bright day, the driver of an approaching car was already very drunk. He didn't see the girl, and the girl didn't notice him either, although he drove in her direction much faster than he was allowed too. Exactly in her direction.

When the man and the girls, especially Alicia, finally realized what was happening, it was already far too late. Like a scared roe deer, Alicia was standing In the middle of the street, stiff as a statue, her eyes widely opened. Although it seemed the car would approach her in slow motion, it really happened within mere seconds. She had no chance to stop her destiny.

She was hit with full speed and didn't even know what had happened when she suddenly lay on the street, badly bleeding, with ripped clothes and broken bones. Her breath went hard and fitful. She was scared, really scared, but her fear soon faded. And so did her life.

Her friends, who got away with nothing but a shock, were by her side at once, called the paramedic and told Alicia's parents about it under tears, their voices shaking hardly. But for Alicia herself, all this didn't count anymore. Everything seemed to be covered in thick fog; the words weren't understandable for her. And after a few rattled words she told her words, nothing was let at all.

Like many lives, hers was taken away by the stupidity of only one person. Alicia's family didn't get to say goodbye to her. The physicians couldn't do anything to help her. Alicia died while the driver lived.

The funeral was three days later. And on exact that day, while Alicia's family, friends and classmates were grieving, a little fawn was born, a fawn with dark caramel-colored fur and big dark brown eyes.