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Chapter 1/2

/ Comm. Link /
:. Twin bond .:

Diego Garcia, a tropical coral atoll located south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean. Measuring roughly 14 miles long by 5 miles wide, it stands nine feet above sea level. The military base there is stationed at the North end of the island, at Eclipse Point, and roughly four to five miles away from the base is a concrete runway which is just under 2.3 miles in length, running southwards from the ships causeway to Marianne Point. From this point on, the island is made up of thickly wooded areas and no longer used plantations.

It is reported that at any given time, between 3,000 and 5,000 US troops and civilian support staff live on the island and now, it is also home to the Autobots...

As stars glimmered brightly in the velvet night sky like homing beacons in the vast universe, a sleek frame stood alone watching in silence, studying the pattern of the different constellations visible from Earth. After absorbing the essence given off by the celestial lights, a beam of light suddenly emanated from the insignia inscribed on silver coloured plating, a new beacon projecting through the galaxy in an attempt to guide one being back to the side of another.

On this rocky shelf at the opposite end of the island that housed the Autobots, Sideswipe stood proud, servos on hips, watching, waiting for a response to the light. Not a circuit did he move until a comm. link from his Commanding Officer interrupted his thoughts.

/ Sideswipe, return to base immediately! Our human allies will start their next inspection of our hanger in forty five Earth minutes and all Autobots must be accounted for! /

Venting in frustration, the silver mech checked his chronometer. At his full vehicular speed it would only take him 4.64 Earth minutes to cross the 14 mile expanse, however in this terrain he would not be able to gather much speed and with the wooded area requiring him to transform into biped mode, slowing him down considerably, he guessed he had maybe ten minutes, fifteen at a push to continue sending the beacon.

Then again, if he disobeyed his CO and failed to be present when the humans carried out their inspection, his punishment could result in him being unable to return here the following evening.

/ I'm on my way Optimus. / He waited for a response from the Prime.

/ Be sure to hurry then. / The Commander instructed, and the link was closed.

Loathed to turn off the beacon, the front liner remained immobile for a few more of Earths short minutes. Looking into the depths of the sky he found himself wondering 'why should tonight be any different?'

Once again, the Autobot was roused from his reverie when the sound of an engine came from behind him. After the engine hushed Sideswipe heard sounds of a transformation sequence from vehicle to biped mode before a servo settled on his shoulder. He flinched slightly under the touch but relaxed as the familiar vocaliser sounded in his audio receptor.

"Sideswipe, why do you do this to yourself night after night?"

Sideswipe kept his optics firmly on the few clouds that were caught in the shaft of light that extended from his chest. "I miss him, I feel incomplete without him. I thought you of all mechs would understand that!"

A thicker set framed mech now stood before the front liner, optics glinting just as brightly as the stars, capturing the attention of the brooding mech. There was a faint vent before the deep vocaliser sounded again. "I do understand. Pit I miss him too but he could be anywhere Sides."

The owner of the words did not want to continue but it had to be said. "We know that he survived the attack on Tyger Pax, after all you would most certainly not be here now if he had been killed then but after you two were separated, it is likely that he was captured by the Decepticons…" the words trailed off, as if to complete the sentence would make it true.

Optics that usually looked at this mech with warmth turned icy cold, as did the tone that accompanied them. "It sounds to me Ratchet that you've given up on him!"

Ratchet let out a long vent. He had by no means given up hope but he was a realist. "You know that is not true Sideswipe, it is just…well, do you not think that Sunstreaker would have answered our calls if he could've?"

The silver mech bristled, he knew that what the older mech had said was true but he could not let go. He knew deep inside of his spark that Sunstreaker was still alive but as for his whereabouts, well, he just could not give up. "Don't you think I know all of this? I felt his anguish once we were separated and as I searched, I lost trace of the bond but that did not mean I couldn't feel his life, here inside of me!"

Allowing the coldness to melt from his optics, Sideswipe extinguished the beam of light from his chest and moved closer to Ratchet, resting his fore-helm against the medics own as they both held on to each other.

Quietly Sideswipe intoned, "Oh Ratch, I thank Primus every day I found you, without you I would've lost it by now."

The medic chuckled deeply. "Who says you haven't?"

Ratchets words were muted as the younger mech inclined his face closer, allowing their lips to barely brush against each other.

Both mechs savoured the contact that they rarely experienced these days. Every move of the Earth stationed Cybertronians was scrutinised by the Earthlings and for the time being, their Prime had forbid any physical relationships between mechs, believing that the humans would not be accepting of this.

To the majority of those who knew of their existence, which by now was most of the US after the live broadcast given by The Fallen, they were still perceived as robots. It saddened the Autobot leader that they were still not accepted as sentient beings, fully conscious and capable of feeling everything and anything their human counterparts did.

The only people who had truly accepted Optimus and his crew for who they were, were Sam, Mikaela and a few of the Soldiers within the N.E.S.T team, however the Prime did not wish to offend those who did not understand them and as beings which stood between 15 and 32 feet tall and little privacy, most physical activities could not always be carried out in secrecy.

Under normal circumstances, Optimus knew that any mechs that were in relationships would have sneaked away to gain privacy but since they were housed on an Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, which was constantly watched by a live satellite feed and patrolled by the US military, privacy was non-existent.

However at this moment in time Sideswipe needed comfort and the reassurance that he was not alone, so ignoring the fact that they could get caught, he persuaded Ratchets lips apart with his glossa and lost himself in the warm comfort that was waiting for him.

Ratchet, slightly more conscious of being discovered, momentarily resisted until the warmth that radiated through his frame took command of his sensors and he welcomed Sideswipes talented glossa.

For a moment they were not stood on that rocky shelf overlooking the coral reef that kept them penned in on the island, they were alone in the depths of space, enveloped in the blackness of infinity and surrounded by nothing else but the starlight. As their kiss deepened a need grew inside of them, a need that for many stellar-cycles they had had to bury, first when they were separated by their respective missions, then as instructed by their Prime once they were reunited.

As the passion between them was unleashed, Sideswipe ghosted his servos over sensitive cables and circuits that followed the contour of Ratchets back, causing the air to hitch in the medics vents. Their moans were swallowed by one another and as Sideswipe pulled Ratchet closer into his embrace, the heat that built up in their frames wrapped around them, hugging them tighter together.

Ratchet tried to ignore the nagging in his processor telling him that they had to stop but finally he came to his senses. He knew that once the floodgates were opened there would be no stopping them so he had to put a stop to this now. Pulling out of the kiss he firmly placed a servo on his lover's chest and gently pushed him back. Sideswipe growled at the intervention and tried to pull their frames back together.

"Stop" Ratchet vented, "We have to stop! We risk being discovered." It took all of the medics resolve not to allow himself to be drawn back in by Sideswipe.

"Slag the humans, they're hardly innocent when it comes to this and if they don't like it, then they shouldn't watch!" The aroused mech slid the medic's servo that was placed on his chest down to his lower panels.

Air caught in Ratchets vents as he felt the burning heat from within. He had missed this so much, the heat, the love, the intimacy. He could easily give in to the growing desire inside of him but he would not. Not for now anyway. They really did need to return to HQ. Growling at his own frustration, he kick started his cooling systems and forced himself out of the strong embrace before things could be taken any further, then transforming into vehicle mode he commanded the front liner to return with him.

Taking a moment to cool his own systems down, Sideswipe reluctantly transformed into the sleek Corvette mode that he had adopted and followed Ratchet.

He had his twin in mind when he chose his alt. mode as no matter what design of disguise they chose, they would always use the same, each then adding their own little bits of their identity to their form and as soon as Sideswipe saw this vehicle, he knew that this design would appeal to the vanity of the younger of the two.

In the depths of space a fireball burned through the darkness, casting aside any debris that dared to block its pathway, leaving a fiery trail in its wake. There was only one destination in target for this object and nothing was going to stand in its way. Not even the galaxies that it had to travel in order to find what it sought.

As the Autobot insignia penetrated deep into the darkness of space, co-ordinates of the area that it stemmed from were locked in. Finally the concluding leg of the journey was underway.

At the speed at which this bolide travelled, it was not long after the beacon of light had been detected that the space traveller entered Earth's atmosphere but the force of hitting the magnetic field that blanketed the planet played havoc with its telemetry, causing it to veer off course and sending it crashing into the coastline of one of a number of islands.

Sinking to the seabed, molten metal hissed and sea water bubbled as it cooled. Hidden in the darkness of the ocean, a transformation began and a form unfurled from the compacted mass.

With the alteration complete, the upper half of a bipedal frame protruded from the shallower waters of the coast line, optics focusing and adjusting in the darkness, catching sight of the shore. Making its way to dry land, briny water poured from seams and joints as the frame became further exposed.

Eventually, a shadowed protoform stood proud on the sand, the only parts visible in the darkness were the two cobalt optics looking inland and heavenward, recording the view in an attempt to gain bearings. The Cybertronian inhabitant knew that he had not landed at his intended destination but he was not too far from where he needed to be.

Turning his back on the cliffs behind him, optics scanned the ocean that stretched for miles. What, or rather who this being sought was out there in the dark expanse.

As the protoform remained motionless, inside the spark that gave it life pulsated, sending a silent message across the watery miles. There was only one other being that would receive this silent message and Sunstreaker prayed to Primus that his twin was paying attention.

Two Autobots entered the hanger just in time to be accounted for in the inspection carried out by the humans. The Prime raised an optic at Ratchet, silently questioning his Officer to his whereabouts and the medic opened a comm. link to his Commanding Officer.

/ Picking up Sideswipe from his usual haunt! /

Optimus dispelled a little air from his vents and being mindful of Ratchet's feelings for the missing front liner, he asked // Have you reiterated the possibility that Sunstreaker may not be able to respond, that he may be a prisoner…if alive at all! /

The Autobot leader winced as the pain this comment elicited, flickered across Ratchets face but the medic quickly composed himself. / We have spoken of this and whilst he concedes that Sunstreaker may not be able to respond, he believes that he is still very much alive, he still feels a part of him in his spark /

The Prime shifted his gaze over to the older twin who had sat himself down on some crates, slightly distancing himself from the others. / Do you think the twin bond is still intact? We always expected that if one died that the other would not likely survive but is there a possibility that the bond would have diminished over the distance? /

/ I honestly don't know Optimus. / The medic answered privately whilst outwardly shrugging his shoulders. // A split spark is a split spark, there is no changing that. But as Sides cannot feel any of the emotions he would usually feel from his twin, whether it be that of fear, pain or anything else, I have wondered on several occasions if the connection is still there. /

Optimus continued to watch the silver front liner, he felt for the younger mech. In his nine million year existence the Prime had seen more mechs than he could account for lose their lives, some of whom he were close to and it had hurt him to his core, but he could not comprehend how Sideswipe felt being separated from his twin.

As the CO and CMO stood in what seemed a contemplative silence, the human now stood on a raised platform knew differently and he cleared his throat to draw their attention.

Turning to look at the soldier, Optimus nodded a greeting at him and addressed him. "Major Lennox."

"Prime" Lennox nodded back, "It is time for the roll call. If you could assemble your troops we can get this over with."

The soldiers that made up the human part of N.E.S.T disliked doing this to the alien inhabitants of their planet. It was if they did not trust the Autobots yet all these beings had done since arriving here was protect the fragile looking life forms. Okay, so some people would insist that the alien species had brought the war to this world, however the Decepticons had already done that and the Autobots could not just leave them too it, not even when the Allspark had been destroyed.

Although a few more Autobots had arrived since their return from Egypt, there were not many members to this rag tag group so the roll call took very little time and once completed, Major William Lennox kept his position on the bridge that brought him to a level that he could communicate from with the large Autobots.

"Optimus, we have received word that N.E.S.T will be relocated to a warehouse in Washington."

The Prime quizzed the Major. "Why the change in location? Were we not stationed here to keep us away from populated areas?"

Lennox nodded in agreement "This is true but the location was compromised once the Decepticons detected our position so General Morshower has been instructed to relocate N.E.S.T."

Master Sargent Robert Epps, who had remained on the ground below, spoke up. "Besides, your existence ain't much of a secret anymore, seeing as most of the US population watched the Deceptipunks broadcast!"

Whilst the conversation continued between Optimus and the human Military, chatter bubbled amongst the rest of the Autobots. Being inland could only be good news to them as they felt like prisoners on this island and they craved being able to get away.

Despite the excited chatter, Sideswipe sat at the back brooding to himself. If they relocated then would Sunstreaker be able to find them? What if he was homing in on the last beacon that was sent into space? Sideswipe could not control the questions that filtered through his processor and he withdrew deeper into himself.

As he sat there trying to work out the answers a warning alarm sounded, telling them that a foreign entity had entered their atmosphere. As various humans and mechs ran to their stations, working to identify what the object was and where it was headed for, the lone silver Autobot remained seated, still preoccupied over moving locations.

Suddenly there was a surge in his chest and his spark danced wildly sending a warm energy through his circuits. Frowning, he looked downwards, waiting to see if it repeated itself.

There it was again. It was not the sort of pulse he had when he was excited or apprehensive. Nor the sort of pulse felt when a hidden fear coursed through him but the type of pulse that only he could experience. The pulse that told him that the missing half of him had returned.

Sunstreaker was on Earth and he was not a million miles away either!

Sending a response back over the spark bond, Sideswipe looked around the hangar for is mate. Seeing that he was still engaged with Optimus, Ironhide and the human soldiers, studying reports of the readings picked up, the front liner quietly made his way to the large doorway. Before he managed to get through the exit, his comm. link activated.

/ Where do you think you are going? /

The younger mech looked over at the group of Officers, catching optic contact with Ratchet. / To locate Sunstreaker! /

There was a pause over the link / Sides this really is not the time, now I order you to remain here! /

Sideswipe scowled at the CMO / But he… /

/ But nothing! You need to await your orders so get your aft back in here! / Ratchet could see a look of defiance in the face of the front liner and as Sideswipe cut the link and stormed out, Ratchet growled out loud, attracting the attention of the group he was with.

Lennox, Epps, Optimus and Ironhide followed to where the medic stared but all they saw was the empty doorway.

"Ratchet!" Ironhide rumbled, "Wha' gives?"

The medic turned his attention back to his comrades. "Huh?"

"Wha' in Prahmus has got yer attention?"

Optimus quickly swept his optics around the now busy hanger. "Sideswipe!" he stated.

"Wha'?" Ironhide looked confused, "Wha' abou' him?"

This time Ratchet answered. "He has left the hanger again!"

William Lennox shook his head in amusement. "Trying to keep tabs on you lot is like trying to babysit a bunch of children!"

This comment earned the Major simultaneous glares from the two of the Autobot Officers which only caused him to laugh out loudly, attracting the attention of other Autobots and soldiers alike.

Epps was the first to speak up. "I don't know what we're worried for, it's not as if he can go anywhere. We are surrounded by water." Then as an afterthought he asked, "Can you guys swim?"

"Yes" Optimus answered. "But not vast distances and the sea water here would eventually do damage to our forms should we stay submerged for too long, so it is highly unlikely he would try that. What I am more concerned about is if Sideswipe is desperate enough to get off the island he could decide to return to his protoform, leaving him free to transform into his travelling pod mode. I fear that if he does choose to do this, he could end up anywhere other than his intended destination as we already know that the Earth's magnetic field can send us off course."

"And do you think he would do this?" Lennox enquired. If there was a chance the Autobot was going to leave the island, he needed to intercept.

Prime looked at Ratchet questioningly.

"Well, he did tell me he was going to locate Sunstreaker!" Ratchet answered.

"Which means?" Epps queried.

Ratchet now looked at Optimus with wide optics as realisation hit him. "He thinks he is actually here!"

All optics and eyes were now wide in question. "He tried to tell me something but I cut him off, telling him to get his aft in here!" and barely allowing himself to hope, he intoned, "what if Sunstreaker answered the call?"

Optimus placed a comforting servo on his old friends shoulder. He knew how deeply the relationship ran between Ratchet and the twins and how it affected his friend when they were all separated by their duties, not to mention how Ratchet and Sideswipe had refrained from fully rekindling that relationship, as ordered, when the latter finally arrived on Earth.

In his resonating but caring tone, the Prime asked "Do you think that it is possible he is here?"

The whole hanger was silent now, all curious to know what had caused the pensive look on the medics face.


The medic had zoned out, wondering to himself if it was possible but hearing his name snapped him out of his thoughts and with a frown he snarled "What!"

Epps took a step back from his position on the ground, hands raised in a gesture of surrender, he did not want to be stood nearby when the giant metallic being started stomping about.

"Do you think it is possible?" Optimus repeated.

Calming down, Ratchet replied "Slag, anything is possible!"

With this response Major Lennox started ordering some of his soldiers together. They needed to reach the front liner before he could attempt to leave the island. Then turning to the Autobot Commander and medic, he told them, "First we will intercept Sideswipe and then if his brother is here, we will find him!"

Sideswipe hated to disobey Ratchet, yes he liked to wind his lover up in more ways than one but to outright disobey him, it actually hurt him to do so. He reasoned with himself though, Ratchet had not let him explain so what choice did he have? Sunstreaker had finally made it here and he was not leaving him out there.

He drove at full speed through the base and made his way towards the runway. None of the human driven vehicles here were fast enough to catch him on the smooth surface so he could easily move away from anyone trying to obstruct him. Unsure if Ratchet would have had the soldiers he was with alert outside security of his departure, Sideswipe knew he needed to get through that gate without stopping.

Gauging the height and distance he would have to travel, as he approached he quickly transformed into biped mode and whilst sliding across the surface, he aimed one of his cannons at the ground, propelling himself skywards. Twisting his frame, he summersaulted over the gate and as he landed in a steady crouch on the other side, he took a moment to record the look on the faces of the soldiers there before he transformed back into vehicle mode and followed a familiar path across the island.

The first couple of miles after the runway were smooth running, the roads were man made and had a layer of asphalt however, the further away from HQ he moved, the rougher the terrain became. This was where he to be careful, his low suspension in this form meant that he could easily pick up damage from debris on the ground.

Sometimes he could move away from his pathway and travel along the sandy shoreline that edged the islands basin but now the tide was at full height, leaving the dirt track as his only option and slowing his speed considerably, he picked his way around pot holes and small boulders. This path was not much travelled at all, the most use it had received was from Sideswipe but usually his journey was less urgent than this one. He did consider moving off the track to his right but the vegetation grew far too deep, hiding any dangers that could be lurking there. No, it was better to keep this route, that way he could at least get to the other end of the island undamaged.

Sideswipe was forever picking up injuries, it was inevitable part of a front liners life, keeping Ratchet busy with repairs. When he came back with a dent in his armour that his own self-repair system could not deal with, Ratchet would very often give him a matching dent whilst grumbling about being a medic and not, as the Earthlings called it, a panel beater! All the time though, Ratchet would have a glint in his optic, relishing in the opportunity for the physical contact with his lover and Sides would just sit there grinning at him, fighting the urge to pounce.

A shiver coursed through the Corvette as he thought of this, which was no mean feat in this mode but that was the effect the cantankerous mech had on him, even after all this time. Guilt then settled in again, guilt that he had disobeyed Ratchet and had undoubtedly sent him, and everyone else, out on pursuit, especially as he had ignored every request for a comm. link. But if the glitch had just let him explain!

Eventually, the silver sports car arrived at the point where he would have to transform into biped mode and he put the thought of Ratchet to the back of his processor. Here the trees and vegetation were extremely dense and as the Autobots were under strict instructions not to destroy any of the vegetation, he could not create a clear pathway for his vehicle mode however, he could get through by pede. Here many of the trees even towered far above him, having had the freedom to grow without the interference of humans trimming them back in order to control their growth.

Before entering the wooded area, the front liner stopped for a moment to sweep his optics across the landscape behind him until they rested on the stream of lights that indicated that Autobots and soldiers alike drove down the runway towards him.

"Slag" he muttered. "I'd best get a move on"

Although determined to get out of here as quickly as possible, he still picked his way carefully through organic growth, minding the trees but minding less so about his paintwork as he had more important things on his processor.

Impatience crept in as the going seemed slower than usual. 'There must be a quicker way' he thought and pausing from his trek, he wondered if he should revert to his protoform in order to transform into his travel pod mode. He could then launch himself off the island and cover more ground but apart from the fact that he still needed to locate Sunstreaker, he knew from his entry to Earth that he could not guarantee that he would end up where he intended to.

Right now his priority was to locate his twin, after that, well then he would decide what to do next. Continuing his trudge through the woodland he sent a spark pulse to Sunstreaker. So far he had been unable to communicate with him so for now, he would have to settle for sending spark pulses in order to reassure his brother that he was coming for him.

Emerging at the other side of the wooded area, he took a moment to cycle fresh air through his vents and looking out over the ocean stretched in front of him, he vocalised into the depth of the night, "Sunstreaker is out there somewhere."

The front liner still had another two miles left to travel as he wanted to get as close to the edge of the island as possible. The first half of this final trek would continue by pede, as although the vegetation grew close to the ground, it was still too thick for his low vehicle form.

Sensing his pursuers were nearing, he started to sprint across the spread of ground ahead of him, optics constantly scanning for debris to be avoided. His long limbs, accompanied by his athletic speed allowed him to cover the distance quickly, jumping obstacles along the way.

As soon as he could, Sides transformed into his Corvette form and pushed his speed. As he careered along, he skirted around a few stray vegetation bushes and he mused to himself, he knew exactly what Sunny would say to him when they met, "What pit forsaken planet have you dragged me to now Sides?"

So engrossed in his thoughts, Sideswipe did not realise that he was nearing the edge of the solid ground and just when it was almost too late, he transformed out of vehicle mode. Landing low, his sliding pedes sent a few shards of rock skittering down the small rocky descent that led into the coral reef below him. Taking deep vents in order to steady his frame he composed himself and slowly straightened up, taking a step or two backwards to a safer spot. He knew the danger that the reef would bring to him if he had ended up in the water and he preferred his chances against the Decepticons over the beautiful but deadly abyss below him.

The front liner calculated that it would not be too long before the others caught up with him and as he stood looking out over the rolling ocean, he sent several spark pulses into the darkness and waited for a response. None came so Sides repeated it, but again, there was no response.

Panic started to rise inside of Sideswipe, why was Sunstreaker not responding? He knew he was out there, he had not imagined the spark pulse he received, or had he?

The front liner looked outwards with a frown. Surely he had not imagined the connection. These pulses were different to any others he would have, to feel one, okay he accepted that as he could be willing it to happen so much so that it would be easy to imagine that it did happen but to have received a second one, it only confirmed his belief that Sunny had arrived.

He felt his twin was still on-line, that much he could tell but what if something had happened once he had landed. Panic gripped Sideswipe, he had to make contact! The others were not long behind and if they did not believe him, they would only force him to return to HQ.

Sideswipe illuminated his homing beacon while sending another spark pulse. Deciding that this was not enough he threw his side of the bond wide open and he screamed just one word, both out loud into the darkness and privately through the bond.


Sunstreaker, his protoform veiled by the darkness that shrouded this part of the planet, had received a response after he sent the second pulse. Now his spark danced with a desire that was contained inside the formidable looking frame, along with relief that he was a step closer to being reunited with his twin.

The separation had taken its toll on the mech, he had searched for so long and having not being able to communicate after…well, he was not going to dwell on that for now as he would only have to go through it all again later, but his inability to communicate had left him more alone than he had ever been before.

Relieved that he received a response from his twin, tiredness wracked his frame. He needed to find shelter and recharge. Making his way across the small sandy cove, he scanned the rock face that hemmed him in, searching for somewhere he could hide away whilst restoring a little energy through recharge.

Tucked away to the left of him was a small cave mouth, accessible by a few rocky steps. It looked small from where he stood but he judged that he should fit through it. Making his way towards the haven, he grumbled as the dry sand was dispersed with each step. So far on this planet he had been knocked off course, immersed in water with a saline type substance in and now tiny sand particles were sticking to his wet protoform, not to mention getting into his lower joints. Growling to himself he thought, 'this slag had better be worth it!'

Standing outside the cave opening, adjusting his optics to night vision, he peered in. The cavity inside was much larger than the opening would have you think and relieved that he would have room inside to stand he made his way in.

The only light came from his optics and as he looked around, the light he cast caused the crystallised lining to the walls of the cavern to shimmer. The iridescent reflections danced across the walls with his optic movements, mesmerising the mech. Finally snapping himself out of his trance and confident that he was alone in here, he immediately settled down to recharge. His tanks roiled slightly at their emptiness but he would have to ignore that for now.

As his processors slowly shut down one by one and his tanks continued to rumble, thoughts of his search that led him here darted through his main processor.

Energon had been scarce during his voyage and he had to make do with whatever supply of energy a planet could offer him. Sometimes the inhabitants of a new planet welcomed him, offering him shelter and fuel before bidding him luck with his search when he was ready to leave. Other times he had had to hide and scavenge like a thief, taking what did not belong to him, like a Decepticon.

Those times were the hardest but the thought of being reunited with his Sides is what kept him going, kept him pushing through the desolation that would wrap around him as he travelled through the vast dark space, searching. Just as he would start feeling that his attempts to find his twin may be futile, he would receive news from the aliens that welcomed him that another being, such as himself, had wandered by some time ago, searching for someone that he had lost. Although these creatures could not remember the name of the being sought, Sunstreaker knew it was Sideswipe and his hopes were raised once more.

Then, after stellar-cycles of searching, the wandering Cybertronian finally found what he was looking for. A bright light blazed through the darkness, illuminating the area around it, the Autobot insignia immediately recognisable. There was no evidence that this beam of light drawing him in was from Sideswipe and if it wasn't, at least he would find his way to some of his own kin. But deep in his spark he knew that his brother sent that beacon, calling out to him across the vast distance.

Locking on to the coordinates that the beam came from, Sunstreaker embarked on what he hoped was his final trip. Apart from the reports from various planets of someone searching for another, this was the first piece of evidence that there were still other Autobots out there.

Not long after the beacon had been detected, the light disappeared but this had not bothered the wandering Cybertronian as he already knew his destination. What he had not accounted for though, was the strong magnetic field that this planet possessed. Many planets he had visited had an outer field of some sorts but mostly he had to just hang on in there, concentrating all his efforts on remaining on his path and the force was easily overcome. But this planet was different, the energy was much stronger than he had ever experienced before and it took all his might to hold himself tight and remain in his pod form. He knew that he was heading off course and he hoped that it was not too far from where he wanted to be.

It was painful too, as he broke through the alien atmosphere, heat seared through him like no other. He knew that it should not last long but it threatened to take over his sensors. Just as he thought he would succumb to the pain the air around him changed, cooling him slightly but before he had chance to take anything else in, he crashed into…'what the pit?' he thought, as the sea water doused the fire that raged from his form.

With the speed that he had entered the planets airspace at, he did not immediately stop as his heavy weight impacted with the soft sandy bed, forcing him forward a nautical mile or two closer to the dry land and causing a small tidal wave to hit the coast line ahead of him.

As metal that was grossly over heated, cooled, the surrounding water bubbled and hissed. The relief of the soothing water was welcomed but he could not revel in it so activating his transformation protocol, he uncurled himself from the tight ball he had held himself in for far too long.

As his frame became taller, the water became shallower, exposing him to the cool night air which sent a shiver through his form. He needed to get under cover. The Cybertronian protoform was rarely exposed outside of Cybertron and although could withstand battle, it was not meant to take such severe changes in temperature. Travelling in their pod forms was only used when there was no other means of transport available to them and Sunstreaker had put his frame through some gruelling times.

When travelling in this manner, whenever possible they would immediately source a alternative mode suitable for their format, providing them the much needed protection that they required but Sunny needed to contact his twin so for now, that could wait.

Wading out of the heavy sea water the front liner stepped onto the dry shore, scanning his optics over the rocky scene in front of him then at the stars above him, trying to get his bearings. Once he had recorded this information, he accessed the coordinates of the point of origin for where the beacon came from and created a schematic.

Turning around to face the ocean, he knew that out there he would find Sideswipe. He had no idea how he was going to get out there as with non-existent energon reserves, it would be unlikely he would be able to use his travel pod form again until he could refuel. All this water was not going to help either; he had never seen so much water but somehow out there was where he had to get to.

Standing proud, Sunstreaker pushed a spark pulse out into the obscurity. He shuttered his optics and prayed in silence that Sideswipe was listening. He waited a moment or two and when he did not receive a response, he repeated the pulse. This time it was returned and relief flooded the tired Autobot. Now that he had found Sides, he was finally home and once reunited with his twin, they could embark on the search to find their lover.

As that last thought filtered through his processor, Sunstreaker finally succumbed to recharge with the hope of seeing loved ones soon.

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