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Chapter 2/2

/ Comm. Link /

:. Twin bond .:

A convoy of Autobots transporting human soldiers hurtled up the runway that stretched ahead of them. It would only take them a short distance across the island but they had not left too long after Sideswipe so they should not be too far behind him. Although when the silver mech was in his Corvette mode, there were no other vehicles here that could match his speed.

Both Optimus and Ratchet alike prayed to Primus that Sides had not decided to transform into pod mode otherwise the only way they could pursue him, would be to do the same. But they could all be separated and out here in the middle of the ocean, it would not be so easy to come back together, not like it had been when they landed on Earth a little over two years ago.

Leaving the runway they followed the same route that Sideswipe would have used, Ratchet leading the way as he had travelled this path many times himself. There was idle shared comm. link chit chat amongst the Autobots as they travelled, however Optimus noticed that Ratchet had not said a word since they left the hanger.

Closing the shared link, the Prime opened a private link to his friend. / Ratchet, are you okay? /

The medic remained silent for a moment before answering. / I'm fine! /

Optimus could feel that he was not being truthful. / Ratchet, I know that is not true, I know that you are worried… /

/ Of course I am worried! / Ratchet interrupted. / If that glitch is stupid enough to leave the island, I fear we may lose him. /

Yes, it is plausible that Sideswipe could be blinded enough to do something as perilous as try to leave the island by any means other than by the cargo planes, after all, he spent a life time launching himself into battle situations without thinking things through, preferring to get involved with the melee of the battle rather than stand back and allow his weapons to do the talking. But both Optimus and Ratchet knew that Sideswipe did have some sense up there in his helm and although he would do anything to get his twin back, the fearless front liner knew when the odds were totally against him.

With this thought in mind, the Prime concluded that something else was bothering Ratchet and he could guess what it was. / Would I be correct in assuming that it is Sunstreaker that is currently weighing more heavily on your processor? /

Silence came back over the comm. and the CMO accelerated away, putting a little distance between them.

Under normal circumstances, the Prime would have quietly chuckled at this and left his old friend in peace to calm down, but now was not the time for either action. Increasing the power to his engine, the giant red and blue arctic pulled close behind the smaller rescue hummer.

/ Optimus, I am fine, now can we please… /

This time it was the turn of the CO to interrupt and deciding to use the leader/subordinate relationship instead of their old friendship, he sternly informed the medic, / I need to know that you are okay to continue here Ratchet or if I should send you back to HQ! / He heard a pause in the rev of Ratchet's engine, then letting the side that cared for his friend back out, he gently added / What harm will it do you to tell me? Better out than in. /

Ratchet vented, they would need to transform into biped mode in a few minutes so he might as well get this over with now.

/ Optimus, I really daren't hope but what if Sideswipe is right? What if Sunstreaker is here? We haven't established what set off the warning system yet. /

The commander felt for Ratchet. He had hidden the hurt of losing the twins so well, continuing to carry out his duties without hesitation and helping keep charge of the sometimes wayward Autobots. Then when Sideswipe landed on Earth not long after the battle at Mission City, one could not help but notice the elation that the medic worked so hard to cover as they had just lost Jazz and 'bots were feeling raw. Also it had not seemed right to Ratchet to have only one of the twins back in their midst.

Optimus felt guilty about the ban on physical relationships that he imposed on his mechs for now, not wanting to offend their human friends but in hindsight, in the light of the situation with the twins, he should have allowed Ratchet and Sideswipe to reaffirm their relationship. He knew that they were not bonded but they had been as good as and he was sure that had missions and the war not constantly gotten in their way, they probably would have been bonded by now. But instead, they had to hide their feelings and sneak about, stealing glances and touches.

As grateful as he was to his allies for granting he and his Autobots a place to call home, it maddened the Prime that he had allowed himself to pander to the humans rather than take care of the needs of his own troops. Well, after this he was going to change that. He would have a talk to Lennox and Epps, explain that as a race they too have the need and desire to enjoy certain physical activities and for them not take part in such activities was wholly unnatural for them. Not to mention the comfort it had given individuals over the millennia when all they had to greet them solar-cycle after solar-cycle was another battle, another flood of lost lives. Maybe when they relocated to Washington the base would be large enough to allow mechs to have their own quarters and as far as he was concerned, what his mechs got up to in those quarters was quite frankly nobody else's business!

Turning his attention back to Ratchet he finally answered. / I honestly do not know what to expect Ratchet. As we did not speak with Sideswipe we do not know what the basis of his conclusion is so we can only hope that the warning alarm was in fact activated by Sunstreaker. / The Prime knew that this was not what truly plagued his friend but with the woodland fast approaching, he had no time left to address the problem.

Once the soldiers had climbed out of their transport, the vehicles in the convoy transformed to reveal the majestic forms they concealed. Entering the dense vegetation, one of Ratchets silent prayers were answered as a beam of light projected from the other side of the woods, signalling the fact that Sideswipe was still on the Island. The homing beacon was accompanied by a single designation that was shouted out into the dead of the night, echoing across over the trees.


Cocooned in his cavern, and deep in a much needed recharge, it took a while for Sunstreaker to feel the spark pulses being sent to him but something in the last one grabbed his sub-conscious and he woke from recharge with a start. With a lack of energon stopping his internal heating system from working, he shivered uncontrollably, so much so that he was unable to respond to the spark pulse that his twin sent.

Raising himself to his pedes, he rubbed his upper arms in an attempt to warm his metallic skin. He wondered if he should recharge in his pod mode as at least the parts more vulnerable to the cold would be protected but then he himself would be vulnerable and he was yet to discover what planet he was on, along with who the inhabitants were.

Shaking the fuzz of recharge from his helm, he checked his chronometer; he had been recharging for no time at all so what the slag had disturbed him! As his processors cleared he recalled a distant spark pulse. Distant as his processors were off-line at the time but he had felt something else, something stronger which had forced his processors back on-line.

Tentatively, the Autobot moved to the cave entrance, scanning the area outside to ensure he was still alone. Once his scans reported that there were no other life forms in the vicinity he stepped out from the protective cover of the cave.

In his protoform, a complete contrast to his usual colour of choice for his armour, he was a shadow moving across the darkness and as he stepped from behind the cliff that concealed the cove and its cavern, he saw the brilliant light that impaled the darkness from afar. Apart from the lapping of the waves on the shore in front of him, he could not hear anything else yet the echoes of a sound reverberated in his helm. Sunstreaker shuttered his optics in order to try and concentrate on the sound and snapping them back open, he realised what it was.

Unable to activate his own homing beacon because of his depleted energon levels, the shared bond was his only chance of being found and after realising that the sound he heard was of Sideswipe calling out to him, trying to break down the barrier, the front liner opened the bond that had been empty for far too long.

Once the connection was made, he was overwhelmed by the feelings that hurtled across the bond at him and from him, longing, love, fear, so many stories, jumbled, jostling to be heard. As the different emotions fought to be felt, the sensation almost floored the mech but he held his ground, waiting for the calm.

Sunstreaker eventually managed to narrow the bond slightly, clamping down on some of his emotions and memories, stuff he would not be able to keep hidden from Sideswipe but he was not ready to share now, he needed to be there when Sides felt this.

As the flow calmed down, Sunstreaker felt the raw presence of his twin, stripped bare and searching for him. For the first time in stellar-cycles, Sunstreaker heard his Sideswipes voice inside his helm.

:. S…Sunny, you really there? .:

:. Yeah Sides, I'm really here! .: Sunstreaker felt relief flood over the bond followed by unwavering love, mirroring his own thoughts and feelings. It was something that in his darkest moments, he thought he would never feel again but he had refused to give in. :. So, what pit forsaken planet have you dragged me to now Sides? I've almost rusted my diodes off in the water here and now my seams are all clogged up! .:

A chuckle came through the bond.

:. Sides .:

:. Yeah? .:

:. Get yer glitched aft here and get me from wherever it is I am and bring me some energon, I'll be in stasis before the end of the next solar-cycle! .:

Sideswipe's glee at being reunited with his twin bubbled through. :. Send me co-ordinates and N.E.S.T will send a carrier plane to you. .:

Sunstreaker silently questioned what N.E.S.T was but he was too tired and elated to really care. For a moment, could tell that Sideswipe attention was no longer on him, as though distracted but then he came back to him.

:. The others are here now Sunny, we'll be with you soon. .:

The stranded mech had already started making his way back to the cave he had occupied; he really needed to get a bit more recharge, a pit of a lot more recharge. Curling in on himself on the rough floor, he cycled down most of his processors, leaving his audial receptors on-line so that he could hear his rescuers approach.

When Sideswipe felt his twins' end of the bond open, euphoria exploded through his frame. He was here. He really was here and all the worry that had shrouded the usually outgoing mech lifted, making his frame feel lighter in an instant. Having had the connection closed for so long, the silver mech lost control of what he sent across, as if were offloading the pent up feelings that he had been carrying around, waiting to be bestowed on his other half.

Finally the flow of emotion calmed down and Sideswipe relished the feel of his twin. He had missed him beyond comprehension but until now, now that he could feel him, he still had not fully appreciated how much he had missed him. Their spark was one of the same and to be apart for so long had been a strain on it, not that Sideswipe would ever admit that but Ratchet had understood the toll the separation would be taking on the silver warrior and always, his lover did what he could to help him.

Although he could feel him, Sideswipe could still hardly believe in his presence. A small fear knotted in his tank as silent words formed across the bond, a fear that he would not receive the answer he sought. :. S…Sunny, you really there?.:

:. Yes sides, I'm really here. .:

Sides could not reign in the relief that engulfed him and it shot through the bond. As soon as he could compose himself he pushed all of his love over. All the love he had been waiting to share and Sunstreaker absorbed it all.

After a moment, a small irritation spiked back at Sideswipe as Sunstreaker asked, , what pit forsaken planet have you dragged me to now Sides? I've almost rusted my diodes off in the water here and now my seams are all clogged up!.:

A smile that was only ever reserved for the two mechs in his life, spread across silver face plates and Sideswipe chuckled. 'That's my Sunny!' he thought. As the chuckle subsided, Sunstreakers voice floated back to him.

:. Sides .:

:. Yeah? .:

:. Get yer glitched aft here and get me from wherever it is I am and bring me some energon, I'll be in stasis before the end of the next solar-cycle. .:

Glee surged through the front liner, it would not be long before they were finally reunited and that moment could not come quick enough. :. Send me co-ordinates… .: he instructed, :. and N.E.S.T will send a carrier plane to you. .:

So caught up in his elation, Sideswipe had not heard his fellow Autobots arrive at his destination and it was only as they transformed into biped mode that he realised that he had company. With the co-ordinates now filed in his processor, he turned to face the waiting group. He was sure that he was about to have his aft chewed off but right now he could not have cared less.

Loathed to break away from his twin, he started counting the moments before he would see him. :. The others are here now Sunny, we'll be with you soon .:

It was Ratchet that Sideswipe turned to first, he still felt guilty for disobeying an order from the CMO and he marginally shrank back as Ratchet's optics bore into him.

As they stared at each other, Ratchet opened a private link between them. His relief that Sides had not left the Island along with his desire to know if what he hoped for was true, was masked by the ire that come across the comm. link. / You disobeyed an order Sideswipe! /

Sideswipe maintained optic contact. / For good reason. /

Ratchet's frame twitched ever so slightly but Sideswipe did not miss it. He, and his twin, knew Ratchets frame language better than anyone else and he had to put his lover out of his hidden misery. / He's here Ratchet. He's stranded out there and I've his co-ordinates. He needs fuel urgently. /

The soldiers that stood small at the feet of the giant beings wondered why nothing was happening and Major Lennox broke the silence. "Can someone please tell me why we are just standing here?"

The medic silently nodded in acknowledgement to Sideswipes last statement and finally pulling his optics away from those that stared intently at him, he addressed the group.

His vocaliser was a lot steadier than he was feeling as it had been much longer for him than Sideswipe since he last saw the younger twin. Sides and Sunny had been sent to Tyger Pax together with Bumblebee and a few other Autobots whilst he himself was already away from their command base. It was unknown as to how long the small group would be out there but Megatron cut their stay short, destroying everything in his path to get his servos on the Allspark.

By the time Ratchet arrived there with the rescue party, the twins were already missing, assumed captured and they did not have the immediate resources to send out a search party. The solar-cycle Ratchet realised he lost the twins, his spark broke but he learnt to live with his pain, it was his reminder that even in the midst of this Primus forsaken war, he had loved and in turn had been loved back. It wasn't until Sideswipe had arrived on Earth that the medic discovered that he had still been on the planet when they left, the Decepticon seekers for some reason had dumped his off-line frame many mega-miles away from the Autobot hide out.

Sides had been separated from his twin early in their battle so had no idea if Sunstreaker had been captured or if he had embarked on his own search for the other half of his spark, what he did know was that Sunstreaker was still alive but he had lost their connection. Ratchet had learnt that Sides travelled from planet to planet searching for his twin, entering and leaving galaxies until he stumbled across the Earth based Autobots.

The medic, partly out of his own joy at having at least one of his loves back by his side, persuaded him to stay with them, convincing him that wondering around aimlessly would not garner any results and for a while, Sideswipe was torn between his lover and his brother, however Ratchet always knew that eventually Sideswipe would resume his search and as much as the thought of losing him all over again pained him, he could not blame him if he left. But now he would not have to go.

"It appears that Sunstreaker is indeed on Earth. Sideswipe has his co-ordinates and I suggest that we get to him as soon as possible before he goes into stasis from lack of fuel."

The Prime's optics shone with relief, as they always did when one of his Autobots were returned to him safely. Turning to Lennox, he made to speak but the Major had already started throwing orders to his troops. As far as he was concerned, the rescue of the mech went without saying, even before he obtained the go ahead from his superiors.

"We return to the base immediately." Addressing one of his Captains he instructed, "Graham, when we get back ensure that Ratchet has access to whatever fuel he needs!" Then turning to the Air Force sergeant, "Epps, we need the Boeings on standby stat!"

A few other commands were issued before the leader of the group of humans turned to Sideswipe. "Sideswipe, we're bringing your brother home." Then holding a data pad up to the silver mech he instructed, "Download the coordinates into this and we will see where he is."

Sideswipe moved towards the small being and knelt down. Flexing one of his wrist-joints, a small cover slid back and he extended the cable that was tightly coiled there and with his other servo, he fitted it to the port of the data-pad. As the coordinates transferred, they translated from Cybertronian to figures and symbols the humans could understand.

With the information locked in, Sideswipe disconnected his data cable from the port and retracted it. Lennox tapped at the touch screen and their location became visible on the screen before the image panned out, showing the expanse of the ocean and then finally an end point, Sunstreakers location and their destination.

All troops had now returned to HQ and Lennox had already informed General Morshower of their intentions. As always, the General trusted the judgement of his Major and he would take care of all the necessary arrangements with the government of the island they were heading to.

Turning to Optimus, Major Lennox relayed their plans to him. "Sunstreaker appears to be on the island of Gan and as luck would have it, the island has an airport. We'll take two carrier planes and split into two groups. The first craft will carry you, Ironhide, Ratchet and Sideswipe along with myself, Epps and a few other soldiers. We'll alight from the craft to land in this cove as it should give us cover. The second craft will carry the rest of the Autobots along with a larger crew of soldiers on to the airport. This is for back up should any Decepticons also be aware of our visitor. Once we have located Sunstreaker we will meet both planes at the airport and fly straight back here."

The Prime nodded his helm in agreement. "We wait your instructions Major and I thank you for doing this so swiftly."

"No problem big guy. The sooner we get him back here, the better."

Now the plans were in place all that was left was for the Autobots and humans alike to take their places in their respective transport.

All through the preparations Sideswipe fidgeted, unable to concentrate on anything other than sending pulses through the twin bond, confirming to himself each time that Sunny was here and he had not imagined it all. Ratchet however maintained his mask, grouching at anyone that got in his way but inside his tanks churned at the prospect at being reunited with the missing twin again.

Truth be told, he was worried. Although his feelings towards the twins had never faltered dung the stellar-cycles that they were apart, he worried at the possibility the warriors feelings had. Shuttering his optics, he hoped that that this was not the case but he was well aware that if Sunstreaker did not wish to resume their relationship that he would lose Sideswipe too.

Shaking his helm to clear his processor he berated himself for worrying about something before it had happened. For now he should just be happy that the lost Autobot was now found and could be reunited with them all.

Eventually everything was ready and all beings embarking on the recovery were called together for one final brief given by both Lennox and Optimus.

"Okay men, time to go now!" The Major instructed.

"Autobots, roll out!" The Prime intoned.

The plane journey seemed to take forever and even in his vehicle mode, Ratchet could detect Sideswipe fidgeting next to him.

/ Sides will you stop that! /

/ What? / For once his innocence was not feigned.

/ You know what! /

Sideswipe took a moment to think. / No, I don't know what. I'm not doing anything! /

Ratchet stopped himself from growling, intoning, / You're fidgeting. I can hear your transformation gears rattling and squeaking. /

Sideswipe stilled out of indignity, which surprised him as he did not realise he was moving enough to be able to still. / I'll have you know that my gears do not rattle or squeak. I'm a picture of health! /

Snorting, Ratchet mused, 'Dear Primus, for the humans who have noticed Sideswipe's vanity and bravado, wait until they meet his twin! They won't know what hit them.' The medic kept his thoughts to himself. Although he would continuously dilate his optics in annoyance at the twins' vanity, he never really minded, after all, he had been envied by many Cybertronians over the stellar-cycles for having the sought after but elusive mechs on his arms.

The medic decided to keep the subject going, believing it would give the younger mech, and himself, something else to think about. / Well I heard a rattle…and a squeak or two. /

Sideswipe bounced his form on his wheels, listening for the so called rattle and squeaks. / Nope, don't hear anything. /

/ It's definitely there. I think you, I and a can of oil will be having an appointment in the med bay once I have seen to Sunstreaker! /

The Corvette sniggered through the comm. link. / I was kinda planning on a med bay appointment, with Sunny in tow of course. /

Ratchets plating instantly started heating, something that was not missed by Ironhide who was stationed beside him. Opening his own link to the medic and the warrior, he growled, / Wha'ever ye two are sayin' to each other, can ye wait 'til ye're alone. I don' need tah know when Sides is workin' ye up Ratch. /

A combination of a chuckle and an embarrassed grumble came from Sides and Ratchet.

/ Ah. Don't be jealous 'Hide. / Sideswipe mocked. / Ask nicely and we might invite you to join in. /

This time Ironhide's plating heated though not for the same reason as Ratchets, though saying that, had the twins not been spoken for by the medic, there was a time he would have taken them up on that offer. Cooling fans kicked in before he had chance to override them, broadcasting his embarrassment.

Now Optimus joined the link. / What's going on? /

Unable to shake his helm, Ironhide vented. / Don' ask Prime, jus' don' ask! /

Suddenly the journey was nearly over and Lennox was giving the command for everyone to parachute up and take their places. The four Autobots had had their chutes fitted during the flight so waited patiently for their cue.

Sideswipe, eager to let his brother know they were moments away, entered Sunstreakers helm. :. We're here Sunny. Just look to the skies. .:

The cargo doors of the Boeing C-17A Globemaster III plane opened, beckoning for the occupants within its bowel to leave its sanctuary. Dawn was breaking and it would not be long before the shores here were bathed in light so they had to move quickly. Everyone had their instructions; the Autobots would jump first and the humans were to follow. That way there was no risk of an Autobot landing on the smaller beings.

Optimus exited the plane first, rolling out into the dimly lit skies, his vehicular form spinning once before he transformed into his biped form, activating his parachutes once all plates had finished sliding into place. Ratchet followed suite, manoeuvring himself so that he would not land too close to his Prime. Next to come was Sideswipe, although he was the lightest of the four, his frame was more aerodynamic in both root and vehicle mode so his descent before opening his 'chute, was much quicker. Finally Ironhide brought up the rear before the humans followed in their wake.

As the ground careered towards the four mechs, they initiated their transformation sequences again, their wheels buffering their frames from the impact with the ground.

Sideswipe was the first to land, his tyres scrabbling to take purchase on the dry sand. Fishtailing, he sent sand flailing around his wheels whilst he fought to gain control. Optimus came next, his heavier frame slightly embedding his wheels into the loose particles, allowing a slightly more dignified landing. Ratchet and Ironhide hit the ground one immediately after the other, their deeply treaded tyres being better suited to the terrain allowing them to take control on impact.

By the time the human allies landed, four standing mechs stood in place of the vehicles and waited. Whilst the soldiers made their way to the the group of Autobots, Sideswipe called to his twin through the bond.

Weapons were swiftly raised by the humans when a slight noise was heard coming from the back of the cove, sights searching for the source of the sound. Before long a dark shadow emerged, its own weapons poised.

Lennox called out to the Autobot Prime, "Optimus, can you confirm this is your mech?"

"Major Lennox I confirm, this is Sunstreaker and I advise that you ask your men to lower their weapons"

"I request the same of your Autobot Optimus."

The Prime addressed his soldier in their native Cybertronian language that caused the humans to wince, meanwhile they maintained their positions. "Sunstreaker, you are amongst friends and I urge you to stand down."

After several moments, the weary Autobot deactivated his weapons.

Once all soldiers were at ease, Sideswipe finally moved towards his brother, bombarding him with data packets of information filling his twin in on the language the Autobots were using here and N.E.S.T, as for the rest, it could wait until later.

Sunstreaker welcomed the sight of his twin and ignoring the rest of the crowd, he took in his frame, his features. :. No Red? .:

:. It just didn't seem right without you here to compliment it. .:

Suddenly a blue light licked over the frame of the silver mech and as the dawn sun started to rise, nanites got to work and a metallic crimson bled over the silver surface, accentuating curves and lines, spreading until every line and crease had been touched by the colour change.

Once the colour transformation had finished, Sideswipe wordlessly sank in his alt form for his twin to study.

:. Nice choice Sides! .: He intoned before scanning his brothers form.

:. Thought you'd approve. .:

With Sunstreakers own nanites getting to work, his protoform shifted shape as they mimicked what they had recorded, creating realistic looking fabrics that would represent the interior, forming shapes in all the right places so that the form worked perfectly in both biped and alt. mode. Once his frame had taken shape, the crimson colour his nanites had naturally copied, became a burnished gold which even under the early morning half-light, was a beautiful sight.

These transformations always had the human allies gawping in awe, no matter how many times they witnessed it and Optimus looked over at his two warriors proudly. Yes they were a servo-full but that was who they were and the Prime felt that it was a small price to pay to have their prowess on his team and in true front liner style, they risked their lives each and every time so that their fellow Autobots may have a chance. He also conceded when looking at the pair now, that they really were a sight to behold and for a moment, he envied his medic.

Ratchet watched the twins in silence, his spark beating wildly in his chest. Watching Sideswipe return to his usual crimson colour was a sight that brought hope to the medics spark, hope that all would be as it should be. As the twins stood opposite each other Ratchet's spark rejoiced at seeing them together again. Regardless of his concerne that Sunny may not still want him, he loved these too enough to know that they needed to be together, no matter what and if they made him part of that partnership, then he truly would be the luckiest mech alive.

Sideswipe had returned to his pedes and stood a short distance from his brother, his optics finally telling him that he was here. So many emotions flowed through the twin bond as their sparks, finally reunited, reached out for each other.

Sunstreaker glanced over Sideswipes shoulder to see Ratchet stood a little further behind him, observing him. He spark raced when he realised he was here, on this planet. :. You...you didn't tell me he was here! .:

Having been so caught up in his emotions when he discovered Sunstreaker had finally arrived, it had not crossed Sideswipe's processor to let Sunny know Ratchet was here too. Any guilt he felt for not thinking of letting his twin know that their lover was here was quickly swallowed up in the joy that flowed back at him.

Sunstreaker's time had been arduous to say the least. He had in fact been a prisoner of war but had eventually escaped, and barely took time to rest as he searched for Sideswipe, his spark leading him unknowingly in the wake of his other half. Throughout that time, he would never have believed for a nano-second that Ratchet would be there waiting for him too.

Ratchet wavered as he stood back, unsure what to do until Sunstreaker, having detected their personal frequencies, opened a comm. link between the three of them. / What are you mechs waiting for? /

Hesitating no longer, the older mech approached Sideswipe and the now crimson Autobot gripped the medic's servo as they both closed in on the golden twin.

There were a few glances amongst the human soldiers as they noticed the gesture. Sure they had seen these beings grab another's servo in assistance but to actually hold each other's servos in this manner, well it was slightly amusing to say the least.

The moment the three mechs came together, they wrapped their arms around each other, helms meeting as their individual EM fields meshed together, enveloping them.

As the trio became lost in their own little world, Optimus watched the bemused faces of his allies.

"Umm…" Lennox started, "Is this some sort of…Cybertronian greeting?"

Ironhide gave a chuckle as the Prime gestured for the Major and the Master Sargent to separate from the group. "I think we need to talk!"

Dropping down on a knee-joint and lowering his vocaliser, Optimus informed them, "Major, Sargent. What you see here is not a Cybertronian greeting but three lovers reunited."

Epps made no attempt to cover his spluttered mirth, Lennox was a little more discreet.

"Lovers? The twins and Ratchet…a threesome!…You mean you have relationships?…How?…In what way?…How?" Epps was not sure what he wanted to know first.

"They have been lovers for several millennia but when Sideswipe arrived on earth, I asked them to refrain from rekindling their relationship, I asked all mechs to refrain from outwardly embarking on any relationships and interfacing of any kind out of respect for you."

"Interfacing?" Lennox queried.

"Aw come on Lennox, I think you can guess what interfacing is. What I wanna know is, how?" a devious chuckle followed the question.

The Autobot leader rubbed a servo over his face. "I don't believe that this is the place to discuss this so I think you should both accompany me on our drive to the Airport and I will discuss some of this a little further."

The sunlight that finally bathed the cove temporarily put pay to the conversation. They needed to get themselves on the road before anyone saw the giant alien beings. Commanding the attention of his men, Major Lennox instructed them to get going, the Prime issuing the same instruction to his mechs.

Whilst Optimus filled the two soldiers in on the nature of the relationship between Ratchet, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, the trio of mechs held onto each other tightly, neither of them wanting to let go.

Ratchet was well aware of the organic eyes watching them, no doubt wondering what they were doing but he ignored their stares. He had waited for too long for this to be coy about things now. His plating heated as his frame pressed against the twins, his twins, and he allowed the warmth the spread through his frame.

The twins were responding in pretty much the same manner and it was only because there was an obvious audience that servo's had not already started wandering, that and Ratchets warning of the Prims embargo.

Sunstreaker snarled in response. / If they think they can stop us… /

The older and wiser of the three interrupted his golden lover before his rant escalated. He surprised himself how much he had missed Sunstreaker's ire but he did not want the mech getting off on the wrong pede with the humans.

/ It won't be forever Sunny, it's just until…well until our hosts accept us for who we are. / Even as he said the words himself he realised how ridiculous it was and he decided that maybe it was time that he had a word with their Prime and they set the record straight with their allies. However, all this aside, now was not the right time for any public displays of physical affection.

Sideswipe soothed his twin across the bond. If Smokescreen had been on the planet, there would have been a book going for how quickly something would annoy the fearsome warrior and Sideswipe decided that not even he would have guessed at this quickly.

Hearing the Primes command, the three clung onto each other for a moment longer before begrudgingly breaking their embrace.

Sideswipes optics dilated and darkened with intent as a devious smile crept across his lips. Through the comm. link he crooned. / Hey, what we worrying about, you and I my Sunshine, have an appointment with the resident medic. / Then targeting words at their lover he added, / For a full on physical I believe. /

Ratchet replied with a smirk that could rival the twins. / And I suggest that you had better keep your appointment. /

The sound of transformation sequences from Ironhide and Optimus was their signal to do the same themselves.

Sunstreaker, keeping the comm. link open so that he could maintain contact with Ratchet, privately conversed with Sideswipe through their bond. :. Remember what we talked about back on Tyger Pax? What we would do if we ever returned to Cybertron and back to Ratchet. .:

:. I've never forgotten Sunny. It was one of the few things that kept me company when I was alone. .:

Sideswipe recalled coming back on-line to find he was alone on Tyger Pax. All that had happened after Sideswipe was separated from the others, the crimson mech was oblivious to but he somehow knew Sunstreaker had not returned with the small and injured troop so he launched himself into space and his search. The only things that got Sideswipe through the dark solar-cycles were finding Sunstreaker and returning to Ratchet.

:. You and me both. .: Sunstreaker replied, his weariness flooding Sideswipe. :. When I finally escaped the Decepticons I vowed that when I found you and in turn Ratchet, that I would never let us be parted again. Do you think he will go for it? .:

Sides kept his fear of what his twin may have been through in check, he had time to deal with that instead, he sent a comforting pulse to his twin whilst he sought the medics EM field. The love that radiated from it was undeniable. :. Yeah .: he answered. :.I think he would.:

The twins mused for a moment. They had spent their entire lives bonded to each other, rarely anything escaping the notice of each other. All their fears and dreams were shared, each being a rock to the other. Although they did not know anything different, they never once wished that they were separate entities. Yes they were separate beings, they could think for themselves, their personalities differed, clashing and complimenting at the same time but never did they ever wish to live any other way.

The thought of asking another to share their spark with them was both daunting and elating. What they had was extremely special and they would protect it with their lives but they wanted Ratchet to be a part of that bond to. However, they knew there would be perils, that they would be putting their lover at risk. Every Autobot that knew them knew that if one of the pair were killed, the other would not survive; it was a natural part of their makeup, their split spark. Bonded mates faced the same danger, depending on the depth of their bond but they could survive. However, if Ratchet were to lose the two of them and if he were to love them as deeply as they believed he did, the spark break would no doubt kill him and as the twins were front liners of the bravest, if not sometimes most thoughtless calibre, every-solar cycle there was a risk that they would be killed.

Sideswipe broke the train of thought. :. Yes we've just come back from a ferocious battle but here we don't fight on the scale we used to. Apart from locating the odd stray Decepticon, we spend more time dealing with human war crimes than with our own war. I admit it is a little tiresome but if it gives us the freedom to share our lives with Ratchet, it'll all be worth it. .:

Sunstreaker still had a lot to learn of what the Autobots had experienced here but he could not argue with that statement.

Ratchet interrupted their thoughts. / You two are being extremely quiet there and I know exactly what that means. You've barely said hello to each other, you can't already be plotting something. /

A devious laughter came across the link. / Only what we are going to do with you once we get to the med bay. / Sideswipe's tone was full of promise.

The powerful ambulance engine revved loudly in response and moments later Ironhide tapped into the link again. / Seriously mechs, do yer eveh stop? /

Sunstreaker was put out by the invasion. / Well don't listen in Ironhide! /

/ I wasn't Sunstreaker, but I know a revved up engine when I hear one! /

Sideswipe cut across before his brother made some rude retort. / I told you, ask nicely and we might let you join in. /

Ironhide kept the words on the tip of his glossa to himself, instead he told them / I'm pleased th' three o' yer are reunited, I really am, bu' there's a time an' a place! / and before any of them could respond, he cut out of the link.

/ Since when did he care about discretion? / Sunstreaker enquired.

/ Since Optimus put a ban on us getting jiggy, he's a big mech with a big frustration. / Sideswipe sniggered.

/ Sides! / Ratchet scolded.

Sunstreaker mused over his brother's words, not at his reasoning behind why Ironhide berated them but the word that Sides had used, one that he had spoken in another language as it definitely was not spoken in Cybertronian. Searching the data packet that Sideswipe had sent him on the language they used to converse with humans, he failed to find the word he was looking for.

Interrupting the talking to that the medic was currently giving to Sideswipe, Sunstreaker asked, / Jiggy? /

The other two broke from their bickering. / Eh? /

/ You said after Optimus put a ban on us getting jiggy, what the scrap is that supposed to mean? Is it even a word in this primitive language we are to use because I can't find it? /

/ It's slang Sunny. Your twin does not seem to bother filtering data when using the internet to gather knowledge of Earths customs, history etc. He seems to download any old slag that amuses him. /

Sides sent a mental image of some of the sites he had stored in his memory banks and Sunstreaker smirked. He was secretly glad to see his other half had maintained his annoying sense of humour.

Finally they arrived at Gan International Airport where the two Boeing carrier planes waited for the group. Taking their places in one of the planes, Sunstreaker's tiredness took over him again. He still had much refuelling and recharging to catch up on. As he allowed recharge to slowly envelope him, he mumbled to Sideswipe. :. We'll talk to him when we land. .:

:. We will Sunny, we will. .: The crimson twin replied and as Sunstreaker slipped into recharge, Sideswipe let his half of their spark embrace his twins half. He never wanted to lose this feeling again and he would do all that he could to maintain it. As for the Primes orders, neither twin shied away from ignoring orders when they felt they needed ignoring and Ratchet willing, they would offer their spark to him.

Silence filled the cramped interior of the plane as mechs and humans both thought about the long awaited reunion that had happened, causing them to think of their own relationships, or lack of them in some cases. Lennox and Epps then both mused along similar lines as they thought about how much more interesting things were about to get once the restriction that had been put on these giant sentient mechanical beings, was lifted.


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