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"Stand aside you stupid girl. Avada Kedavra."

Lily Potter sat bolt upright, breathing as though she had just run a marathon. This was the third time this week that she had been woken by that particular dream. "Tempus," Lily whispered. Smoky letters glowed in front of her face, 3:14 a.m. October 12, 1981. She glanced over at her husband, James, whose deep sleep appeared not to have been disturbed by her desperate lunge to consciousness. James lay facing her, his face deceptively calm, lacking the worry lines that, recently, had plagued his waking hours. His arm rested on her waist, hand curled protectively around her hip bone and his usually artfully mussed raven hair stuck out at wild angles. Lily had a feeling that this dream was not your general garden variety nightmare, and as she lay back down and stared at the ceiling she began to plan. There was no telling how much longer she had on this earth and she needed to make sure that there were contingency plans in place for the care of her 15-month-old son.

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Lily looked at the parchment in her hand, it lacked much in the way of substance, but what words were written made her breathe a little easier:


Of course I will.


Over the past week, Lily had been examining her dreams from all angles. Dreams which had expanded to include the disturbing image of Albus Dumbledore leaving her baby on the doorstep of her sisters house with nothing but a note. In the dreams, Harry did not look much older than he did now, which lead Lily to believe that if her premonitions were true that she and James would be among the dearly departed sooner rather than later. Loathe though she was to admit defeat, Lily had begun making arrangements for her sons care and protection after her death. Now that she had a skeleton of a plan, she needed to contact Petunia.

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Petunia Dursley was scrubbing the counters of her already pristine kitchen, she had just put her perfect little angel down for his nap and was now endeavoring to make her home fit for the important company her husband was bringing home with him that evening.

Tink. Petunia cocked her head, the mail had already been delivered, so what had been slipped into her mail slot? Petunia curiously, and cautiously, walked around the corner into the entry way. She had a curious sense of foreboding about whatever had just been delivered. Petunia picked up the letter that was sitting innocently on her welcome mat and began to tremble slightly. She knew that handwriting, although she had not seen it for some years. It belonged to her sister.

Petunia sat down at her kitchen table with a thump, staring at the letter as though it might explode. Then, nodding to herself, she grabbed the letter and made to toss it in the garbage bin, unopened. To her distress, the letter floated out of the bin and began talking to her in her sisters voice.

"Tuney, I know how much magic makes you uncomfortable, so I've charmed this letter to talk to you ONLY if you attempt to pitch it unread. I wouldn't be bothering you but this is a life-and-death situation.

"I've told you about the madman who has been going around trying to take over the wizarding world, remember? Well, James and I have been targeted personally. You remember when we were kids how I could sense when bad things were going to happen? Well, I've been having a recurring dream where the madman finds us and kills James and I. I don't know how, but it seems that our son will survive the attack. However, I keep seeing him dropped at your house in the middle of the night.

"Perhaps this premonition is simply the act of an overwrought and highly stressed mind, but I wanted to put some plans into place for Harry's protection if they're not. If, one morning, you awaken to find my son on your doorstep, please PLEASE don't take him into your house. I won't worry you with specifics, but if he crosses your threshold, he may never be able to leave. Go to a restaurant and call the US embassy, ask for Stephanie Grey. She will take him and raise him.

"Thank you so much, Tuney. I love you. Lily."

With that, the letter drifted back into the bin. Petunia glared at the letter and scoffed. As if anything that had to do with the world that had stolen her sister could effect her.

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Stephanie Grey was sitting at her desk filing paperwork for her husband Marshall, the US ambassador currently stationed in London, England. However, at the end of the year the couple were being transferred to Japan and Stephanie was getting all in order for her successor. Stephanie sighed and got up to look out the window of her office, focusing on her reflection. A pretty, young blonde with wavy waist length hair and sea green eyes looked back at her.

Looking at herself, Stephanie appeared to be nothing more or less than a typical muggle secretary. But Stephanie was as far from normal as possible. Stephanie was a fully qualified half-blood witch, having completed her training at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry five years previously. In school, Stephanie had been sorted into Slytherin and had two best friends for the greater part of her education: Severus Snape and Lily Evans. She and Lily had remained close even after Severus' amazing faux pas in their fifth year.

Upon graduation, Stephanie discovered that the British wizarding world was really not that safe a place for a former Slytherin who had no interest in blood politics, so she , like a good Slytherin, retreated to the American wizarding world where Voldemort had not reached. She had happily stayed away from all things British until two years ago when she, quite literally ran into her now husband.

Marshall had been home in America on vacation from his post as the US ambassador to the UK when the car he was driving was rear ended by a very embarrassed Stephanie. Although she was quite obviously younger than Marshall's 32 years, he was instantly drawn to her and now, three years later they were getting ready to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

Even though Stephanie had been back in England for almost two years, she had not revived any contact with the wizarding world, satisfying herself with trips to the continent for any magical needs. But now, it seemed, the wizarding world had found her. Stephanie remembered the hastily scribbled note she had received a week earlier from her old best friend. It merely stated that Lily had a premonition that she and James were going to die and would Stephanie be so kind as to raise Harry for her? How Lily had found her at the US Embassy was a mystery to Stephanie, one she assumed that she would never solve. Naturally, Stephanie answered Lily in the affirmative after discussing the matter with her husband.

Stephanie was abruptly pulled from her musing by a tapping on the window at her elbow. The nondescript brown owl swooped into the room dropping the letter held in its beak and immediately leaving the way it had entered. She walked over to her desk and opened the scroll only to discover a very cryptic note from Lily.


October 27, 1981

How is married life treating you? James and I have been married for four years now. I wish you could have come. Do you remember our catch phrase in school? I think I'm losing it.


Stephanie cocked her head at the note that didn't take up more than ¼ of the parchment it was written on and then grinned. Flicking her wrist and dropping her wand into her hand, she tapped the parchment and said, "Of all the Slytherin tendencies to have." Suddenly the letter was much longer and made much more sense.


I know that you'll figure this out, it's not actually that ingenious, but no one knew our phrase except for us. Anyhow, on to business. I don't know how much you've kept up on the different elements of our society, but it's going badly for the good guys right now. James is an auror and I'm a charms mistress. As if that weren't enough to get us targeted, apparently there's a prophesy that concerns Harry, the details of which I am not privy to. Voldemort has heard it and is now after us harder than before.

James and I are currently in hiding under a Fidelus Charm with Peter as the secret keeper. Sirius would have been the obvious choice, so he's acting as a decoy. That said, if my premonition comes true something has failed epically. James trusts Dumbledore explicitly, as you well know, but I've been having doubts about his sincerity recently. We have, on multiple occasions expressed that under no circumstances is Harry to be put with my muggle sister. She is ill equipped to handle as powerful a child as Harry will be. However, that is where you will find him after our deaths. I'm sure of it, placed there by Dumbledore himself.

Now, on to more interesting things that you will need to know when raising Harry. Harry has several bonds on his power at this point, this is because until he is old enough to express himself there is the very real chance that he could blow up the house in a temper if his power were left unbound. As such, we had the goblins bind him as their bonds are much safer than some wizard ones, and I trust them more to not sell the information. Harry is also a metamorphmagus, these powers are bound as well—this more to keep anyone from knowing, I let my hidden inner Slytherin out to play.

Now, on to my desires for Harry's upbringing. Simply love him as your own, have your husband teach him the delicate workings of the political beast, and train him up to be the leader I have a feeling he is meant to be. I want him to be able to defend himself—the prophesy is about Harry, not James and I. I know you will do right by me.

Lastly, Petunia Dursley, my sister. I've written her a letter which details what to do if Harry should materialize on her doorstep in the future. I told her to not enter the house with him and call you immediately. I've enclosed in this letter a prepaid credit card that has 500,000 pounds on it that is to be used for their relocation. Tell them not to take anything that can be replaced.

All my love,


Stephanie smiled sadly at the letter and tucked it and the credit card into her purse before closing her office and locking it for the night. She hoped the Lily's premonition was wrong, but began making preparations for the likelihood that it wasn't.