Chapter 1: The Beginning

The legend of the Avatar had always been a good story to tell children. It was told as to them before their parents would tuck them into sleep. Told around the fire by the oldest member of a family to everyone else during times when al would be under the same roof. Sometimes told when out in the wilderness and sometimes by teachers to students at schools all over the earth.

Almost everyone alive could tell you something...hell, anything about the Avatar.

This however is "officially" off the record and therefore...this "story" was never told.

It all started about 75 years after the end of the Hundred Year War. Or for those who never appreciated the powerful world of academia's most holiest sect of "History". It started about 5 years after Avatar Korra arrived in Republic City.

Avatar Korra of the Southern Water Tribe, to those who respected the Avatar and the power that came with the position, was seem as a prodigy who was able to master 3 of the 4 main elements that make up our world: Water, Earth, and Fire. She had done this by the time she was only 17, one of the youngest to do so. Her only known competition to that record was her immediate predecessor, Avatar Aang of the Southern Air Nomads.

Avatar Korra came to Republic City and was able to manage learning to master the final element: Air. That was however a few years after she had first arrived in the city. She spent most of her time here trying to keep the peace not only between "Benders" of the various nations that made up the United Republic of Nations, but now also the growing group of "Non-benders" who wished to stop the advantage that benders had over them. These people were known as "Equalists". The Equalists, under the leadership of a man named Amon, violently took over the city and any bender that they captured was "cleansed of their impurity" by Amon. He somehow knew a way to take away a Bender's ability permanently.

Avatar Korra, with the help of her friends who made up was called "Team Avatar", was able to defeat Amon. But the idea of "Equality" between Benders and Non-Benders continued to grow. Amon ending up being defeated, he was a disguised waterbender who could also do the dark art of bloodbending. After this, the Avatar had finally gained the power to airbend and even could energybend after losing her powers to Amon only to have them given back to her by spirits of the past Avatars.

After Amon was defeated, The Equalists disappeared to try and regroup and rebuild, while the Avatar ended up soon marrying her love, and began to start a family. Her husband was a bit of a mystery, some pro-bender firebender who years later, was selected to become the next chief of police after Chief Lin Bei Fong was given her earthbending back and reinstalled as the chief.

About 5 years after Avatar Korra had arrived in Republic City and had made her presence know to the world, the Equalists rebelled again and again. Korra, would intervene to protect the innocent, regardless of their side in the conflict. During one of those rebellions on a dark night, Avatar Korra was killed while trying the mediate between the two sides. While she and her friends stood in the middle of Republic's City's largest park, surrounded on all sides by people. A women ran out of the crowd, she appeared to be holding an infant in her arms. She was small and appeared to be no older than18 or so. She approached the young Avatar, begging that she used her waterbending to help her treat her baby of wounds sustained when an Equalist had attacked them. When Avatar Korra, went up to look at the baby, the woman drew out a knife and drove it straight into Korra's stomach. She collapsed and was bleeding furiously.

Mako, one of the members of the team and the man many suspected was romantically involved with Korra, rushed after the attacker, but when he finally caught her, she took that same knife and stabbed it into her stomach.

But not before shouting these two words, "Equality Now!"

The Avatar was quickly taken away from the scene by a sky bison and taken to Air Temple Island to be cared for. The best healers in the world had been station on the island but they knew very little on how to treat such a wound. All they could do was help the Avatar feel as little pain as possible as the life from her slowly drifted away. Those who watched the island from a distance after the attack claim to have witnessed a very small lightning storm erupt on the island hours later.

Many believed that this was the sign that meant that the Avatar had died.

But the Avatar had not died from her wound. And soon she was back from a lengthy recovery and back to protecting the world. But the Equalists soon had a new leader and the world was far from safe. This new leader was soon dispatching teams to major towns and cities throughout the world to hide and wait until the Equalists had regained the numbers need to retake the world. This new leader was different, Amon only wanted peace and would take away a bender's bending. This new leader, who soon was being called "The Doctor", was looking for a more permanent solution to this so called "Bender Problem".