Dear England,

I know that you probably don't even remember who I am, nor really put an effort into learning. I am writing this to remind you. Since you obviously don't remember my name, face, or anything about me even if you are my 'father' or technically founder, I figure it would be easier to bring up memories you wouldn't forget.

I am the person that took care of you when you were drunk off your ass. When you started acting crazy, I was the one that helped you to your room, tucked you in, and set out medicine for your hang overs.

I am the person you confuse for Alfred. I know you remember him. He is my brother and neighbor (his country is right below mine), and even though I try to look as different as possible from him, other countries end up confusing us. Sometimes you would call me Alfred or America on accident.

I am 'Alfred's imaginary friend'. Do you remember when Alfred said he was playing with 'Matthew'? Well that was me. He failed to remember my full name and my country but it still was being remembered. You thought it was cute and that maybe he could see fairies too, but then you realized you couldn't see 'Matthew', so it must have been his imagination. I heard you talking to yourself that day. It was then I realized you could never see me.

I was the person that helped you get over your depression after the revolutionary war. The one that stayed by your side, even when I was given the chance to break away.

I was that clear as glass, and painfully shy and quite child that you remembered only when France had tried to take me away.

I was one of your colonies, so I don't see why you can't remember your 'children'.

I am obviously not worth your time. You can see all the countries, even the tiny ones that sometimes don't show up the maps and one that isn't even a nation to you, and you can see fairies, but you can't see the second largest country? You can't even see me as one of the colonies you raised? Am I so terrible you pushed me out of your memories and won't even acknowledge my presence? I would apologize for being a burden, but you don't even notice me now, so how could I be a burden? But in any case I am sorry for being a burden when I was younger, that would be the only excuse as to why you wouldn't notice me. I'm to terrible for you to think of and include yourself with. I'm sorry.

I hope this helped with your memories, and if not then hopefully you can use this:

My human name is Matthew Williams

My country is Canada

I look like Alfred with longer hair, eyes that are purple with blue in them, a long curl that comes down the side of my head and loops toward the bottom.

My flag is a white square, with a red maple leaf in the center, and two red bars on ether side of the white.

I carry a polar bear around with me.


Canada; Matthew Williams.

If anyone want's I will add on to this. I was going to write one for France and America, then have there reactions. Or just have England's reaction to this. You chose.

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