Thanks to everyone that reviewed. I'm trying to write my other stories. I'm re-writing The War Of 1812, because I messed up horribly on it. They will be up as soon as possible. Forgotten Again is getting there if I can write more then a sentence a day. Man Writers block, what did I ever do to you?!

Anyway I'm working on all of those, also a thanks to MDWOLFGIRL for your suggestion. I might include him if I get enough situations where he forgot him.

Also please open a tab to you tube and put in "Hetalia Funny scence France,Canada and UK" the tumb-nail should be Canada. I make a reference to this clip to in both the dub, and the sub too if you want to watch it. Basically it was the scene where France says he knew it was Canada and not America in the hallway because of his hair/butt.

Thank you, anyway here's a letter that took me way to long to write...

Dear France,

I know you are probably busy and might not remember me, but that is why I'm writing this. Since you seem to remember me from my hair and ass because they are like yours, I would at least hope you could say hello or something so that I know you know I'm there.

I'm Canada, I used to be one of your colonies before you gave me over the England. After that we haven't been the same. You rarely talk to me, or even write anymore. You don't really visit often, but I always have spare rooms if someone wants to visit.

My birthday has passed, but you didn't show up again. I thought maybe it might had been because you were busy at first, but after so many years I'm not sure I believe that anymore.

You are able to tell me and America apart, but why can't you at least say hello to me. On occasions you and other countries will notice me, but other times I feel like a ghost.

It's not a great feeling to be over looked so often, and I would hope that you could pay more attention to me. It's not like I'm being for attention, in fact it's for from that. But maybe a wave every now and then, or a simple conversation wouldn't be to bad. I even speak your language for crying out loud!

I hope this helps you in some way. In case you didn't catch on I'm Canada.

My human name is Matthew Williams, some times you used to say it 'Mathieu'.

You know how I look, chin length blond hair that you claim looks like your own. I wear glasses that are similar to America's with blueish-purple eyes.

My flag is white with a red maple leaf in the middle, and two red bars on either side.

I also carry my small white bear Kumaji around with me.

avec amour

Canada; Matthew Williams

Wow, that was some what painful to write. 0.0

I don't know why, but I literally had to close the tab this was in for a while then come back to it. Over all it just hurt, I guess, to write...

Please review, I have only gotten one suggestion for a character to get a letter outside the F.A.C.E family, but people do want me to do more then them. So if you want one character to get a letter LET ME KNOW! I can't post the last chapter until I know all the characters reactions I need.

I finally got one of my over due stories updated, that leaves three left. The next one I'm focusing on is my Forgotten Again story, and I'm posting my North Pole Madness one soon I swear!